Friday, 6 November 2009

Returning from the dead

This entry I wrote a week after the previous entry, but sorry! Super busy talaga akish! Plus I had an accident that kinda killed my hand hand konti. Apparently, fighting a falling bookshelf in a Linda-Carter-as-Wonder-Woman pose so does not work. Kaya ayun. GANDAH!


Ever since that incident, admittedly medyo tumataba ang lolah niyo. As in, medyo lang Dabyana to the max, and we all know that there is a negative correlation between self-confidence and weight. The more tumatava, the more chumachaka the confidenz. Minsan, Close-Up is just not enough.

So medyo super surprising ang kahapon. It was 9:45, medyo too early for anything to be honest. I was going to the doctor’s office (alam niyo na! Our fortnightly checkup dahil sa ano) but I decided to go to the loo. Honest itong visit na ito a! I really just wanted to pee, promise!

Anyway, I headed to the nearest urinal, and did my thing. Three urinals to my right, there was another guy, around 6’5”, may konting tummy, but nothing as big as mine. And in fairness, carry niya plus cutey pie despite the fact he was touching on 50 (more or less).

When I began my business, I really couldn’t care about anyone else. However, I did notice that Mr Tall was *not* doing his business. In fact, his hand made it very clear he was there for other business.

Now, personally, I really felt that anything before noon is too early, so really, 10 am is just not done! Howeeeeever, I was curious so I decided to stick around a bit.

A cursive look and yes, Mr Tall definitely didn’t mind. In fact, he had other things on his mind and some of his body parts were definitely taking the lead.

I looked around, and yes, there was no one around and we had the room all to ourselves. I looked back at Mr T. He was actually quite hot – like a good number of men his age, he shaved his head which not only hid his bald spot but also made him look very hot! Dangerous, ika nga ni Roxette!

However, before we were able to do anything, someone came in and stood between us. Now of course, dead ma ako at this point, but I was definitely sinterested! I turned away from the intruder and noticed out the corner of my eye that Mr T did the same.

As the intruder came and left (without washing his handz! Hello!), I looked around, and once I knew the coast was clear, GAME ON! I moved closer to his urinal, and with his eye firmly stuck on the toilet door, he reached out and jacked me off.

Now, some guys just can’t jack cut guys off. This may be TMI but I am cut like a good 99% of Pinoys out there. Aussies however are generally uncut – I’d say around 70% of them at least. This guy was uncut too – but my goodness, he knew how to move. His hand seemed absolutely soft, like it was bred in Shea Butter lotion, which is an absolute contrast to his big biceps.

As I knew he had his eyes on the door, I decided to focus my eyes on him instead. Despite his tummy, I knew he has a gym goer. His chest was puffed out naturally (bench presser ito, for sure) and it was only his tummy that made him look chub. His face was fairly angular and definitely not bad to look at. What was striking about him was his light blue eyes – eyeloveit talaga! Super ++!

To continue the is-tory, I looked at his dick – not bad, a! It was around 5 inches – normal sized, but seemingly small for someone so tall! Pero alam niyo naman ang ateng niyo – walang pinipili! So I reached out and jacked him too. His dick was thinner than mine, but the foreskin was quite lovely. It clung really tight to his dick, which made the head really plum in colour – such a stark contrast to pale skin.

I continued to jack him off, and I knew he was close - so I jacked him off even more, our arms criss-crossing furiously in the empty toilet.

That was when the door opened. It was a good thing that we had enough time to return to our "straight" stance but to be honest, we should not have even bothered. The guy took the urinal closest to mine, and whipped out his own cock.

Now, this newcummer was alright - Asian guy with shaved head. He was around 40, I'd say, and definitely on the slim side of things. His dick, also uncut (I'm so in the minority report here!), was around 4 inches and even thinner than Mr T's - and it was raging hard.

Suddenly, Mr T zipped up, washed his hands (good boy!) and walked out without looking back. Ako naman - ay! Bitin!!! Pero what can I do? Umalis na ang grasya! I looked at Mr Asian and in my mind, it clicked.

Mr Asian was hunting down Mr T and Mr T got tired of it all. With that, I too lost my interest. I showed Mr A what he was missing, put it back in, and walked out.


Super sorry for the delay in this. In another unrelated note though, Merlot sent me a PM over facebook, and he ended it with "Do you have Skype? I'm hard right now." Ako naman, medyo busy that night and I had two guests from Korea with me so... ummmm. No. Sorry. However, we might meet up tonight! Ano kaya ang gagawin ko, mga bakla!?!? Semi-unsingle ako ngayon so do I or do I???

Friday, 25 September 2009

Misadventures talaga

Anon: Yes, I am back but with less frequency than before. Bahala na actually ang rule ko ngayon pero definitely more careful.

YJ: Naku, talaga sis! As in!

Turis: Of course, madirr! Fight like Fita! (PS, Girl, di ko access ang page mo. Private va?)


Anyway, tuloy ang laban. I just have one short story to say at this point, and my gulay, it highlights how balatish I am in the fwetski.

It started out casually enough. I was sitting. He came in. He was short (pero alam naman nating lahat na wala akong standards... GANON!) pero cute (ok, may standards ako kahit papaano). He was around 5'6 and a premature balder. Kawawa siya kasi in fairness, cute siya! He had almond eyes (Chinese for sure) and a fairly angular face. To love ang kanyang lips though! Super full! I can say it was a collagen injection away from Angelina-tic fullness.

Anyway, the curious dance begins. He jacks slowly, and so do I. Through the hole, we check each other out, and with a subtle nod, we play the game of show me yours. It was fairly nice - it was a nice cock, definitely longer than I estimated but nothing to gag on. It was around 6.5 inches, but fairly thin. His dick was uncut with trimmed pubes. What was nice about his tool was the colour! The shaft was plum in shade with the head being darker than the rest of his dick. The tip was throbbing like anything, and his foreskin was slightly pinkish. It was a stark contrast but for me, it made his dick more appealing. His balls, though clinging close to his body, were also quite big and had a pinkish hue near the base that gradually tapered off to black as it drew closer to the crack.

It was clear he was very interested as well. Mine was obviously thicker than his and that would have grabbed his attention easily. Others might not have thought it was hot shit, but who cares about them, right? ;-)

Anyway, things were heating up and the next level of play began - under the stall fondling. As he was showing off his dick, I knelt to the ground, hoping he'll get the hint. And so he did. Within seconds, his tiny hand shot through and was playing with my balls and my dick and my legs and my asshole - seemingly all at the same time! I was enjoying all the attention, I have to admit, and wow, I was loving the feeling.

However, it would always end with the dick, and at that point, he began to jack me off. Now the thing with uncut guys is that they NEVER know how to play with cut men, and he was no exception. After a few seconds of tugging, he had this brilliant idea of spitting on his hand and lubing me up that way.

Normally, that's ok!.. except if you have bad breath. And MY GOD this guy stank! From the second he spat, I sensed the trouble and soon enough, my fears were realised. In a millisecond, his spit-lubed hand was all over my region and I could not take it. I quickly sat down, pretended to come into a wad of tissue, and proceeded to dress myself for my hasty exit.

