Saturday, 24 January 2009

Haba haba!

This entry will be quite strange but it's been an exhausting few weeks. Since my last post, Oli moved out of the house - temporarily, I'm sure. He cited personal reasons for his move - ako naman, but of course. I'm confident he will return - why, you ask? Well, he left his 9(ix) perfume on top of his dresser. Once that is gone, I know he is gone for good.

Perhaps it is this complacency - this false sense of security - that makes me seem ok. To be honest, when he talked about it, I just let him talk and when he said goodbye, I told him to come back home when he is ready.

Now the waiting game begins. It's been a bit more than a week - and there have been SMSes that hint at a homecoming.

*We'll see*

I've been good naman. Nothing new to report. I went to the gym today, and there was this slightly overweight, but otherwise beautiful man - looking medyo Italian. Tangina - he was showing off his dick like it was gold. In fairness, it was.

It was around 9 inches long and super thick. Honest, para siyang Coke in can sa taba. The nice part about it is that he was playing around with it quite casually. As in, kunwari just making kambiyo... except it is in the steam room in full view of everyone...

...actually, wrong. Everyone except Asians. No matter how old or young - basta puti. If Asian or Indian, talikod ang lolah. Ako naman: Care. Yes malaki ka nga and yes, may right ka to preview to world. Gawin mong karinderia ang steam room pero hanggang window shopping lang ang mundo.

I've seen the guys you date, champ, and none of them care for you longer than it takes for you to have an erection. Hija, obviously, Asians are not below you. You might think that, but once you get your head out of your ass, you might be able to breathe a little bit and think more clearly.

Thank you for the show, but I'll pass.