Friday, 25 September 2009

Misadventures talaga

Anon: Yes, I am back but with less frequency than before. Bahala na actually ang rule ko ngayon pero definitely more careful.

YJ: Naku, talaga sis! As in!

Turis: Of course, madirr! Fight like Fita! (PS, Girl, di ko access ang page mo. Private va?)


Anyway, tuloy ang laban. I just have one short story to say at this point, and my gulay, it highlights how balatish I am in the fwetski.

It started out casually enough. I was sitting. He came in. He was short (pero alam naman nating lahat na wala akong standards... GANON!) pero cute (ok, may standards ako kahit papaano). He was around 5'6 and a premature balder. Kawawa siya kasi in fairness, cute siya! He had almond eyes (Chinese for sure) and a fairly angular face. To love ang kanyang lips though! Super full! I can say it was a collagen injection away from Angelina-tic fullness.

Anyway, the curious dance begins. He jacks slowly, and so do I. Through the hole, we check each other out, and with a subtle nod, we play the game of show me yours. It was fairly nice - it was a nice cock, definitely longer than I estimated but nothing to gag on. It was around 6.5 inches, but fairly thin. His dick was uncut with trimmed pubes. What was nice about his tool was the colour! The shaft was plum in shade with the head being darker than the rest of his dick. The tip was throbbing like anything, and his foreskin was slightly pinkish. It was a stark contrast but for me, it made his dick more appealing. His balls, though clinging close to his body, were also quite big and had a pinkish hue near the base that gradually tapered off to black as it drew closer to the crack.

It was clear he was very interested as well. Mine was obviously thicker than his and that would have grabbed his attention easily. Others might not have thought it was hot shit, but who cares about them, right? ;-)

Anyway, things were heating up and the next level of play began - under the stall fondling. As he was showing off his dick, I knelt to the ground, hoping he'll get the hint. And so he did. Within seconds, his tiny hand shot through and was playing with my balls and my dick and my legs and my asshole - seemingly all at the same time! I was enjoying all the attention, I have to admit, and wow, I was loving the feeling.

However, it would always end with the dick, and at that point, he began to jack me off. Now the thing with uncut guys is that they NEVER know how to play with cut men, and he was no exception. After a few seconds of tugging, he had this brilliant idea of spitting on his hand and lubing me up that way.

Normally, that's ok!.. except if you have bad breath. And MY GOD this guy stank! From the second he spat, I sensed the trouble and soon enough, my fears were realised. In a millisecond, his spit-lubed hand was all over my region and I could not take it. I quickly sat down, pretended to come into a wad of tissue, and proceeded to dress myself for my hasty exit.

As I opened the door, I quickly ran to the basin nearest the door, in hopes he doesn't follow me. He doesn't (thank goodness for small favours) but he did open his door to jack off for me to see.

Too late, champ, I thought to myself. Your spit has ruined you and at the end of the day, your spit will be the only company you'll keep. :-S


Yj said...

eeeeeeeeeewness lol....

Turismoboi said...

di naman cya nakapvt po!

Anonymous said...

Nakakalokah! Sisterette, next time around, magbaon ka ng tic-tacs or minties and tie it around your patotoy and family jewels (chos!) so next time someone makes tuklaw on you and the venom stinks, may antidote ka agad ng bonggang-bongga. Medyo kinky siya pero efek fa din para tuloy lang ang iyong pasabog. *wink* Otherwise, ask him to gargle liters and liters of family rubbing alcohol - di lang fam-familya fang isports pa (limbo rock sa partition ng toilet cubicles. Ganda!)