As I opened the door, I quickly ran to the basin nearest the door, in hopes he doesn't follow me. He doesn't (thank goodness for small favours) but he did open his door to jack off for me to see.

Too late, champ, I thought to myself. Your spit has ruined you and at the end of the day, your spit will be the only company you'll keep. :-S

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Fitness First yet again...

Strange things happen talaga in Fitness First. That gym is the living proof that Ate Guy is so wrong – may himala talaga truly du! Anyway, this incident happened quite recently. The gym I went to had two levels - one level for the cardios and the machines, and the second level is for the free weights. The latter level just so happens to house the men’s room as well.

Now when I go to the gym, I rarely hunt for hada purposely. If it happens, it happens, but I rarely put on my prowling suit with the clear intent on fun of the indecent kind. However, for this day, the indecency hunted for me. I was minding my own business (really~!) when this guy suddenly gave me “the look”. Now, the look is something we are all more than familiar with. It’s that intent gaze that says, “You. Yes, you. Me. Now.” And in all fairness, this guy was oh so fine. He was Chinito – the hot kind you find in Singapore. He was in his late 20’s, around 5’10” and was wearing a tight white muscle shirt. He had all right to wear it, as he had little body fat, and his biceps, although not competitively sized, were ample enough to be considered admirable. It was clear that he worked out and the results were starting to show.

At first, I thought he was alright – but in all honesty, he wasn’t reeeeally my type. I’m not sure what my type is anymore but he barely registered a ping as far as my loins were concerned. However, there is something about him that made me go “Maybe. Just once, maybe.”

Anyway, I didn’t think much about it until I needed to use the urinals. Because the toilet was right beside the free weights area, I popped in quickly and did my deed. Lo and behold, a few seconds later, he was there beside me and yes he too was doing his thing. Coincidence, I first thought, but after a while I noticed he was playing with himself, and in the words of Kylie Minogue, “WoWoWoWooow!”

He had a cut member that was fairly long – I estimated initially around 6-7 inches – with a dark purple tip. Now I love my dark colours (curry happens to be my faaaaavourite!) and his dick was indeed a sight to behold. It was not fully erect at that point, but it was already formidable. He made pagpag his patutie, all the while giving me “the look” – he had already given me the look once and this time, there was no mistaking the hunger of the libog in his eyes.

Ako naman, playing hard to get. I finished my business (the legitimate one!) and proceeded to pop out to do weights. After half an hour, I decided to loo it again, and yet again, a few seconds later, he was there, his hand discretely playing with his member, which was slowly throbbing at this point. Now of course, I could have played coy, but then, hello! We’re not getting any younger di ba? I slowly played with my own member while looking at his.

As we were starting the sword play, we heard footsteps coming closer and lo and behold, the janitor pops in for the cleaning. Now, I don’t think it was coincidence. I reckon the janitor was on to us, and decided to jump in to stop the action. I was not getting a gay vibe from the guy, so one would have to assume he is an interloper and not an audience member.

Anyway, he finished up and a few seconds later, so did I. I continued my workout but my mind went back to his wonderful member! The thought of playing with it was intoxicating, and I was definitely stupid enough to do something about it.

As my workout drew to a close, I saw him staring at me as he went back to the men’s room. I was thinking maybe he wanted another cock fight, but as I followed him in, it was clear that his first workout was done and the time for the second workout was nigh.

We both went to our respective lockers to get our towels and change into our shower gear (our birthday suits!). We both went to conjoining shower cubicles and by the time I finished my shower, he had already stepped into the sauna room. Now this room was massive, with enough space for around 15 people. Because the steam was quite thick, once you open the door, it will take you a while to see who was inside, and in my head, that made anything possible. Besides, any intruder would have had to make enough noise in time for us to hide our not-so-discrete activities.

I proceeded to go to the end of the steam room where Mr Hot was waiting. He was wearing nothing but a face towel crumpled adequately enough to hide his jewels. I, on the other hand, had no intentions of hiding anything, and in the mist, I popped my throbbing thing and let the visual image do its job.

And it worked! In a few seconds, he threw aside the towel and this tower stood in all its 7-inch glory! For an Asian guy, that was formidable and I was in heaven! At first, I reached for it, and given he didn’t move, I went down to business. I jacked off his phallus and my God, I just loved the fact my hands were just exploring! It’s always nice to jack off something longer than your own, and his member was tops to say the least. After a few seconds, I couldn’t help it! I sat closer to him and sucked him off.


As always, laban ako and despite I am not used to big dicks, I somehow managed to swallow it to the hilt. His dick was not too thick, but it was long enough to threaten gagging! I have to say that I was proudly riding that bucking horse like there was no tomorrow and he was definitely on the way to the grand finale.

That was when he pushed me away. Ako, damn! Sayang! I asked him if he was close, and he nodded in silence. I reached for him again, and given he didn’t budge, I proceeded to manually take control of the situation. However, that just didn’t cut the cake and again, I proceeded to suck him off. In a few seconds, I felt his cum explode in my mouth as he muffled his groans.

“Thanks,” I mumbled with a full mouth and I opened the door of the steam room. In the distance, I could see the janitor looking at me and then looking away.

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

The Beginning is the End is the Beginning

Yes, this is quoting Smashing Pumpkins. I loved that song when it first came out and I think it is an appropriate way of semi-ending the blog.

And yes, I am semi-ending it.

Ok, back track to a month ago. It was a hot guy – with incredibly bad hair but amazing dark features. He was around 5’11”, Spanish (I think) based on the accent. He was slim, and he was majorly hot. So nanduon lang siya sa urinal, and to cut a long story short, a three-second eye contact led to a shared cubicle.

Now, normally, I wouldn’t hesitate – but I did. I don’t know why but I did… but only for a second. The sad part is better judgement came and went, and I sucked on that thing so that no light could escape.

And that was when I made the biggest mistake.

To make a long story short, a few days later, I got a throat infection that heralded an infection.

That made things a bit clearer on so many levels, it was blinding. I don’t want to talk about the Oli incident here – I should set up another drama blog for that – but I am putting things on hold for a while.

I’ll probably regret some of the things I’ve done on this blog, but this is where the leopard and its spots line comes in. I’ll most likely write on this blog again (only because I know myself well enough for it), but I just need to explain why I am slowing down a bit.

I’m ok now though, emotionally and physically and all. J

Monday, 6 July 2009


Hello jhurls! Mabuhay and welcome to another long delayed post. Sorry medyo hectic ang lolah niyo.

Before anything else:
1. YJ: Nakuh ghurl. Pumila ka. Nuong gym buddy ko ang gaga, may I stare ang mga PLUs! Tapos ako naman bench press habang silip under the shorts. EYELOVEITtalagaputabakla!
2. Turis: Naku hindi fufweh ang pic! But I *promise* super kamukha nitong Sean Cowdee model na ito. Type ko ba sya? No. Haggang one time hada lang, noh! Hindi siya keeper, akchu. Hanggang play lang.
3. Cris: WELCOME GHURL! And no, sorry, no pics. I was tempted to get one of his facebookees fero alam mo na... shy... *CHOZ!*

Anyway, swine flu has taken a hold of Sydney and so many people are now in a state of paranoid limbo. Ako hanggang Whine Flu lang - kasi naman letche ang katrabaho at lahat sila nagsi-alis or may sakit or buntis or chuvaness so tuloy one-girl-band ako sa office. Sa totoo lang, super tired na ang lola niyo, and it's starting to show! Afraid!

