Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Playing Around like a Cat in Heat

Hello friends! Again, lubog sa trabajar, so medyo short entry ito, pero funny in a weird way.

First off...

1. Rik: Yung other blog ko, super straight and work-related so I don't bother linking it. Yes, it is boringly wholesome. Besides, I think my boss knows my other blog kaya... yuuun.

2. Turis: Yez! But this blog is so much more interesting!!!

3. Anon: Yes, this is in Sydney. AMP Tower is open again, pero honest, super boring sya! Very clean and family friendly na siya. I tried the other day and left after ten seconds. Wis na the chance for magic, promise! Even Town Hall!!! Super sad ako!

4. VirginManayQ: There's nothing wrong with not doing something you are not comfortable in. Be happy with what you have and what you want. That's what I say. Oh, divah? Pearls of wisdom daw, o! :-)

A funny thing happened last Thursday. I went to the shops for Oli's birthday and one of my stops was in TGV. I decided to go to the second level toilet for some relief. To be honest, I knew that there was some magic happening in the lower levels, but I figured that L2 should be safe. I wanted to shop till my wallet bled dry and my credit card melted in the heat of the swipe machine.

Anyway, as I began to relieve myself, this tall Asian guy stood beside me. Now, he was around late 20's siguro, with the typical anime hair that is very F4 (talagang dated ang mga references, no?). He was thin - but guwapo. I mean, he's not my type, but he is fairly easy on the eyes and for sure, no one could look at him and say "Ew".

He whipped out his cock as I began to finish my bit and - as with all men - pagpag to death, diva? What I found surprising was he was quite intently looking at my penis as I was finishing off. Now, it's either (a) he has a water-sport fetish (not my thing but to each her own, I say), or (b) he wants to see my member. In either case, he's definitely a PLU.

Now at this point, I had an hour or so to do my shopping so I decided, what the banana! Game on, ghurls! Of course, the difficult part was the man in the cubicle behind us who (based on the gastronomic sound effects) was there to do the official business. So we obviously had to keep mum. The entrance to the loo had two doors so we had ample time to fake it, in case we had intruders come in.

Anyway, I kept on making pagpag and he kept on looking and playing around with his hard member. It was fairly dark and definitely uncut. It was thin but definitely not small - around 6 inches. His foreskin was protruding like a flapping flag and it was truly a sight to behold. His balls were fairly big and dark but hairless (minus point, but still pretty good!). He had kept his pubes trimmed and you can see that it served to emphasise his beautiful member. At that point, my dick was stiff as a board and throbbing like Bed on a weekend. Paksyet!

I looked at him, and boy, he looked horny as! I reached out and started to jack him off, all the while keeping my dick exposed to the elements so that he could get the visual stimulus. He couldn't help it, I guess, and pushed my hand aside, so he could jack me off instead.

So there we were, two grown men, jacking each other in silence, all the while hoping no one would come in...

..but someone did. We had enough time to move aside and pretend to be doing the actual deed. I felt super awkward, and with my tension, I lost my erection. I went back to clean my hands only to realise that the new guy had already stepped out...

(without washing his hands! Ewww!)

So I did what any stupid person would do. While I was at the sink, I whipped out my dick for him to see and jacked off from afar. He looked at me, his dick facing me and his hand pumping like there was no tomorrow.

At that point, we heard a flush, and a few seconds later, Mr Bad Tummy stepped out. He looked at the guy, who had turned to face the wall and then at me... but I was already on my way out. I hope he didn't get a glance at me. Shy ako eh!



Turismoboi said...

na zhy pa kunyari hahaha!

Yj said...

hiyang hiya naman daw si kuya sayo hehehehehe...

oo nga halatang shy type ka hihihihihi

Anonymous said...

Ay! Anuvhayun? Farang fast-forward na gay Cinderella story. Konting tug-o-'war (or hilahan!), tafos, 'yun na at vavoosh! Walang hala-hala. Ni hindi ka man na-tinga sa fatikim ng siomai. Akala ko pa naman may malaking "meow!" dahil sa title. Fwes, yaman din lamang naka-touchdown ka fa rin, eh 'good-on-ya-mate' ika nga nating mga Aussieroos.
Tita, I visited AMP Tower last weekend and 'wiz na nga rampa mga menchu-menchaka dun. Gaya nga ng linya ni Ate Guy, "Walang Himala." I dropped by TGV building na rin (to re-trace your "footah-footsteps"). Ito vah yun sa tabi ng FF na malafit dun sa Japanese travel agency? Na-shokot ako dahil medyo visi-vishan dun at ayaw mahuli ng vheauty ko ng Hayden camera (sana wala!). Next week, I'll check out Town Hall. Kyems.

rik32miles said...

Well medyo boring nga ang post na to....hehehe... but after Hayden Kho scandal...unless na you're into fisting everything looks unpromising!

nevertheless, Happy hunting. Vavvoo!