Wednesday, 22 April 2009

New Vlad!

I always hate vadoi names. For those not in the know, "vadoi" is "baduy" in French! Kasi sosyal ako. (GANON!)

But before I make chicka my pet peeves, ditsuhan muna!

1. Rik: Naku I saw my wrinkelles today! Takot ako, ghurl! Oil of Olay to death till EVER!

2. Anon: Wis akong Easter Egg hunt - kay Oli ako this Easter, hole and all! *Talagang disclose sa lahat! Tama ba yaaan?!*

3. Quentin: Oy, wag isnabin ang mercy sex! Fun pa rin kahit papaano, right? :-)

ANYway, let's start this with a little story. I was minding my own business in the cubbie and then, someone came in. I was a little too busy preparing for the big battle to peek through the cracks, but I saw a little bit of the hair - brown, tousled, coiffed until ever.

As we began the game of show and tell, I saw a little bit more of the person - medyo young siya! around 19, I'd say, and cute! I have to say I was interested...

We were just starting the good part of our play when we were interrupted by the set of inquiring footsteps. Now, I don't mind threesomes, but I just wasn't in the mood that day, so sorry. I mentioned that I was not in the mood, and started to button up.

Then a note hastily scribbled on paper flew under my stall - "Upstairs" As soon as I crumpled the paper into a ball, Mr. Young had already flushed, opened his door and walked out the room.

Aba mabilis si Supergirl!

Well, I wasn't in the mood (after the interloper and all) but I decided - what the hey! Something new, divah?

Anyway, I walked up the stairs and as I opened the door, I saw an unmistakable pair of shoes - it was Mr. Young, sitting on the lounge seat and waiting for me. He was around 5'8" - definitely young - and very skinny. He is - in porn terms - a twink with hair that I can only describe as Breakfast-Club ish (Naku buking na the age, ghirls!).

He stared at me intently, obviously judging me before I entered the more quiet toilet block (and this realisation comes with the obvious Ms. Universe-ly gut-in, chest-out, puwet so out there you can balance a tray of beer on it). After a few seconds, he stood up and quietly followed me into the toilet.

Once we got in, aba! Laban ang lola! I was right about his body frame (zero body fat, honest!). In all honesty, the only fat thing about him was his eyebrows and his dick. 

Now, his dick was fantastic! It was long, especially for his frame - around 8 inches, and yes, very thick. As always, uncut but very clean so sarap i-subo! Chupa-chup talaga! I saw his balls, hanging hairless and low, and just lost it! Lick, suck, shoot!

As I was off giving the masterful blow (alam mo naman, folks. Aiming for Ms. Talent, as always), someone came in. Now, normally, care ko - kasi naman pwede namang no sound ang chupa, noh! - but this guy took ages washing his hands outside our cubicle. Honest, it took him around 10 minutes of washing. Now, unless he was washing off blood or paint, medyo hindi naman pwede.

Ito ang magaling - Mr. Young stood at the rim of the bowl, looked at the guy and proceeded to open the door. Ako naman: HELLO! Jubo't jubad akish! Tama ba yan?!? I shook my head in disbelief and shock - pero with youth comes folly.

So ayun. The door was open and there we were, in full birthday suit glory, while this fairly hot guy was watching us while washing his hands. Now, given the fact he was staring with *that look* - if you don't know what I am talking about, hindi ka bakla so go away - I knew he was PLU and then some. But something about it just turned me off.

I did one last suck, so that I can at least taste some pre-cum from Mr. Young, and got up to leave. Ako naman, I already had a taste - I don't need the full course meal. Taster is fine by me. Within 30 seconds, I had done up by belt, washed my hands and left.

What happened next? I don't know. To be honest, I don't care. Parang hindi masyadong trip ang mga kids na wa' the care. He had the whole girly pants, low waist look - and inasmuch as I will defend his right to wear it, I will also defend my right to cringe at his look.

His dick was really all I wanted to see, and though his package deserved an award, everything else was for thank-you-girls.

Sunday, 12 April 2009

Boring post, promise!

Warning lang, folks! This has to be my most boring "action" post so far. This is more of philosophizing, actually - but whether or not I used that term appropriately... well, that's up to you to decide.

Now, before anything else, CHIKA MUNA TO THE HELLO KITTY!

1.  Anon: Zizchur, all I can say to you is WIN! Ganda ng reply mo~! Yes, durian is the word for it! :-)

2. Turis: True, but sis, there are limits. Hygiene (or lack of it!) happens to be on the top of the list!

3. Rik: But if you saw this, JUZMEH! Love it till EVER promise! This guy is so bloody cute! I may have a Greek/Leb fetish, just in case you didn't know. :-)

4. QX: Until I get into trouble, di ba? Looks like I'm always the one you can admire but not the one to have and the hold... :-)

5. Ash: Oooooooooooi! May royalties dafat yan, a! CHING! Feeling Ruffah talaga akish!

6. Joaqui: TRUE! Ibalik ang Speedos or else! *ganon?!*

Anyway, last Thursday, I decided to do one last trip before I go on my Holy Week chuvah. Kasi naman, wis ang trabahar for four days. Maloloka akish without my usual... actually, wrong, dahil may Oli naman sa bahay (main source of protein ko yan!) but still, I wouldn't mind bonuses now and again.

So, as I entered the toilet, a pair of feet had already planted themselves in the glory cubbie. Well, good, diva? I peeked - nice pair of shoes pa! Very playful - red tiger shoes with matching yellow and blue design. 

Like! Feeling very Uma!

Anyway, as I was in the mood, I decided to start the show and tell. Alam mo naman - very giving in the spirit of Holy Week (...ganda. Sige, let's start sacrilegiousness...). However, after a while of showing, I peeked and realised he wasn't doing his bit. 

Now, as some of you know, this is one of my pet peeves. Kasi naman, I can't appreciate the master-and-slave power play in gay encounters. Unless super hottt ka, wis ka the K to say "Sorry, but you have to work to please me"

SExcuse me, di vah?

Anyway, I was getting impatient when I saw his arm through the hole. It was riddled in liver spots and it definitely showed his age. I would say he was in his late 60's. He was very thin and very pasty.

Now, ladies and ladies, I have to admit: na-turn off ako. But I also had a thought in my head (and I do have them from time to time - thoughts, that is. I get -and give- head ALL the time.):

I too will grow old. I too will probably be horny as fuck at that age. And I too will be shunned by those younger than I.

And not only was I NOT horny, but that also made me sad. Not just for him, but also for a lot of people who are not Efronic in beauty AND age.

So I decided to jack off. I leaned back against the wall facing the hole and I beat myself off until kingdom come. 

I know it's not the most exciting post, but I write them as they happen. Plus, perhaps it's the pensive mood the Holy Week seems to bring on. Anyway, play safe, y'all. :-)