However, last Thursday, may himala. I decided to shop on my own (cue Lea Salonga singing). Kasi naman super tired lagi ang fafa and the sales were dwindling - so siyempre lagari to death so mga shops! On the bright side, I have a belt to rival Wonder Woman's! Love it!

Anyway, it was around 7:45 or so, and some of the shops were finally closing for the day. I decided to do one last whirl and as always, I had to go to the loo. To be honest, I really needed to go - as in, #1 - so I was really in no mood to do magic tricks.

But as I went through the double doors (they normally have double doors in CRs here), I was met by a fairly cute old guy, staring off into the distant urinal. Now, before anything else, I have to say that there is nothing wrong with liking an old guy. Some old guys are hot, even! This guy could have been hot, but the belly just went awry and there was just something about his face that screamed Gutom for Gata! So though I can see how he can be seen as hot by others, I just didn't.

Anyway, as I turned the corner to go to the urinals, I saw what could be called a well-aged Vin Diesel. He was definitely a 60-year old gym rat, but not in a Stallone way. Just enough muscles to highlight the assets, and he looked fiiine for his age. He had no hair at all, and his skin although cracked through the years was still alright to look at. He obviously took care of his skin and he was far from competing with the moon in terms of craters.

First thing that came into my mind was... shit, Ineedtopee! But as soon as relief began, I turned to look casually at my neighbor.

ABBA, Chiquitita! He was obviously playing with himself and his dick was fairly hard. It was uncut (as with most Aussies!) and his trimmed pupes were salt-and-pepper like (although mostly salt, I have to admit). His dick had a strangely uneven skin tone that made me think he was a nude bather, but more importantly, the tip of his dick was a raging violet.

Love it!

Now at this point, I looked around to see what the atmosphere was like - there were four cubicles behind us of which only two were occupied. The doors were fairly secure and I would like to think that there was no way anyone would have peeked through the cracks - that is, if they were straight.

The other old guy was busy drying his hands for what could have possibly been four hours now. He just kept on moving those hands around, his eyes fixed on us like a wolf hunting a panda.

(Oh di ba mali ang imagery)

So at this point, the Greek chorus in my head started their usual arguments:

Mackoy1: Huwag mong patulan, noh? Malay mo may sakit yan!
Mackoy2: Yes, he's hot pero naman, public ito!
Mackoy1: True!
Mackoy3: Plus kung huli ka ng fuliz, tsugi ka kay Oli! Fatay!
Mackoy1 & 2: Chorekt!

At this point, Old Vin turned to face me, and showed me all his cock, his smile curling an invite.

Mackoy 1, 2 & 3: AY! GHURLFIGHT!

I finished my deed, got down on my knees and started sucking for Old Gay to see. Yesyesyes, I am an idiot. But my God, it was hot! His dick had that aroma of "just clean" and the pubes were shaved so well that you could barely feel the stubble. I started pumping my head and he grabbed the back of his and met my face, thrust by thrust. His balls, shaved as well mind you, kept on hitting my chin repeatedly - that was when I grabbed his ass and hung on for dear life. He tried to be as quiet as possible but to be honest, I could only keep the slurping to a minimum. He was riding my face like there was no tomorrow.

I dug my nails down on his butt cheeks and it made him wince a bit in pain, but he just kept on going for it. After a minute of him pumping away, I tasted some pre-cum and yes, it was fantastic. Of course, this was when I realised we were making WAY too much noise, so I popped him out of my mouth.

I stood up, and while watching Old Gay with his mouth open, I jacked off Old Vin. The nice thing about foreskin is that it makes jacking off a relatively quieter act but still my saliva was dripping all over it, and it was in all honesty a messy piece of business.

At this point, Old Vin could not hold it any longer, and he came in short thick spurts into the urinal. The veins on his neck were at breaking point, and I swear he looked like he was having a massive stroke in silence. He was blush red, his eyes locked shut. He didn't come a lot, but at least he came.

This is point where someone behind us yelled FUCK! Now I wasn't too sure what the thing was but I am assuming we were caught - and that was when my senses kicked in. Old Gay had already begun his exodus and I washed my hands and made my own exit. We left Old Vin to take care of himself.

Old Gay was waiting for me, as though I owed him a magic act as well, but I was in no mood to fulfill sloppy seconds. He looked at me, but I just smiled at him and walked away.

I felt mean after that, but seriously, no. Just not in the mood anymore. :-)

Sunday, 28 June 2009

Dear friends,

Yes, super boring ang mga posts nowadays! Super busy talaga ghurls!

Hello to:

1. Turis & YJ: Promise shy ako... GANON!
2. Anon: No, I was referring to the one in the basement beside JBHifi. Pero the next post is about the one you were just in.
3. Rik: How I wish my sexploits were unanimously sexciting - but sadly, I write them as I live them - and in the words of McVi, not all of my exploits are indeed exciting. :-D

I honestly have mucho to do, so I will most likely update this blog tomorrow or Wednesday.

I just saw this guy in Sean Cody - and I have to say, he looks SO much like my friend, David, except Dave is uncut. Body is the same though and that cheeky smile...

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Playing Around like a Cat in Heat

Hello friends! Again, lubog sa trabajar, so medyo short entry ito, pero funny in a weird way.

First off...

1. Rik: Yung other blog ko, super straight and work-related so I don't bother linking it. Yes, it is boringly wholesome. Besides, I think my boss knows my other blog kaya... yuuun.

2. Turis: Yez! But this blog is so much more interesting!!!

3. Anon: Yes, this is in Sydney. AMP Tower is open again, pero honest, super boring sya! Very clean and family friendly na siya. I tried the other day and left after ten seconds. Wis na the chance for magic, promise! Even Town Hall!!! Super sad ako!

4. VirginManayQ: There's nothing wrong with not doing something you are not comfortable in. Be happy with what you have and what you want. That's what I say. Oh, divah? Pearls of wisdom daw, o! :-)

A funny thing happened last Thursday. I went to the shops for Oli's birthday and one of my stops was in TGV. I decided to go to the second level toilet for some relief. To be honest, I knew that there was some magic happening in the lower levels, but I figured that L2 should be safe. I wanted to shop till my wallet bled dry and my credit card melted in the heat of the swipe machine.

Anyway, as I began to relieve myself, this tall Asian guy stood beside me. Now, he was around late 20's siguro, with the typical anime hair that is very F4 (talagang dated ang mga references, no?). He was thin - but guwapo. I mean, he's not my type, but he is fairly easy on the eyes and for sure, no one could look at him and say "Ew".

He whipped out his cock as I began to finish my bit and - as with all men - pagpag to death, diva? What I found surprising was he was quite intently looking at my penis as I was finishing off. Now, it's either (a) he has a water-sport fetish (not my thing but to each her own, I say), or (b) he wants to see my member. In either case, he's definitely a PLU.

