Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Fitness First yet again...

Strange things happen talaga in Fitness First. That gym is the living proof that Ate Guy is so wrong – may himala talaga truly du! Anyway, this incident happened quite recently. The gym I went to had two levels - one level for the cardios and the machines, and the second level is for the free weights. The latter level just so happens to house the men’s room as well.

Now when I go to the gym, I rarely hunt for hada purposely. If it happens, it happens, but I rarely put on my prowling suit with the clear intent on fun of the indecent kind. However, for this day, the indecency hunted for me. I was minding my own business (really~!) when this guy suddenly gave me “the look”. Now, the look is something we are all more than familiar with. It’s that intent gaze that says, “You. Yes, you. Me. Now.” And in all fairness, this guy was oh so fine. He was Chinito – the hot kind you find in Singapore. He was in his late 20’s, around 5’10” and was wearing a tight white muscle shirt. He had all right to wear it, as he had little body fat, and his biceps, although not competitively sized, were ample enough to be considered admirable. It was clear that he worked out and the results were starting to show.

At first, I thought he was alright – but in all honesty, he wasn’t reeeeally my type. I’m not sure what my type is anymore but he barely registered a ping as far as my loins were concerned. However, there is something about him that made me go “Maybe. Just once, maybe.”

Anyway, I didn’t think much about it until I needed to use the urinals. Because the toilet was right beside the free weights area, I popped in quickly and did my deed. Lo and behold, a few seconds later, he was there beside me and yes he too was doing his thing. Coincidence, I first thought, but after a while I noticed he was playing with himself, and in the words of Kylie Minogue, “WoWoWoWooow!”

He had a cut member that was fairly long – I estimated initially around 6-7 inches – with a dark purple tip. Now I love my dark colours (curry happens to be my faaaaavourite!) and his dick was indeed a sight to behold. It was not fully erect at that point, but it was already formidable. He made pagpag his patutie, all the while giving me “the look” – he had already given me the look once and this time, there was no mistaking the hunger of the libog in his eyes.

Ako naman, playing hard to get. I finished my business (the legitimate one!) and proceeded to pop out to do weights. After half an hour, I decided to loo it again, and yet again, a few seconds later, he was there, his hand discretely playing with his member, which was slowly throbbing at this point. Now of course, I could have played coy, but then, hello! We’re not getting any younger di ba? I slowly played with my own member while looking at his.

As we were starting the sword play, we heard footsteps coming closer and lo and behold, the janitor pops in for the cleaning. Now, I don’t think it was coincidence. I reckon the janitor was on to us, and decided to jump in to stop the action. I was not getting a gay vibe from the guy, so one would have to assume he is an interloper and not an audience member.

Anyway, he finished up and a few seconds later, so did I. I continued my workout but my mind went back to his wonderful member! The thought of playing with it was intoxicating, and I was definitely stupid enough to do something about it.

As my workout drew to a close, I saw him staring at me as he went back to the men’s room. I was thinking maybe he wanted another cock fight, but as I followed him in, it was clear that his first workout was done and the time for the second workout was nigh.

We both went to our respective lockers to get our towels and change into our shower gear (our birthday suits!). We both went to conjoining shower cubicles and by the time I finished my shower, he had already stepped into the sauna room. Now this room was massive, with enough space for around 15 people. Because the steam was quite thick, once you open the door, it will take you a while to see who was inside, and in my head, that made anything possible. Besides, any intruder would have had to make enough noise in time for us to hide our not-so-discrete activities.

I proceeded to go to the end of the steam room where Mr Hot was waiting. He was wearing nothing but a face towel crumpled adequately enough to hide his jewels. I, on the other hand, had no intentions of hiding anything, and in the mist, I popped my throbbing thing and let the visual image do its job.

And it worked! In a few seconds, he threw aside the towel and this tower stood in all its 7-inch glory! For an Asian guy, that was formidable and I was in heaven! At first, I reached for it, and given he didn’t move, I went down to business. I jacked off his phallus and my God, I just loved the fact my hands were just exploring! It’s always nice to jack off something longer than your own, and his member was tops to say the least. After a few seconds, I couldn’t help it! I sat closer to him and sucked him off.


As always, laban ako and despite I am not used to big dicks, I somehow managed to swallow it to the hilt. His dick was not too thick, but it was long enough to threaten gagging! I have to say that I was proudly riding that bucking horse like there was no tomorrow and he was definitely on the way to the grand finale.

That was when he pushed me away. Ako, damn! Sayang! I asked him if he was close, and he nodded in silence. I reached for him again, and given he didn’t budge, I proceeded to manually take control of the situation. However, that just didn’t cut the cake and again, I proceeded to suck him off. In a few seconds, I felt his cum explode in my mouth as he muffled his groans.

“Thanks,” I mumbled with a full mouth and I opened the door of the steam room. In the distance, I could see the janitor looking at me and then looking away.


Anonymous said...

Madre Mia! Tututs ba itich? Nakalabas ka na ulet kumbento? And I thought, after the last post, tapos na ang iyong mga paluhod na novena at litanya sa mga lalakweng tukso (ayaw ni Eva Eugenio ng ganyan! O diba?). But here you are back to the grind. Glad to see you writing again. Welcome back Sister Stella L ("L" for yun na!).

Yj said...

higad ka talaga mare.... hahahahaha

Turismoboi said...

baklang bakla hehe