Monday, 12 January 2009

Muscle Men & Moi

Hellooooooo, friends! Mabuhae! At bago maki-chika, hello to:

1. Ash: Good luck, hija, sa mga advenchures! Hafi hafi, bruh! :-)

2. Anon: City Gym? Ghurl, di ata ako fufweh duon! Baka may BMI scale sa entrance at ma-tsugi ako sa aking grand entrance! Kahit slit ko hanggang kili-kili, may limits ang aking ka-bonggahan!

3. Quentin: Hon, love ko ang Sydney during festival season! <3!

Anyway, short entry ito I promise. I dedicate this to the beautimous person I saw in the gym.

Actually, as always, hindi naman talaga ako nagbabalak ng himala. Promise! Siguro sinabi lang ng tadhana, "Hu-we-hel! Pagandahin ang mundo!" - let's feyz it! Fitness First isn't the most beautific of places. Medyo mabaho at amoy jockstrap from time to time. I'm sure some people like it - ako, medyo hindi... most of the time.


ANYway, I went to the sauna and was faced with a barrage of bullocks. No, not Sandra Bullock, but bullocks. As in testicles... as in British testicles... sadly, these testicles were inside board shorts and the men who were wearing them were cute... but British.

Now, I am not talking about the cup-sipping Brits who love to play rigourous games, like chess and croquet. Oh, no. This is the beer-guzzling, loud-mouthed, ill-tempered Pommie rejects that might have (at one point in time) resembled their Australian convict cousins.

So I came in, saw and left. There was one guy there worthy of perving on, as he had board shorts with obviously no undies on - but the loud, boisterous behaviour was just such a turn off.

Chenks, but no chenks.

So off I went to the shower, to cool off and go home. I had already written off that day as a nyark. BUT THEN, mother hen! As I walked closer to the shower stalls, I noticed one staff was occupied with what I thought was a hunk of a man. As in, shaved head, built like a tank and he's either ridding himself of pubic lice via rigourous scrubbing... or I just hit bingo!

Oh, excuse me! BingAY pala!

Now, normally I shy away from Muscle Marys  dahil they usually flock together like whatever. They don't like chubbitos like moi - and at my age, I can't really disguise the fact I'm no longer a teenager. The youth that was once my only plus point has cum and gone.

So I took the stall close by - not directly opposite him, but close enough for inspection. ABBA! Tuloy pa rin ang kanyang pubic lice scrubbing! Ako naman, fight! May I laban akish and fight ang lolah natin! Suck in the gut, puff out the chest and tigasan till EVER!

So there we were, jacking off with a fury of hell's angels. All the while, we could hear the Brits yakking away. The thrill of possibly getting caught made the experience so much more exhilarating, and I knew this guy wouldn't last long.

He was built heavily - his biceps and chest could easily take on 80 kilos, as far as I can gauge. He had a fairly flat tummy with only a smidgen of body fat to hide the ripples. His nipples were rock hard, but not steroidal - which meant most of those muscles were most likely due to weights, rather than drugs.

Most importantly, his dick was quite long but thin. I would say around 7 inches long, and beautifully pink in its rage. It was rock hard and his balls, slightly dark compared to the rest of this pale body, were cupped close to his skin. That was when I knew he was not going to last long.

Before I knew it, ayun.

He came furiously, his eyes rolling to the back of his head. His handsome face seemed like it was going to explode, and his dick shot four gobs onto his chest before his hand suddenly slowed its pace.

At that point, I knew the game was over. As he drew his hand to close the door, mine mirrored his. Muscle Marys don't go for slobs like moi, so these fleeting moments are all I could ever really afford. :-)


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