Now at this point, I had an hour or so to do my shopping so I decided, what the banana! Game on, ghurls! Of course, the difficult part was the man in the cubicle behind us who (based on the gastronomic sound effects) was there to do the official business. So we obviously had to keep mum. The entrance to the loo had two doors so we had ample time to fake it, in case we had intruders come in.

Anyway, I kept on making pagpag and he kept on looking and playing around with his hard member. It was fairly dark and definitely uncut. It was thin but definitely not small - around 6 inches. His foreskin was protruding like a flapping flag and it was truly a sight to behold. His balls were fairly big and dark but hairless (minus point, but still pretty good!). He had kept his pubes trimmed and you can see that it served to emphasise his beautiful member. At that point, my dick was stiff as a board and throbbing like Bed on a weekend. Paksyet!

I looked at him, and boy, he looked horny as! I reached out and started to jack him off, all the while keeping my dick exposed to the elements so that he could get the visual stimulus. He couldn't help it, I guess, and pushed my hand aside, so he could jack me off instead.

So there we were, two grown men, jacking each other in silence, all the while hoping no one would come in...

..but someone did. We had enough time to move aside and pretend to be doing the actual deed. I felt super awkward, and with my tension, I lost my erection. I went back to clean my hands only to realise that the new guy had already stepped out...

(without washing his hands! Ewww!)

So I did what any stupid person would do. While I was at the sink, I whipped out my dick for him to see and jacked off from afar. He looked at me, his dick facing me and his hand pumping like there was no tomorrow.

At that point, we heard a flush, and a few seconds later, Mr Bad Tummy stepped out. He looked at the guy, who had turned to face the wall and then at me... but I was already on my way out. I hope he didn't get a glance at me. Shy ako eh!


Saturday, 30 May 2009

Sloppy Fridays


For those who know my other blog (actually, nag-iisa ka lang, dai, so chicka!), yes, I am still as busy as always! Talagang lagari to death and then, super lot-lot and friends with that’s entertainment! Till ever! True-lily!

Anyway, story later – ditsuhan muna!

1.    Turismo: Excuse me. Hindi ako bakla, ha….

…AS IF! MEGA-CHOZ! Ganon! :-)

2.     Rik: Oo, sis! Super straight pero talagang kilig ang kepay ko, promise! How-ayvur, I promised myself tama na ang pagpatol sa mga is-traight. Letcheng mga breeders na yan! Fweh! :-) Fweh daw, o!


ANYWAY, super fast chicka lang ito dahil super busy pa rin ang tsimay of the world ninyo. Yes, I’ve been coming into work on a Sunday for the past 5 weeks now. So super no time for love or lust! Ka-galit noh?!?

So last Friday, super tense ang lola niyo dahil mega conference looming in the distance at hindi pa handa ang world! So there I was, making chicka with my co-worker Tish who was smoking at around 4:30 pm.

Siyempre lahat na ng world may I go home na – except for lovingly yours! Diva kagalit?! Anyway, while making chicka, tall handsome man came overly. He was around 45, 6’2, puti, cute! Medyo stocky pero may konting taba. Not too bad, to be honest, except for that small scar on his cheek. Not too big though. Very doable though! Pwedeng-pwede na for mama, in short.

Anyway, he came over and asked for the time. Siyempre biglang umandar ang sash ko (for Ms. Congeniality, what else?!) and responded with “Itch Poor Churty. Chenkyu.”

Siya naman, thank you, and promptly walked into the building. Now he was not wearing business clothes – t-shirt and maong – so medyo anong ginagawa mo iditch? As he was entering the building, he looked back and smiled.

Aba Beyonce smile! Winnar!

After three seconds, may I sexcuse myself ako with Tish. She’s lovely, pero naman, no! Kailangan ni mama ng protein shake!

So after clicking my heels three times, there’s no place like home talaga – as in, toilet as usual – and yes, I could see his Nike shoes underneath the stall and obvious na nagsisimula na ang bata batuta!

Ava siyempre game till ever akish! I went to the other side of the glory and proceeded to show and tell. Nakush! After thirty seconds of show-and-tell (promise true ito!), bigla ba naman lumabas ang gaga with pants down and went to my cubicle! Siyempre naman medyo forced to good for dos-pusoy ako – kasi naman baka mahuli si fafa, noh!? Once he got in, aba! Laban agad! He went down on his knees and started making me groan. Talagang up and down my stiff dick until my eyes started to tear. Walang tigil! Usually, people gag a bit (medyo mataba ang akin, apparently) but siya wis! Parang piston!

So there he was, making chupa until ever – when all of a sudden, may pumasok sa CR! So obviously, stop muna kami to make sure it is alright, noh. Alam mo naman – ang mga secu dito minsan shenshiteev! I sat, Indian squat on the bowl, while he stood up facing the door (para kunwari there was only one person in the toilet). Siyet ang ganda ng puwet niya. I was kneeding his muscles and licking the outside of his hole – sarap! Ang linis!

Anyway, back to the stranger… Abba, Chikitita! Out of the 1,000 empty cubicles, the stranger entered the one beside ours. Now, normally, you can never can tell so medyo quiet lang kami but the familiar sound of moving wrists was way too familiar a giveaway sign. As I was already sitting down, I turned stranger around and started giving him head.

He was small – especially for his height. It was around 5 inches, thickness was alright, and he was cut (a minus in my book). Still, the overall impact was pretty high. I was sucking it like it was filled with milk (and in a way, I’m sure it was). Now, out of plain curiosity, we decided to move about so that he was standing on the bowl and I was sucking on him. He actually wanted to see what the other guy was up to, and ako naman – sure! Why not? It’s just a game, and I can share the love, diva? Syempre bilang Ms. Congeniality…

Anyway, he was there, standing on the bowl as I was sucking him off. I looked up and he was actually reaching over and giving the other guy a handjob! Multitasking si lola! Aba, Ms. Talent contender!! Ako naman, care! Tsupa till death!

However, I think he was nearing the edge, so he grabbed my hair and pulled me away from him. He motioned to switcheroo so ako naman, fine! I stood on the bowl while he went down on me.

From my vantage point, I could see the face of the other guy – Asian, around 5’4” small dick, around 4 inches, very thin – face not cute in my POV, but I could see why others would. Pero ako naman fine – tulungan! Alam naman nating lahat ang title…

So there I was givng the guy a handjob and he was liking it naman (to be honest, I was not giving it my best) but then someone came in.

So lahat kami tago, noh! The intruder did not come near us, pero siyempre to be safe! So there I was, awkwardly angled while Mr. Puti was continuing sucking me off. Normally, I would have issues but I could not help it. I was nearing it and he just kept on sucking. I mouthed “I’m about to come” and he stopped, nodded his head, and continued sucking me while looking at me at the same time.

After a few seconds, boom! I came in his mouth, and I had a stifle a moan. It was awkward – but I loved it! It was a while na since I came in someone’s mouth. As I finished my seed burst, I heard the intruder wash his hands and leave the room.

We were alone again! Yay! I signalled that I had to go, so I prepped myself to leave – and Mr. Puti was alright with it naman. Aba, the minute I opened the cubicle, Mr. Asian guy was already there, waiting to get in! Ni hindi ko man siya na pansin! Promise!

I washed my hands and left the room, which was echoing with the sound of zippers opening and mouths getting themselves busy and dirty. Ako naman in my head:

“Syet. Sloppy seconds.”

