Saturday, 28 February 2009

A Season of Misadventures

Hello folks,

Sorry for the long delay in posts. Things have been hectic. Oli has (in the words of Taylor Dayne indeed) come back to my arms where he belongs... (talagang drag queen)

There was an exchange of words, a clarification of expectations and apologies all around. Maganda ang ending (this time, I guess).

To heal some of the wounds, we decided to go on a coastal trip of NSW, and it was fun! As in, super! May megavan kami (with matching sink, toilet and da works!) and he drove half the way (after which he sprained his wrist in an attempt to do a Lisa Macuja on slippery rocks - medyo he made tapilok and then that was the end of that performance).

Anyway, while we were in our campervan park, I decided to stroll. Avah! I saw two guys - masculado! with tattoos! with matching piercing! kalakot lola!!! - anyway, my gaydar was blinking like New Year's Eve - but given their lack of personal space (as in medyo close sila), I think it didn't take much to deduce.

ANYWAY, I thought they were hot. I went to the loo, to do my business (HONEST!), but a couple of seconds later, one of them (bald, around 40 years old, with arms until forever!) went in as well to do his business. 

Ako naman, aba ganda mo! He was older, yes, but he took very good care of his body, and super obvious naman. He was wearing one of those shirts that showed off his body very well, and it clung in all the right places. Plus, he had hairy arms, lovely dark brown hair contrasting his pale skin. He was a specimen - if you are into slightly older gents. Ako naman, beauty is beauty, divah?

Anyway, because shy ako (TRULYLY!), I really couldn't pee! I stood there, waiting for Godot, all the while Mr. Hotness was two feet away from me with his penis gushing forth...

...waitaminute. Penis!!!

Out of the corner of my eye, I decided to be braveheart. *silip* 

There it was, around 7 inches, very hard but very thin. Still, his foreskin was covering his head, bright yellow piss spewing forth. Ako naman, I try to be good dahil HELLO! He could easily beat me to a pulp with his eyelid.

Still there it was, throbbing in hardness and he didn't even bother hiding it! Every 2 seconds I would peek and then look away, my member getting slightly harder with the perversion. I try to think of non-erectile inducing things (like the Easter Bunny or Nora Aunor), but talagang wis, folks! Tumigas ang lola.

But all good things have to come to an end, and I heard his stream lessen to a trickle. Ako naman, siyaks! Oh well. It was quite enjoyable while it lasted... and then I realised he hasn't moved.

I angled my head to see what he was up to, and realised he had cocked his head towards my direction, his eyes peering at what I had to offer. 

*GANDA* Our respective partners were a few meters away and here we were in a sticky situation. Our members were throbbing and we were both subtly checking each other out in the "privacy" of a public toilet (which isn't much privacy at all!).

I tilted my body so that he could get a better eyeful and as his head looked at the door, he did the same.

Wow. His body was beautiful - you could see how sculpted he was underneath the thin layer of fat and clothing - I loved how his nipples just begged to pop out. His dick was quite thin on the tip but the base isn't bad at all. You could see his reddish pubic hair peeking from his balls that just hung so low, you'd think they were weighed down by dumbbells. EYELOVEIT!

And then we heard the door open, and before anything else could happen, he zipped up (with some difficulty actually) and popped out.

Ako naman, I arranged myself (also with some level of difficulty) and went to the basin, all the while thinking to myself...

"At least ako naghugas ng kamay."


Quentin X said...

I love muscles. I am obsessed. Worshiping is one of my fantasy.

ash said...

galing ng pang divert mo ha? ester bunny or nora aunor..

...for me i think imagining Mariah hitting a perfect whistle register live will do the trick


Mac Callister said...

waaa bitin kala ko may mangyayaring nakakalibog basahin hahaha

rik32miles said...

Ay! back to business na ulit ang Inay!..
O diva! kakareconcile lang cruising all over na kaagad ang bru..
anyway..nice to hear that Oli's back
and I can use some of that muscly tatooed hunk..hayyyy! it's been a while

Anonymous said...

Manay, saan tabing dagat, coastal beach kuning, ba yang rampa mo? Share naman para may mabisita ko nga yang 'tourist' gay-ttraction na yan. Ching. Gusto makita ng ka-sireynahan ko yan mga syokoy diyan. Spluk na.

Joaqui said...

Washing his hands clean before going back to his partner. hehehe