Monday, 6 July 2009


Hello jhurls! Mabuhay and welcome to another long delayed post. Sorry medyo hectic ang lolah niyo.

Before anything else:
1. YJ: Nakuh ghurl. Pumila ka. Nuong gym buddy ko ang gaga, may I stare ang mga PLUs! Tapos ako naman bench press habang silip under the shorts. EYELOVEITtalagaputabakla!
2. Turis: Naku hindi fufweh ang pic! But I *promise* super kamukha nitong Sean Cowdee model na ito. Type ko ba sya? No. Haggang one time hada lang, noh! Hindi siya keeper, akchu. Hanggang play lang.
3. Cris: WELCOME GHURL! And no, sorry, no pics. I was tempted to get one of his facebookees fero alam mo na... shy... *CHOZ!*

Anyway, swine flu has taken a hold of Sydney and so many people are now in a state of paranoid limbo. Ako hanggang Whine Flu lang - kasi naman letche ang katrabaho at lahat sila nagsi-alis or may sakit or buntis or chuvaness so tuloy one-girl-band ako sa office. Sa totoo lang, super tired na ang lola niyo, and it's starting to show! Afraid!

However, last Thursday, may himala. I decided to shop on my own (cue Lea Salonga singing). Kasi naman super tired lagi ang fafa and the sales were dwindling - so siyempre lagari to death so mga shops! On the bright side, I have a belt to rival Wonder Woman's! Love it!

Anyway, it was around 7:45 or so, and some of the shops were finally closing for the day. I decided to do one last whirl and as always, I had to go to the loo. To be honest, I really needed to go - as in, #1 - so I was really in no mood to do magic tricks.

But as I went through the double doors (they normally have double doors in CRs here), I was met by a fairly cute old guy, staring off into the distant urinal. Now, before anything else, I have to say that there is nothing wrong with liking an old guy. Some old guys are hot, even! This guy could have been hot, but the belly just went awry and there was just something about his face that screamed Gutom for Gata! So though I can see how he can be seen as hot by others, I just didn't.

Anyway, as I turned the corner to go to the urinals, I saw what could be called a well-aged Vin Diesel. He was definitely a 60-year old gym rat, but not in a Stallone way. Just enough muscles to highlight the assets, and he looked fiiine for his age. He had no hair at all, and his skin although cracked through the years was still alright to look at. He obviously took care of his skin and he was far from competing with the moon in terms of craters.

First thing that came into my mind was... shit, Ineedtopee! But as soon as relief began, I turned to look casually at my neighbor.

ABBA, Chiquitita! He was obviously playing with himself and his dick was fairly hard. It was uncut (as with most Aussies!) and his trimmed pupes were salt-and-pepper like (although mostly salt, I have to admit). His dick had a strangely uneven skin tone that made me think he was a nude bather, but more importantly, the tip of his dick was a raging violet.

Love it!

Now at this point, I looked around to see what the atmosphere was like - there were four cubicles behind us of which only two were occupied. The doors were fairly secure and I would like to think that there was no way anyone would have peeked through the cracks - that is, if they were straight.

The other old guy was busy drying his hands for what could have possibly been four hours now. He just kept on moving those hands around, his eyes fixed on us like a wolf hunting a panda.

(Oh di ba mali ang imagery)

So at this point, the Greek chorus in my head started their usual arguments:

Mackoy1: Huwag mong patulan, noh? Malay mo may sakit yan!
Mackoy2: Yes, he's hot pero naman, public ito!
Mackoy1: True!
Mackoy3: Plus kung huli ka ng fuliz, tsugi ka kay Oli! Fatay!
Mackoy1 & 2: Chorekt!

At this point, Old Vin turned to face me, and showed me all his cock, his smile curling an invite.

Mackoy 1, 2 & 3: AY! GHURLFIGHT!

I finished my deed, got down on my knees and started sucking for Old Gay to see. Yesyesyes, I am an idiot. But my God, it was hot! His dick had that aroma of "just clean" and the pubes were shaved so well that you could barely feel the stubble. I started pumping my head and he grabbed the back of his and met my face, thrust by thrust. His balls, shaved as well mind you, kept on hitting my chin repeatedly - that was when I grabbed his ass and hung on for dear life. He tried to be as quiet as possible but to be honest, I could only keep the slurping to a minimum. He was riding my face like there was no tomorrow.

I dug my nails down on his butt cheeks and it made him wince a bit in pain, but he just kept on going for it. After a minute of him pumping away, I tasted some pre-cum and yes, it was fantastic. Of course, this was when I realised we were making WAY too much noise, so I popped him out of my mouth.

I stood up, and while watching Old Gay with his mouth open, I jacked off Old Vin. The nice thing about foreskin is that it makes jacking off a relatively quieter act but still my saliva was dripping all over it, and it was in all honesty a messy piece of business.

At this point, Old Vin could not hold it any longer, and he came in short thick spurts into the urinal. The veins on his neck were at breaking point, and I swear he looked like he was having a massive stroke in silence. He was blush red, his eyes locked shut. He didn't come a lot, but at least he came.

This is point where someone behind us yelled FUCK! Now I wasn't too sure what the thing was but I am assuming we were caught - and that was when my senses kicked in. Old Gay had already begun his exodus and I washed my hands and made my own exit. We left Old Vin to take care of himself.

Old Gay was waiting for me, as though I owed him a magic act as well, but I was in no mood to fulfill sloppy seconds. He looked at me, but I just smiled at him and walked away.

I felt mean after that, but seriously, no. Just not in the mood anymore. :-)


Turismoboi said...

pic pa rin!

Yj said...

ang landi mo teh....!!! ahahahahaha

Anonymous said...

Charot ka vakhla! Fookey mo may elevator! May pagka Ally McBeal-ish chuva ka pa na farang nasa 'Safeguard' commercial ("Mackoy, ako ang iyong konsiyensiya") kuning-kuning. Che! Fero kidding aside, mama monchang, Winnie Santos ka fah din dahil naka-score ka kahit na savihin fah na thunder-cats na yan --- 'laman tiyan' fa din yan (o di vah la, kahit sa Sydney efek fa din ang gutom ka-charingan sa 'Pinas?). Mudra, I'll love your daring 'Bukas luluhod ang mga tala' drama. Lagi kang nakaluhod kahit walang Vicki Belo (belo, gagah!). Channeling Geri Halliwell: "Why is it always raining men when you are around?" Another eyeluvet, anlufet moment!

rik32miles said...

Sorry I missed the previous episodes...nasa holiday ang lola mo but I'm vack na.

I used to fancy older guys pero parang ngayon I'm into younger na hahahhahah mga 25 and above lang naman. I don't like uber young baka pag aralin ko pa..