- back to work -

Friday, 8 May 2009


But before anything else, hello to:

1. Quentin: As they say in Ms Philippines, it's their loss... and lose...
2. Turis: Sometimes scary, yes. But always sinteresting...
3. Rik: Feeling ko talaga sometimes pekpek akish!... sometimes lang.... GANON!
4. Anon: Bitin, true. But sadly not all of my sexperiences have a hafi hending.

Anyway, cannot afford a long post pero talagang I have to share mga sis!

Do you remember him?

(cue music: Parang kailan lang... Ang mga pangarap ko'y kay hirap abutin...)

We-hell, one of my side lines (talagang kinareer!) ay fag-giging makeup heartist. Alam mo na, pag in-demand! CHOZ! Ako naman, sige. Cheap pero friend of a friend of a friend kasi so chicka lang, right?

Well, charity has its rewards talaga, mga ghurls! After the 5,263rd stage actor/model I had to put make up on, pahinga muna sa lagari. Ako naman, may I toilet break muna.

Because hindi naman ito yung magic toilet, sa urinal na lang ako - with matching singing Bjork "Big Time Sensuality". Buking na talaga ang age, noh?

Anyway, super pagod na me, so hindi ko na malayan may neighbor na ako sa urinals. As in, I was still singing when I noticed the second pair of feet. Napalingon ako ng konti: PAKSIYET! Si Nick~!

Siyempre may I Henno-de-Pravia ang lolah niyo at naging demure. Biglang hirit ang papa: "Why did you stop?"

Ofchorz may I blush akish. I started making small talk "Hahaha. Sorry. Didn't know you were there. I was in my own world." Chuvah chuvah chuvah.

"That's alright. You have a good voice anyway."

Kasi naman chupa ng chupa noh!

"Chenk you."

Anyway tuloy ang chickaness and then napalingon akish - siyet. Tuli siya. Manipis pero mahaba, a! Around 3 inches soft!!!! Pink ang tip pero dark ang roots. In fairness, ang sarap i-subo. Plus hairy pa! Super plus!!!

Pero no touching the talent, so yun. Yes, Anon, another bitin story. Bow.

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

New Vlad!

I always hate vadoi names. For those not in the know, "vadoi" is "baduy" in French! Kasi sosyal ako. (GANON!)

But before I make chicka my pet peeves, ditsuhan muna!

1. Rik: Naku I saw my wrinkelles today! Takot ako, ghurl! Oil of Olay to death till EVER!

2. Anon: Wis akong Easter Egg hunt - kay Oli ako this Easter, hole and all! *Talagang disclose sa lahat! Tama ba yaaan?!*

3. Quentin: Oy, wag isnabin ang mercy sex! Fun pa rin kahit papaano, right? :-)

ANYway, let's start this with a little story. I was minding my own business in the cubbie and then, someone came in. I was a little too busy preparing for the big battle to peek through the cracks, but I saw a little bit of the hair - brown, tousled, coiffed until ever.

As we began the game of show and tell, I saw a little bit more of the person - medyo young siya! around 19, I'd say, and cute! I have to say I was interested...

We were just starting the good part of our play when we were interrupted by the set of inquiring footsteps. Now, I don't mind threesomes, but I just wasn't in the mood that day, so sorry. I mentioned that I was not in the mood, and started to button up.

Then a note hastily scribbled on paper flew under my stall - "Upstairs" As soon as I crumpled the paper into a ball, Mr. Young had already flushed, opened his door and walked out the room.

Aba mabilis si Supergirl!

Well, I wasn't in the mood (after the interloper and all) but I decided - what the hey! Something new, divah?

Anyway, I walked up the stairs and as I opened the door, I saw an unmistakable pair of shoes - it was Mr. Young, sitting on the lounge seat and waiting for me. He was around 5'8" - definitely young - and very skinny. He is - in porn terms - a twink with hair that I can only describe as Breakfast-Club ish (Naku buking na the age, ghirls!).

He stared at me intently, obviously judging me before I entered the more quiet toilet block (and this realisation comes with the obvious Ms. Universe-ly gut-in, chest-out, puwet so out there you can balance a tray of beer on it). After a few seconds, he stood up and quietly followed me into the toilet.

Once we got in, aba! Laban ang lola! I was right about his body frame (zero body fat, honest!). In all honesty, the only fat thing about him was his eyebrows and his dick. 

Now, his dick was fantastic! It was long, especially for his frame - around 8 inches, and yes, very thick. As always, uncut but very clean so sarap i-subo! Chupa-chup talaga! I saw his balls, hanging hairless and low, and just lost it! Lick, suck, shoot!

As I was off giving the masterful blow (alam mo naman, folks. Aiming for Ms. Talent, as always), someone came in. Now, normally, care ko - kasi naman pwede namang no sound ang chupa, noh! - but this guy took ages washing his hands outside our cubicle. Honest, it took him around 10 minutes of washing. Now, unless he was washing off blood or paint, medyo hindi naman pwede.

Ito ang magaling - Mr. Young stood at the rim of the bowl, looked at the guy and proceeded to open the door. Ako naman: HELLO! Jubo't jubad akish! Tama ba yan?!? I shook my head in disbelief and shock - pero with youth comes folly.

So ayun. The door was open and there we were, in full birthday suit glory, while this fairly hot guy was watching us while washing his hands. Now, given the fact he was staring with *that look* - if you don't know what I am talking about, hindi ka bakla so go away - I knew he was PLU and then some. But something about it just turned me off.

I did one last suck, so that I can at least taste some pre-cum from Mr. Young, and got up to leave. Ako naman, I already had a taste - I don't need the full course meal. Taster is fine by me. Within 30 seconds, I had done up by belt, washed my hands and left.

What happened next? I don't know. To be honest, I don't care. Parang hindi masyadong trip ang mga kids na wa' the care. He had the whole girly pants, low waist look - and inasmuch as I will defend his right to wear it, I will also defend my right to cringe at his look.

His dick was really all I wanted to see, and though his package deserved an award, everything else was for thank-you-girls.

Sunday, 12 April 2009

Boring post, promise!

Warning lang, folks! This has to be my most boring "action" post so far. This is more of philosophizing, actually - but whether or not I used that term appropriately... well, that's up to you to decide.

Now, before anything else, CHIKA MUNA TO THE HELLO KITTY!

1.  Anon: Zizchur, all I can say to you is WIN! Ganda ng reply mo~! Yes, durian is the word for it! :-)

2. Turis: True, but sis, there are limits. Hygiene (or lack of it!) happens to be on the top of the list!

3. Rik: But if you saw this, JUZMEH! Love it till EVER promise! This guy is so bloody cute! I may have a Greek/Leb fetish, just in case you didn't know. :-)

4. QX: Until I get into trouble, di ba? Looks like I'm always the one you can admire but not the one to have and the hold... :-)

5. Ash: Oooooooooooi! May royalties dafat yan, a! CHING! Feeling Ruffah talaga akish!

6. Joaqui: TRUE! Ibalik ang Speedos or else! *ganon?!*

Anyway, last Thursday, I decided to do one last trip before I go on my Holy Week chuvah. Kasi naman, wis ang trabahar for four days. Maloloka akish without my usual... actually, wrong, dahil may Oli naman sa bahay (main source of protein ko yan!) but still, I wouldn't mind bonuses now and again.

