Sunday, 28 June 2009

Dear friends,

Yes, super boring ang mga posts nowadays! Super busy talaga ghurls!

Hello to:

1. Turis & YJ: Promise shy ako... GANON!
2. Anon: No, I was referring to the one in the basement beside JBHifi. Pero the next post is about the one you were just in.
3. Rik: How I wish my sexploits were unanimously sexciting - but sadly, I write them as I live them - and in the words of McVi, not all of my exploits are indeed exciting. :-D

I honestly have mucho to do, so I will most likely update this blog tomorrow or Wednesday.

I just saw this guy in Sean Cody - and I have to say, he looks SO much like my friend, David, except Dave is uncut. Body is the same though and that cheeky smile...


Yj said...

wow.... we want David.... hahahahaha

wordveri: aberbomi..... tarush!!!

Turismoboi said...

Zo type mo ba itong david na ito?

pic naman!

Cris (without an 'h') said...

any picture of David?