Saturday, 3 January 2009

It's an explosion (my love for you!)

Hello, 1989, este 2009! Mabuhae (and Menudo)! And welcome to the old blog of Marcoi! Walang nagbago, folks! Ding pa rin, as always.

Before anything else, mabuhae to:

rik: hija! Honest, trying to be good (GOOD DAW O!) akish pero nakuh! Iba na ang gulong ng vuhae!

Anon: Ate, marami akong haunts - this one is near Broadway - but the best is still Centrepoint Tower. Winner, ate, winner!

ANYway, today, may I go to la gym - siyempre kailangang gandacious pa rin even if 42-28-36 ang lola niyo (Talagang projecting Anna Nicole Smith, noh!?). Of course, medyo good ghurl in the treadmill (with matching Gwyneth heels, ha!) pero hanggang duon lang. In the change rooms, siyempre kick off the heels and then, parade in evening gown with slit hanggang kili-kili till EVER!

Now when I got to the steam room, there were already two guys there and I sat right smack in the middle of them. One was around 6'1 with ala-Prince Harry cheeks. Kinda cute (but not as cute as my Oli!) but could have been cuter if he had different glasses perhaps. He was bulky in all the right places with a little bit of baby fat to spare. He could be a looker, but he was one of those people who had to really dress well and package themselves prettiously in order for heads to turn. But of course, alam mo naman me! Like Benetton, I'm colours of the world!

ANYway, the second guy in the room is someone I have seen before. He had a thin frame about him, with scruffy facial hair and patches of dark hair in all the right places. Last I saw him, he was wearing board shorts, and was trying desperately to peek at what I had underneath my short white towel.

This time, I wasn't going to let him down - this time, with feelings pa! *Laban, bakla! LABAN!*

I leaned back and let my short towel hike up my leg. At that point, it won't take either of them anything more than a lean forward and then my non-procreating family jewels will be as exposed as Janet Jackson's nipple.

And they took the bait. At first, Mr. Prince Harry leaned a bit and did the whole casual "Let-me-stretch-in-an-awkward-position-and-peek" position. I leaned back and let him ogle. I wasn't too sure whether he was playing with himself or not, but I just closed my eyes so that he can stare without anyone noticing. When I opened my eyes, I looked to my right and realised that my Scruffy Hair had crossed his legs in such a manner that the tip of his dick was peering out of this thigh.

This of course gave Mr. Prince enough a reason to get it on, but as he stood up to let loose his erection, someone came in. That definitely destroyed the mood.

I think Prince became a bit self-conscious and left the room - which was sad, because the interloper stayed for a wonderful 30 seconds before leaving again.

That left me and Scruffy in the room. I decided to make things easier for Scruff, and I just dropped my towel, leaving me in my starkers. He was definitely staring at this point, and with my fingertips casually rubbing my head, he definitely was in playing mood. Because this was the steam sauna, everyone who passed by could easily see us, so we had to play it cool.

When we knew that there was no one else around, we both hungrily grabbed each other's cock and jacked off mutually. His fingers were just all over the place - he wanted to finger me, play with my head and jack me off at the same time. His dick was relatively longer than mine, but mine was definitely thicker. I guess that was about right, given the fact that he was thinner than I was.

Anyway, we had less than a minute to ourselves, our eyes alert for the sign of any intruders, our hands frantically moving up and down on each other's members. It was an awesome feeling, the thrill of knowing how bad this can get if we were caught, paired with the knowledge this was forbidden in more than one level (at least, in my case).

I felt his dick stiffen a bit more, as my hands grew more adventurous and heated in its movement, but we both had to stop once I saw someone walking closer to the steam room. Although he didn't enter the room, I felt it was too risky - so I stopped my hand movements and so did he.

At that moment, Prince moved out of his shower stall and saw my hard member bobbing up and down through the glass. His hand reached over to his own penis and played with it, all the while staring at me and Scruff. He knew that there was someone coming closer so he stopped as well, but he had that look of longing in his face - and perhaps even loneliness. I felt bad for him - really.

Anyway, because I had a feeling the guy outside the stall was slow to leave, I decided to cut the whole thing short. I stood up, leaving Scruff with a state of "Why!?!?!?" written all over his face. I went to the showers and had a rinse, only to hear the staff adjacent mine open as well.

It was Scruff, and he (along with his penis) was not going down without a fight. As I scrubbed and washed away, he was playing his dick, still rock hard, all the while looking at me. Now that was a sign to behold. 

I decided - why not? I took my dick, opened my door a bit, turned around for the full-on effect and jacked myself off to a raging hard-on. Scruff was looking straight at me the entire time, his hands racing against time and opportunity. Within a minute, he came, his dicks churning three spurts of cum which came flying out onto his chest. It dripped down his lean frame and a look of utter fatigue fell on his face.

I smiled, my dick still throbbing but unspent, and closed the door.


ash said...

the joy of being in a steam room...memories and more memories hehehe

happy new year...may my adventures be as fab with yours this year :)

Anonymous said...

Tita, go to CityGym on Crown Street. Grabe sauna/steam room doon. Mapapadasal ka talaga dahil sandamakmak ang mga mhin na walang takot na go lang ng go. Tapos yun iba, walang takot to walk around with a stiffy. Keber kung may nanonood. Anyway, you're off to a good start for 2009.

Quentin X said...

I wish I was in Sydney now. :-)