So, as I entered the toilet, a pair of feet had already planted themselves in the glory cubbie. Well, good, diva? I peeked - nice pair of shoes pa! Very playful - red tiger shoes with matching yellow and blue design. 

Like! Feeling very Uma!

Anyway, as I was in the mood, I decided to start the show and tell. Alam mo naman - very giving in the spirit of Holy Week (...ganda. Sige, let's start sacrilegiousness...). However, after a while of showing, I peeked and realised he wasn't doing his bit. 

Now, as some of you know, this is one of my pet peeves. Kasi naman, I can't appreciate the master-and-slave power play in gay encounters. Unless super hottt ka, wis ka the K to say "Sorry, but you have to work to please me"

SExcuse me, di vah?

Anyway, I was getting impatient when I saw his arm through the hole. It was riddled in liver spots and it definitely showed his age. I would say he was in his late 60's. He was very thin and very pasty.

Now, ladies and ladies, I have to admit: na-turn off ako. But I also had a thought in my head (and I do have them from time to time - thoughts, that is. I get -and give- head ALL the time.):

I too will grow old. I too will probably be horny as fuck at that age. And I too will be shunned by those younger than I.

And not only was I NOT horny, but that also made me sad. Not just for him, but also for a lot of people who are not Efronic in beauty AND age.

So I decided to jack off. I leaned back against the wall facing the hole and I beat myself off until kingdom come. 

I know it's not the most exciting post, but I write them as they happen. Plus, perhaps it's the pensive mood the Holy Week seems to bring on. Anyway, play safe, y'all. :-)

Sunday, 29 March 2009

Nakish! Buching!!!

Funny ang title, noh? Anyway, prior to this afternoon, I was at the peak of happiness, pero na-karma-karma-karma-karma-karma-chameleon! Letch!

... but before the chismax, bati muna!

1. Turis: Chub chaser ka pala! Nothing wrong with that, of course... ako pa! Para akong 7-11, always open (minded, ha!).

2. Joa: TRUE! Medyo strange dahil usually, kapag fatsy, medyo maliit. I think that's one of the appeals with this guy. Fatso all over, kaya win!

3. Anon: Naku, sis. Super shock itong entry till ever! Read on!

4. Rik: Mega blush on naman akish! Chenkyu sa mga kind words, pero sis, at the end of the day, puta lang ako (GHANON!)

Anyway, ito na ang update. This morning, as I was walking towards the office building, I noticed a strange number of younguns, loitering out, being the usual pests that they are. Of course, given the laws of probability, half of them were men and half of the men were actually cute. For some strange reason, they were also quite hot. As in, gym hot.

One of them I recognised as a member of my gym (Futa First). Now, ako naman, chicka. Because hindi ko siya know, wis siyang hello from me. Ganon lang talaga ang buhay, di vah? Now, ok lang naman ako duon - however, I do have to say: he's around 5'7", medyo Lebanese / Greek looks, SUPER HOT BOD, pero super shy sa shower rooms. I only saw him shower in the gym once (talagang binilang, folks! Bakla talaga!!!) and he entered and left the shower cubicle in shorts.

Punyeta! Tease! Kung ganyan kaganda ang katawan, imoral na kasalanan ang mag-shorts! Hubo't hubad till ever dafat!


Anyway, there he chatting with his friends, coffee in one hand and sheets of paper in the other. He turned around, looked at me... and continued to look away.

(Aba putang ina mo rin)

I went inside and saw that the GMAT (or something like that) decided to temporarily hold exams in our building. Sa totoo lang, I don't know why, but happy ako dahil the venue was fairly close to the magic loo locashen. That also meant more guys using the special loo. Ako naman, game game. Kahit silip lang, chicka! No need for action, basta may happy happy viewing. Yes, ladies and ladies, ganyan ako ka babaw.

So to continue the story, I entered my room, and hello. One million emails and additions to the to-do list. Gandah! So much for having fun. Oh well. As my lola once said, "be a slave to the grind first before becoming a whore to your desires"

Actually, quote ko yun, but I added my lola's name para naman may street cred. *ching*

So as the day rolled along, I decided - letch! Why not, choknath!? I snuck out the back door and went into the magic loo before my fuming boss could find me. Bahala na si Batgirl!

As I locked the door behind me, I heard the door open and the shuffling of feet moving closer and closer. I peeked through the crack, and yes, believe it or not, it was Mr. Short Hotguy. PROMISE. I couldn't believe it myself, and yes, he was heading my way.

I positioned myself in the magic hole, ready for the feast. He came into the cubicle, popped out Mr. Shortie and proceeded to stream. Paksiyet. Ang ganda niya. It was fairly thin (nothing compared to Mr. Coke in Can) and it was cut (sayang!). But it was such a nice texture - sarap isubo! - and he had a decent pair of balls to go with it. The nice thing about it also was the hair. He was naturally hairy, and it showed in his penis. His pubic hair was obviously slightly trimmed, but it was still rampant enough to show through his gear, and it so complimented his member. I loved it!

But as always, good things come to an end, so he finished his business and left. Now, the thing was I was so excited by Mr. Short Hot that I didn't notice a new guy come in.

I just heard the snap of the lock beside mine, and then, yun. He was inside. He unzipped his fly, and popped out his thing. Now he didn't even bother to hide his thing. He flashed it and when he knew I was watching, started to play with it vigorously. In fairness, it was an awesome dick! Only 6 inches long, yes, but it was thick in the middle and the foreskin was pretty long! Very admirable, to be honest!

However, the thing about foreskin is that it is so awesome to play with, compared to cut guys, that is. Although I have no problems with either condition, I would prefer to see that flappy piece of skin (one more thing to love about Aussies, I reckon). However, if one is uncut, one also needs to make sure one is clean. Now, if you move your skin back and reveal white specks, hindi siya funny. In fact, super smelly siya and all around kadiri to death and back till ever, PROMISE.

And yes, this guy was reeking down there!!!

At first, chicka lang. I mean, we were only showing each other's bits off in the glory hole, but once he shoved his dick under the stall, ibang usapan na yan, di vah! I hesitatingly jacked him off, but after a while, I just couldn't bear it! The stench was unbelievable, and when I actually smelled a whiff of his B.O., aba!!! Wonder woman with matching explosion!

At that point, I lost my erection and he noticed it. I murmured something about "Gotta go" and he packed his thing away as well. As he seemed to be in more of a hurry to leave, I decided to wait until he left so that I could somehow guarantee my anonymity. 

When I finally saw who it was, paksiyet. It was the guy who replaced me in my old job. I don't know WHY he was in the building, but there he was. He was obviously not working there, as he was in his Havaianas and siyorts.

I didn't know if I wanted to throw up and die. Once he left the room, I rushed to get the scent of him off my hands, but five minutes of scrubbing was so not enough. :-(

Tuesday, 24 March 2009


This is a song that my friend used to sing to me when I was 3,568.21 pounds heavier than I am now. Buti na lang line of 3 na ang aking waistline!!! Or else, lechon de leche akish!

