Tuesday, 24 March 2009


This is a song that my friend used to sing to me when I was 3,568.21 pounds heavier than I am now. Buti na lang line of 3 na ang aking waistline!!! Or else, lechon de leche akish!

But before anything else, let me says HELLOES!

1. QX: Nakuh bruh! I had my picture taken with some tourists from Japangh! Kaloka! Ang ganda nila, ha! Super laki the braso de Mercedes BENZ Cheeeekah! They had their picture taken with me dahil naka-drag akish (in public for the first time chenkyu!). Didn't have any sashimi though. Hanggang window siyafing lang.

2. Anon: Kasi we were going North as far as I remember, pero day! Tumatanda na talaga akish! And WIS na ang AMP Tower! Shut down sila until mid 2009, so wis na the hada there! If there is more chismaks, I will make you ditsu!

3. Rik: Talagang showing the age na! Hindi na tumatalab ang Oil of Olay! Botox na next! Katakot, a!

4. J: True... but I wouldn't mind a part two (GANON!)


ANYway, the kwento of the tabachingchingchingchingching arose (arose daw o! Kaloka!) because the other day, while sitting in the glory loo, I saw this fat guy beside me. He was white, around 5'10, bespectacled, quite fat (I'd say around 170 kilos) and though he has some good looks about him, his jutting belly just didn't make him anywhere near appealing.

Pero alam niyo naman me! Hindi ako out for love, noh! Just kinky fun. So if a guy isn't my ideal, chicka lang basta feel ko. If cute pero di ko feel, then sowrie divah?? Ganun lang yun...

Anyway there I was jacking off and then tumayo si taba para naman kita ko ang kanyang ano.

ABA! Bongga siya, dhay! As in, when it was soft, it was around 4 iches, and as thick as a bottle of coke. At first, I thought it was a trick of the light, but as he kept on massaging his member, it was evident that it was as fat as he was.

Which then brings us to the question: To play or not to play? I mean, hello, medyo funny ng taba niya, ha! But then again, when will I see something like this ever again!?

So in the end, he invited me to another (more quiet) restroom, and I sucked him off. God, everything about him was big. He was a blondish bear - he had hair all over (quite sexy if you'e into that thing) and his balls were HUGE. They were bigger than ping pong balls. When I placed them in my mouth, I could only fit one at a time, and it was the most interesting feeling.

More importantly, when I had his dick in my hand, it was like gripping a coke can. It was THAT thick, and the veins on it (though partially hidden by fat and skin) were thick and throbbing. I was just looking at it for a few seconds because I could not believe how massive it was!

Now, honest tayo! I really didn't want to suck him off - only because he wasn't my type. But diyos me! DaKing Kong siya! Never again will I have this slab of meat in my mouth! So sige sige sputnik! After checking for lesions and such (aba malay mo, noh!), I decided - why the hey!

I made sugod like Gabriella Silang!

My, that was difficult! As in, my mouth was so wide, my jaw hurt! He seemed surprised that I was willing to try it to begin with, but I just couldn't resist! He asked me if I lived closeby, and I said I was with my girlfriend

(AS IF!!)

to which he replied, "Ahh. Cool."

Feeling niya siguro frat boy sucking his ano! Aba naman! The dreams Sean Cody is made of! Hehehe! After five minutes of me going down on him, he gave me the signal - after which his seed fell all over the place. It so good sucking something that big, although I am sure I can't handle it from the other end! Still, it felt fantastic! Can't wait to see him again. Sure, he's not society's ideal man, but he sure makes up for it! :-)

Ok, back to work.


Turismoboi said...

cutechubby guy hmmmmmmm!!!!!!

Joaqui said...

I could just imagine how that looks like. hehehe coke can? really?

Anonymous said...

Naku Ate. I can just imagine na banat na banat siguro lahat ng iyong facesung muscles dahil sa super-mega-to-the-max na effort mo na maipasok ang mala-kebab niyang notrilya sa iyong oral cavity chuva. Last week eh maskulado. This week eh machorva naman. I look forward to the next puta-he. Chika lang.

rik32miles said...

I'm not a superwoman,
I'm not that kind of girl..
O diva di ko kinaya ang super talent "jaws" mo....as always super idol kita....hehehe