Sunday, 29 March 2009

Nakish! Buching!!!

Funny ang title, noh? Anyway, prior to this afternoon, I was at the peak of happiness, pero na-karma-karma-karma-karma-karma-chameleon! Letch!

... but before the chismax, bati muna!

1. Turis: Chub chaser ka pala! Nothing wrong with that, of course... ako pa! Para akong 7-11, always open (minded, ha!).

2. Joa: TRUE! Medyo strange dahil usually, kapag fatsy, medyo maliit. I think that's one of the appeals with this guy. Fatso all over, kaya win!

3. Anon: Naku, sis. Super shock itong entry till ever! Read on!

4. Rik: Mega blush on naman akish! Chenkyu sa mga kind words, pero sis, at the end of the day, puta lang ako (GHANON!)

Anyway, ito na ang update. This morning, as I was walking towards the office building, I noticed a strange number of younguns, loitering out, being the usual pests that they are. Of course, given the laws of probability, half of them were men and half of the men were actually cute. For some strange reason, they were also quite hot. As in, gym hot.

One of them I recognised as a member of my gym (Futa First). Now, ako naman, chicka. Because hindi ko siya know, wis siyang hello from me. Ganon lang talaga ang buhay, di vah? Now, ok lang naman ako duon - however, I do have to say: he's around 5'7", medyo Lebanese / Greek looks, SUPER HOT BOD, pero super shy sa shower rooms. I only saw him shower in the gym once (talagang binilang, folks! Bakla talaga!!!) and he entered and left the shower cubicle in shorts.

Punyeta! Tease! Kung ganyan kaganda ang katawan, imoral na kasalanan ang mag-shorts! Hubo't hubad till ever dafat!


Anyway, there he chatting with his friends, coffee in one hand and sheets of paper in the other. He turned around, looked at me... and continued to look away.

(Aba putang ina mo rin)

I went inside and saw that the GMAT (or something like that) decided to temporarily hold exams in our building. Sa totoo lang, I don't know why, but happy ako dahil the venue was fairly close to the magic loo locashen. That also meant more guys using the special loo. Ako naman, game game. Kahit silip lang, chicka! No need for action, basta may happy happy viewing. Yes, ladies and ladies, ganyan ako ka babaw.

So to continue the story, I entered my room, and hello. One million emails and additions to the to-do list. Gandah! So much for having fun. Oh well. As my lola once said, "be a slave to the grind first before becoming a whore to your desires"

Actually, quote ko yun, but I added my lola's name para naman may street cred. *ching*

So as the day rolled along, I decided - letch! Why not, choknath!? I snuck out the back door and went into the magic loo before my fuming boss could find me. Bahala na si Batgirl!

As I locked the door behind me, I heard the door open and the shuffling of feet moving closer and closer. I peeked through the crack, and yes, believe it or not, it was Mr. Short Hotguy. PROMISE. I couldn't believe it myself, and yes, he was heading my way.

I positioned myself in the magic hole, ready for the feast. He came into the cubicle, popped out Mr. Shortie and proceeded to stream. Paksiyet. Ang ganda niya. It was fairly thin (nothing compared to Mr. Coke in Can) and it was cut (sayang!). But it was such a nice texture - sarap isubo! - and he had a decent pair of balls to go with it. The nice thing about it also was the hair. He was naturally hairy, and it showed in his penis. His pubic hair was obviously slightly trimmed, but it was still rampant enough to show through his gear, and it so complimented his member. I loved it!

But as always, good things come to an end, so he finished his business and left. Now, the thing was I was so excited by Mr. Short Hot that I didn't notice a new guy come in.

I just heard the snap of the lock beside mine, and then, yun. He was inside. He unzipped his fly, and popped out his thing. Now he didn't even bother to hide his thing. He flashed it and when he knew I was watching, started to play with it vigorously. In fairness, it was an awesome dick! Only 6 inches long, yes, but it was thick in the middle and the foreskin was pretty long! Very admirable, to be honest!

However, the thing about foreskin is that it is so awesome to play with, compared to cut guys, that is. Although I have no problems with either condition, I would prefer to see that flappy piece of skin (one more thing to love about Aussies, I reckon). However, if one is uncut, one also needs to make sure one is clean. Now, if you move your skin back and reveal white specks, hindi siya funny. In fact, super smelly siya and all around kadiri to death and back till ever, PROMISE.

And yes, this guy was reeking down there!!!

At first, chicka lang. I mean, we were only showing each other's bits off in the glory hole, but once he shoved his dick under the stall, ibang usapan na yan, di vah! I hesitatingly jacked him off, but after a while, I just couldn't bear it! The stench was unbelievable, and when I actually smelled a whiff of his B.O., aba!!! Wonder woman with matching explosion!

At that point, I lost my erection and he noticed it. I murmured something about "Gotta go" and he packed his thing away as well. As he seemed to be in more of a hurry to leave, I decided to wait until he left so that I could somehow guarantee my anonymity. 

When I finally saw who it was, paksiyet. It was the guy who replaced me in my old job. I don't know WHY he was in the building, but there he was. He was obviously not working there, as he was in his Havaianas and siyorts.

I didn't know if I wanted to throw up and die. Once he left the room, I rushed to get the scent of him off my hands, but five minutes of scrubbing was so not enough. :-(


Anonymous said...

Lolah, footah ka talaga. Kurutin kaya kita sa tinggil? ;) Puro ka kaki-kian pero khalokah and bonggadacious ang iyong new Batibot episode. Eyeluvit!
Life (like the magic loo) is indeed like a box of chocolates, you'll never know what you're going to get. Small world talaga ang Sydney kaya it's not impossible to bump into the same hombre (yes, mga chufatid sa ating vayang magiliw, mas madaming utaw zhan!) .
Pero effect pa din veauty mo! However, imbes na makadakma ka ng pechay Baguio, o ng ga-italyanong tortang talong, na-getsung mo eh isang makating gabi na puno ng kupal na matindi pa sa durian ang dagta. Chura lang! O di bah? LOLS.

Turismoboi said...

no hinid naman basta gwapo ok sakin hehe!

i like the daddy types

rik32miles said...

I have to repeat anon...hahahahh " lolah! footah ka nga talaga! ang landi landi moh footah kah!( I'm laughing with tears as I type this)

I luv this " but the texture was nice - sarap isubo" tingin ko di na meet ang oral phase mo noong baby ka pa kaya orally fixated ka lolah!heheheh
lahat gusto mo a way maybe I am too but I'm just to afraid to make "subo" hehehehe

as always, you're always funny and doesn't take yourself seriously..two qualities that I always admire in people.

Quentin X said...

Thanks for letting us live our vicarious existence.

ash said...

be a slave to the grind first before becoming a whore to your desires -- i likey like with matching may-i-post-nga-sa-facebook

Joaqui said...

"Punyeta! Tease! Kung ganyan kaganda ang katawan, imoral na kasalanan ang mag-shorts! Hubo't hubad till ever dafat"

Hahaha... Tama nga naman. Lalo na dito sa Pinas ngayong summer na, yung mga magaganda ang katawan, dapat maghubad na lang kesa mainitan ng bonggang bongga. lol