But before anything else, let me says HELLOES!

1. QX: Nakuh bruh! I had my picture taken with some tourists from Japangh! Kaloka! Ang ganda nila, ha! Super laki the braso de Mercedes BENZ Cheeeekah! They had their picture taken with me dahil naka-drag akish (in public for the first time chenkyu!). Didn't have any sashimi though. Hanggang window siyafing lang.

2. Anon: Kasi we were going North as far as I remember, pero day! Tumatanda na talaga akish! And WIS na ang AMP Tower! Shut down sila until mid 2009, so wis na the hada there! If there is more chismaks, I will make you ditsu!

3. Rik: Talagang showing the age na! Hindi na tumatalab ang Oil of Olay! Botox na next! Katakot, a!

4. J: True... but I wouldn't mind a part two (GANON!)


ANYway, the kwento of the tabachingchingchingchingching arose (arose daw o! Kaloka!) because the other day, while sitting in the glory loo, I saw this fat guy beside me. He was white, around 5'10, bespectacled, quite fat (I'd say around 170 kilos) and though he has some good looks about him, his jutting belly just didn't make him anywhere near appealing.

Pero alam niyo naman me! Hindi ako out for love, noh! Just kinky fun. So if a guy isn't my ideal, chicka lang basta feel ko. If cute pero di ko feel, then sowrie divah?? Ganun lang yun...

Anyway there I was jacking off and then tumayo si taba para naman kita ko ang kanyang ano.

ABA! Bongga siya, dhay! As in, when it was soft, it was around 4 iches, and as thick as a bottle of coke. At first, I thought it was a trick of the light, but as he kept on massaging his member, it was evident that it was as fat as he was.

Which then brings us to the question: To play or not to play? I mean, hello, medyo funny ng taba niya, ha! But then again, when will I see something like this ever again!?

So in the end, he invited me to another (more quiet) restroom, and I sucked him off. God, everything about him was big. He was a blondish bear - he had hair all over (quite sexy if you'e into that thing) and his balls were HUGE. They were bigger than ping pong balls. When I placed them in my mouth, I could only fit one at a time, and it was the most interesting feeling.

More importantly, when I had his dick in my hand, it was like gripping a coke can. It was THAT thick, and the veins on it (though partially hidden by fat and skin) were thick and throbbing. I was just looking at it for a few seconds because I could not believe how massive it was!

Now, honest tayo! I really didn't want to suck him off - only because he wasn't my type. But diyos me! DaKing Kong siya! Never again will I have this slab of meat in my mouth! So sige sige sputnik! After checking for lesions and such (aba malay mo, noh!), I decided - why the hey!

I made sugod like Gabriella Silang!

My, that was difficult! As in, my mouth was so wide, my jaw hurt! He seemed surprised that I was willing to try it to begin with, but I just couldn't resist! He asked me if I lived closeby, and I said I was with my girlfriend

(AS IF!!)

to which he replied, "Ahh. Cool."

Feeling niya siguro frat boy sucking his ano! Aba naman! The dreams Sean Cody is made of! Hehehe! After five minutes of me going down on him, he gave me the signal - after which his seed fell all over the place. It so good sucking something that big, although I am sure I can't handle it from the other end! Still, it felt fantastic! Can't wait to see him again. Sure, he's not society's ideal man, but he sure makes up for it! :-)

Ok, back to work.

Friday, 13 March 2009

Fast Track!

I just have this strange thing about men who...

...ay, sandali lang. The tradisyonal helloz pala!

1. Quentin: I know! Truly, I say unto thee! So far, I only had one REALLY muscle man (see early entries), and despite the great visual display - actually not very comfortable in bed. So, oh well. Still, Eric Rhodes will always have a place in my loins...

2. Ash: Hija, Mariah hasn't hit any of her hit notes live for a while now. Mostly live tracks, sadly...

3. Mac: Sorry, sis. Sometimes, life just doesn't give me those breaks! Talagang bitin till ever sometimes...

4. Rik: Honest, hindi ako kepay on two legs! Medyo hunos dili ako, pero talangang I attract whores, kaya ayuuun.... HONEST!!! ;-)

5. Anon: Sorry pero I totally don't remember! HONEST! We went to 7 different places in a span of a week, so avah mah! Zowrie!

6. Joaqui: Symbolic daw ako!.. How I wish my life were one big metaphor... but let's not go there. :-)

ANYway, where was I? Men. Siyempre, ano pa, noh! I have this strange thing about men who come and go in 20 seconds. Maybe it's because it takes me FOREVER to cum, even when I am at my horniest! Oli has given up on me, methinks, kasi naman medyo slow to anger akish.

Anyway, one horny day, I went to the magic loo, and there was only one other occupant, and he was on the other side of the glory hole loo. At first, I was a bit hesitant dahil I peered underneath the stall and saw a pair of thongs.

No, not the ones you wear around the waist - I am referring to the wonderful phenomenon of tsinelas! Now, normally, I'm not picky, but there is this one guy who just doesn't do it for me and he's always wearing his tsinelas. Not only does he have a small one, he also doesn't do ANYTHING. As in, otso-otso until bingo pero wis pa rin!

ANYway, I decided to give it a shot anyway. Aba, when I sat down, I saw bigla na may nakatingin sa akin~! Fighter! I thought, maybe this isn't the one. And when I peered into the hole, I saw a cap-wearing 40-year old with a cheeky grin on his face. On the side of his cap, it had his name (Doug), and his footy team. He was wearing a footy jersey (typical here in Australia) and his tan definitely showed that he was of the sporting type.

Now footy (aka rugby) players are a strange bunch. They are big in all the right places, with a little bit of fat for padding. This guy was not as big as the rest of them, but he definitely could have been one.

We started the lovely game of show-yours-and-I-show-mine, and true enough, he was willing to play. In fact, he was raring for it, and his six-incher was mad as hell! It was thicker near the base, but his top was still alright. He was cut (rare for this country) and he was packing it in his balls. They were HUGE. Loved looking at them, really.

Anyway, we were definitely heading somewhere when all of a sudden, his horniness got the better of him. With his briefs down to his knees, he opened his door and wobbled in front of mine. Ako naman, hello! Hindi ito spa! Medyo katakot! But of course, when faced with that prospect, you don't have much a choice but to give in, eh?

And so I did. I opened my door, and stumbled in, shorts around his ankles, his Bonds stretched to its limits around his legs. He sat on top of the urinal lid and I (naturally!) dove in!

At first, I sucked off his dick and I am happy to report that (yay) he fit so well inside my mouth! Loved it! His dick was relatively soft, with only the circumcision ring destroying the silky smoothness. What I found extra surprising about him was how his crotch smelled like. I was expecting sweat and man-scents, but it was surprisingly floral. I mean, obviously, he had just taken a bath before coming over, but something tells me he just showered less than 15 minutes ago.

While sucking him off, my hands moved about his legs, and yes, I can confirm that he is definitely athletic. Something about his legs just screamed rugby player, and his ass felt like it was solid stone underneath a thin layer of jello. I was kneading it while I was sucking off his balls, and man, it was heavenly. From his moaning, I could tell he agreed. Part of me wanted to place a finger inside it (but I was also deathly afraid of getting punched so... no.)

