Thursday, 29 January 2009

Dear Friends,

Magulo ang life ngayon.

Tumawag ang Oli, and may I request siya for a dialogue (which I am ziure will turn into a monologue, pero okay naman for me, noh!). However, the good news is that he said he was coming back, and would like to spend some quiet time with me.

Ako naman AVAHGAYM!

So may I request ako sa aking bozzing to evap like Carnation Condensed Milk for a week. Since dead time for me, ok naman siya! Bezidez, I think I have one week leave naman so chicka, divah!?

Will update this blog again mid-Feb. Tamang tama for Valentine’s, oh say?!

In the meantime, may I leave you with this which I have been miming for the past week! Promise super bading drag queen talaga ako sometimes!


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odin hood said...

the video is not available in our country daw...