Friday, 6 November 2009

Returning from the dead

This entry I wrote a week after the previous entry, but sorry! Super busy talaga akish! Plus I had an accident that kinda killed my hand hand konti. Apparently, fighting a falling bookshelf in a Linda-Carter-as-Wonder-Woman pose so does not work. Kaya ayun. GANDAH!


Ever since that incident, admittedly medyo tumataba ang lolah niyo. As in, medyo lang Dabyana to the max, and we all know that there is a negative correlation between self-confidence and weight. The more tumatava, the more chumachaka the confidenz. Minsan, Close-Up is just not enough.

So medyo super surprising ang kahapon. It was 9:45, medyo too early for anything to be honest. I was going to the doctor’s office (alam niyo na! Our fortnightly checkup dahil sa ano) but I decided to go to the loo. Honest itong visit na ito a! I really just wanted to pee, promise!

Anyway, I headed to the nearest urinal, and did my thing. Three urinals to my right, there was another guy, around 6’5”, may konting tummy, but nothing as big as mine. And in fairness, carry niya plus cutey pie despite the fact he was touching on 50 (more or less).

When I began my business, I really couldn’t care about anyone else. However, I did notice that Mr Tall was *not* doing his business. In fact, his hand made it very clear he was there for other business.

Now, personally, I really felt that anything before noon is too early, so really, 10 am is just not done! Howeeeeever, I was curious so I decided to stick around a bit.

A cursive look and yes, Mr Tall definitely didn’t mind. In fact, he had other things on his mind and some of his body parts were definitely taking the lead.

I looked around, and yes, there was no one around and we had the room all to ourselves. I looked back at Mr T. He was actually quite hot – like a good number of men his age, he shaved his head which not only hid his bald spot but also made him look very hot! Dangerous, ika nga ni Roxette!

However, before we were able to do anything, someone came in and stood between us. Now of course, dead ma ako at this point, but I was definitely sinterested! I turned away from the intruder and noticed out the corner of my eye that Mr T did the same.

As the intruder came and left (without washing his handz! Hello!), I looked around, and once I knew the coast was clear, GAME ON! I moved closer to his urinal, and with his eye firmly stuck on the toilet door, he reached out and jacked me off.

Now, some guys just can’t jack cut guys off. This may be TMI but I am cut like a good 99% of Pinoys out there. Aussies however are generally uncut – I’d say around 70% of them at least. This guy was uncut too – but my goodness, he knew how to move. His hand seemed absolutely soft, like it was bred in Shea Butter lotion, which is an absolute contrast to his big biceps.

As I knew he had his eyes on the door, I decided to focus my eyes on him instead. Despite his tummy, I knew he has a gym goer. His chest was puffed out naturally (bench presser ito, for sure) and it was only his tummy that made him look chub. His face was fairly angular and definitely not bad to look at. What was striking about him was his light blue eyes – eyeloveit talaga! Super ++!

To continue the is-tory, I looked at his dick – not bad, a! It was around 5 inches – normal sized, but seemingly small for someone so tall! Pero alam niyo naman ang ateng niyo – walang pinipili! So I reached out and jacked him too. His dick was thinner than mine, but the foreskin was quite lovely. It clung really tight to his dick, which made the head really plum in colour – such a stark contrast to pale skin.

I continued to jack him off, and I knew he was close - so I jacked him off even more, our arms criss-crossing furiously in the empty toilet.

That was when the door opened. It was a good thing that we had enough time to return to our "straight" stance but to be honest, we should not have even bothered. The guy took the urinal closest to mine, and whipped out his own cock.

Now, this newcummer was alright - Asian guy with shaved head. He was around 40, I'd say, and definitely on the slim side of things. His dick, also uncut (I'm so in the minority report here!), was around 4 inches and even thinner than Mr T's - and it was raging hard.

Suddenly, Mr T zipped up, washed his hands (good boy!) and walked out without looking back. Ako naman - ay! Bitin!!! Pero what can I do? Umalis na ang grasya! I looked at Mr Asian and in my mind, it clicked.

Mr Asian was hunting down Mr T and Mr T got tired of it all. With that, I too lost my interest. I showed Mr A what he was missing, put it back in, and walked out.


Super sorry for the delay in this. In another unrelated note though, Merlot sent me a PM over facebook, and he ended it with "Do you have Skype? I'm hard right now." Ako naman, medyo busy that night and I had two guests from Korea with me so... ummmm. No. Sorry. However, we might meet up tonight! Ano kaya ang gagawin ko, mga bakla!?!? Semi-unsingle ako ngayon so do I or do I???


Yj said...

ay umariba nanaman ang bayota hahahahaaha

gogogo teh.... tignan mo, pagdating sa notring-games gumagaling ang kamay kahit may pilay... (napilayan nga ba ang kamay mo?)

with the holidays and all, watch your diet bitch!!! hahahahaha kung ayaw mong maging MISS WHALE of FORTUNE

HenryR said...

This is one cool blog. I have read every post - a married man here, but happened upon your post after a random (and innocent) google search. Wow! What action! Made me very curious! Where are these places that you go to? Would love a bit of show and tell GH action... mmmmmmmmmmmmmm

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Mac Callister said...

exciting!di ko kaya yang ganyan sa banyo haha!

pero sayang bitin ang kwento walang labasan LOLLLL