Saturday, 30 May 2009

Sloppy Fridays


For those who know my other blog (actually, nag-iisa ka lang, dai, so chicka!), yes, I am still as busy as always! Talagang lagari to death and then, super lot-lot and friends with that’s entertainment! Till ever! True-lily!

Anyway, story later – ditsuhan muna!

1.    Turismo: Excuse me. Hindi ako bakla, ha….

…AS IF! MEGA-CHOZ! Ganon! :-)

2.     Rik: Oo, sis! Super straight pero talagang kilig ang kepay ko, promise! How-ayvur, I promised myself tama na ang pagpatol sa mga is-traight. Letcheng mga breeders na yan! Fweh! :-) Fweh daw, o!


ANYWAY, super fast chicka lang ito dahil super busy pa rin ang tsimay of the world ninyo. Yes, I’ve been coming into work on a Sunday for the past 5 weeks now. So super no time for love or lust! Ka-galit noh?!?

So last Friday, super tense ang lola niyo dahil mega conference looming in the distance at hindi pa handa ang world! So there I was, making chicka with my co-worker Tish who was smoking at around 4:30 pm.

Siyempre lahat na ng world may I go home na – except for lovingly yours! Diva kagalit?! Anyway, while making chicka, tall handsome man came overly. He was around 45, 6’2, puti, cute! Medyo stocky pero may konting taba. Not too bad, to be honest, except for that small scar on his cheek. Not too big though. Very doable though! Pwedeng-pwede na for mama, in short.

Anyway, he came over and asked for the time. Siyempre biglang umandar ang sash ko (for Ms. Congeniality, what else?!) and responded with “Itch Poor Churty. Chenkyu.”

Siya naman, thank you, and promptly walked into the building. Now he was not wearing business clothes – t-shirt and maong – so medyo anong ginagawa mo iditch? As he was entering the building, he looked back and smiled.

Aba Beyonce smile! Winnar!

After three seconds, may I sexcuse myself ako with Tish. She’s lovely, pero naman, no! Kailangan ni mama ng protein shake!

So after clicking my heels three times, there’s no place like home talaga – as in, toilet as usual – and yes, I could see his Nike shoes underneath the stall and obvious na nagsisimula na ang bata batuta!

Ava siyempre game till ever akish! I went to the other side of the glory and proceeded to show and tell. Nakush! After thirty seconds of show-and-tell (promise true ito!), bigla ba naman lumabas ang gaga with pants down and went to my cubicle! Siyempre naman medyo forced to good for dos-pusoy ako – kasi naman baka mahuli si fafa, noh!? Once he got in, aba! Laban agad! He went down on his knees and started making me groan. Talagang up and down my stiff dick until my eyes started to tear. Walang tigil! Usually, people gag a bit (medyo mataba ang akin, apparently) but siya wis! Parang piston!

So there he was, making chupa until ever – when all of a sudden, may pumasok sa CR! So obviously, stop muna kami to make sure it is alright, noh. Alam mo naman – ang mga secu dito minsan shenshiteev! I sat, Indian squat on the bowl, while he stood up facing the door (para kunwari there was only one person in the toilet). Siyet ang ganda ng puwet niya. I was kneeding his muscles and licking the outside of his hole – sarap! Ang linis!

Anyway, back to the stranger… Abba, Chikitita! Out of the 1,000 empty cubicles, the stranger entered the one beside ours. Now, normally, you can never can tell so medyo quiet lang kami but the familiar sound of moving wrists was way too familiar a giveaway sign. As I was already sitting down, I turned stranger around and started giving him head.

He was small – especially for his height. It was around 5 inches, thickness was alright, and he was cut (a minus in my book). Still, the overall impact was pretty high. I was sucking it like it was filled with milk (and in a way, I’m sure it was). Now, out of plain curiosity, we decided to move about so that he was standing on the bowl and I was sucking on him. He actually wanted to see what the other guy was up to, and ako naman – sure! Why not? It’s just a game, and I can share the love, diva? Syempre bilang Ms. Congeniality…

Anyway, he was there, standing on the bowl as I was sucking him off. I looked up and he was actually reaching over and giving the other guy a handjob! Multitasking si lola! Aba, Ms. Talent contender!! Ako naman, care! Tsupa till death!

However, I think he was nearing the edge, so he grabbed my hair and pulled me away from him. He motioned to switcheroo so ako naman, fine! I stood on the bowl while he went down on me.

From my vantage point, I could see the face of the other guy – Asian, around 5’4” small dick, around 4 inches, very thin – face not cute in my POV, but I could see why others would. Pero ako naman fine – tulungan! Alam naman nating lahat ang title…

So there I was givng the guy a handjob and he was liking it naman (to be honest, I was not giving it my best) but then someone came in.

So lahat kami tago, noh! The intruder did not come near us, pero siyempre to be safe! So there I was, awkwardly angled while Mr. Puti was continuing sucking me off. Normally, I would have issues but I could not help it. I was nearing it and he just kept on sucking. I mouthed “I’m about to come” and he stopped, nodded his head, and continued sucking me while looking at me at the same time.

After a few seconds, boom! I came in his mouth, and I had a stifle a moan. It was awkward – but I loved it! It was a while na since I came in someone’s mouth. As I finished my seed burst, I heard the intruder wash his hands and leave the room.

We were alone again! Yay! I signalled that I had to go, so I prepped myself to leave – and Mr. Puti was alright with it naman. Aba, the minute I opened the cubicle, Mr. Asian guy was already there, waiting to get in! Ni hindi ko man siya na pansin! Promise!

I washed my hands and left the room, which was echoing with the sound of zippers opening and mouths getting themselves busy and dirty. Ako naman in my head:

“Syet. Sloppy seconds.”

- back to work -


rik32miles said...

Ava kung ako yun at doable si tall na kahit sloppy ko...I will bend him over and lick his arse! hahahah like magnolia ice cream lol! yun lang punyeta!kamanyakan na nman to..
yung other blog mo ba wholesome??tanong lang

Turismoboi said...

may other blog ka?

Anonymous said...

Sister, sa Sydney vah itoh? Alam ko under renovhayshun ang AMP Tower. Tell me kasi feel ko naman magfa-kangkang achuchu.;)
I can imagine ang mala 'plastic-(wo)man' chuva ang iyong mga kamay (or taglay mo fa din vah ang mga kamay ni Hilda?) fara maavot mo ang kabilang cubicle. Faanoh? Trulili, di ka lang ever na Miss Friendship, Miss PAL Smiles, Miss Ever Bilena/Caronia kungdi the one-ond-only Miss Talent. Talvog si Katrina Hallili? Super-bonggadera ka chukchak ever. Fatih ba naman sa toilet, kaya pa din ng tsura mo mag-multi-tasking? Super ang pagka-"cock-aholic" mo!!!!

Quentin X said...

multi-tasking? lol. I am living my sex life vicariously through this blog. My sex life is a bit dry these days. I am less inclined to get some sideline work. I feel like the Vigin Mary.