Anyway, when I got back to sucking him off, I decided to give him the full service. There is a way of vibrating my throat while deep-throating, and that always gets Oli. When I did it to this guy, all I got was a whispered "Wait" and all of a sudden, BOOM.

He came in my mouth.

It was a bit sweet, but definitely aromatic. It filled the toilet with that musky man scent and I knew anyone who came in after us could tell. What I found surprising was that it seemed he didn't know he was going to cum. Parang, hello! You could have given me more than "Wait" - but then, he did get the Marcus Espesyal Bibingka.

So there we were. He wanted to move out and walk back to his cubicle, but as he was about to, someone walked in to pee. We had to pretend to be one person (I was sitting on the urinal top at this point - long story) and he was sitting "normally" so that curious eyes will only see one set of feet.

But anyway, while we were there, he was surprisingly sweet. Parang hindi bagay sa kanya na maging sweet. I expected a rough guy who will cum and go, but this guy seemed like he was enjoying the cuddling as well. While waiting for our interloper to finish, his hands casually moved about, as though he was doing this all his life. One look at him and you knew he had spent most of his adult life in the field or in front of the barbie, but this... this was curious.

Part of me was curious as to how he will feel inside me, but that's just stupid curiosity talking. As I was daydreaming, we heard the intruder finish his business and leave. He then stood up and turned around. He asked me if I needed some help, but I said nah. There was a little bit of disappointment in his smile, but sometimes, it is better that way. I gave his dick one last squeeze, and he dressed up to go.

He leaned towards me and gave one hell of a kiss, as he ran his fingers through my hair.

Fuck. Kilabot.

And then, he was gone.

Saturday, 28 February 2009

A Season of Misadventures

Hello folks,

Sorry for the long delay in posts. Things have been hectic. Oli has (in the words of Taylor Dayne indeed) come back to my arms where he belongs... (talagang drag queen)

There was an exchange of words, a clarification of expectations and apologies all around. Maganda ang ending (this time, I guess).

To heal some of the wounds, we decided to go on a coastal trip of NSW, and it was fun! As in, super! May megavan kami (with matching sink, toilet and da works!) and he drove half the way (after which he sprained his wrist in an attempt to do a Lisa Macuja on slippery rocks - medyo he made tapilok and then that was the end of that performance).

Anyway, while we were in our campervan park, I decided to stroll. Avah! I saw two guys - masculado! with tattoos! with matching piercing! kalakot lola!!! - anyway, my gaydar was blinking like New Year's Eve - but given their lack of personal space (as in medyo close sila), I think it didn't take much to deduce.

ANYWAY, I thought they were hot. I went to the loo, to do my business (HONEST!), but a couple of seconds later, one of them (bald, around 40 years old, with arms until forever!) went in as well to do his business. 

Ako naman, aba ganda mo! He was older, yes, but he took very good care of his body, and super obvious naman. He was wearing one of those shirts that showed off his body very well, and it clung in all the right places. Plus, he had hairy arms, lovely dark brown hair contrasting his pale skin. He was a specimen - if you are into slightly older gents. Ako naman, beauty is beauty, divah?

Anyway, because shy ako (TRULYLY!), I really couldn't pee! I stood there, waiting for Godot, all the while Mr. Hotness was two feet away from me with his penis gushing forth...

...waitaminute. Penis!!!

Out of the corner of my eye, I decided to be braveheart. *silip* 

There it was, around 7 inches, very hard but very thin. Still, his foreskin was covering his head, bright yellow piss spewing forth. Ako naman, I try to be good dahil HELLO! He could easily beat me to a pulp with his eyelid.

Still there it was, throbbing in hardness and he didn't even bother hiding it! Every 2 seconds I would peek and then look away, my member getting slightly harder with the perversion. I try to think of non-erectile inducing things (like the Easter Bunny or Nora Aunor), but talagang wis, folks! Tumigas ang lola.

But all good things have to come to an end, and I heard his stream lessen to a trickle. Ako naman, siyaks! Oh well. It was quite enjoyable while it lasted... and then I realised he hasn't moved.

I angled my head to see what he was up to, and realised he had cocked his head towards my direction, his eyes peering at what I had to offer. 

*GANDA* Our respective partners were a few meters away and here we were in a sticky situation. Our members were throbbing and we were both subtly checking each other out in the "privacy" of a public toilet (which isn't much privacy at all!).

I tilted my body so that he could get a better eyeful and as his head looked at the door, he did the same.

Wow. His body was beautiful - you could see how sculpted he was underneath the thin layer of fat and clothing - I loved how his nipples just begged to pop out. His dick was quite thin on the tip but the base isn't bad at all. You could see his reddish pubic hair peeking from his balls that just hung so low, you'd think they were weighed down by dumbbells. EYELOVEIT!

And then we heard the door open, and before anything else could happen, he zipped up (with some difficulty actually) and popped out.

Ako naman, I arranged myself (also with some level of difficulty) and went to the basin, all the while thinking to myself...

"At least ako naghugas ng kamay."

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Super Fast Post

Hello folks. Things are ok on this end, and everything is back to normalcy.

I will post a longer entry next week, when time permits. Super big deadlines, and not enough free time to breathe.

I had an interesting vacation with Oli with one very curious encounter. Will post sticky details next time. :-D

Thursday, 29 January 2009

Dear Friends,

Magulo ang life ngayon.

Tumawag ang Oli, and may I request siya for a dialogue (which I am ziure will turn into a monologue, pero okay naman for me, noh!). However, the good news is that he said he was coming back, and would like to spend some quiet time with me.

Ako naman AVAHGAYM!

So may I request ako sa aking bozzing to evap like Carnation Condensed Milk for a week. Since dead time for me, ok naman siya! Bezidez, I think I have one week leave naman so chicka, divah!?

Will update this blog again mid-Feb. Tamang tama for Valentine’s, oh say?!

In the meantime, may I leave you with this which I have been miming for the past week! Promise super bading drag queen talaga ako sometimes!


Saturday, 24 January 2009

Haba haba!

This entry will be quite strange but it's been an exhausting few weeks. Since my last post, Oli moved out of the house - temporarily, I'm sure. He cited personal reasons for his move - ako naman, but of course. I'm confident he will return - why, you ask? Well, he left his 9(ix) perfume on top of his dresser. Once that is gone, I know he is gone for good.

Perhaps it is this complacency - this false sense of security - that makes me seem ok. To be honest, when he talked about it, I just let him talk and when he said goodbye, I told him to come back home when he is ready.

Now the waiting game begins. It's been a bit more than a week - and there have been SMSes that hint at a homecoming.

*We'll see*

I've been good naman. Nothing new to report. I went to the gym today, and there was this slightly overweight, but otherwise beautiful man - looking medyo Italian. Tangina - he was showing off his dick like it was gold. In fairness, it was.

It was around 9 inches long and super thick. Honest, para siyang Coke in can sa taba. The nice part about it is that he was playing around with it quite casually. As in, kunwari just making kambiyo... except it is in the steam room in full view of everyone...

...actually, wrong. Everyone except Asians. No matter how old or young - basta puti. If Asian or Indian, talikod ang lolah. Ako naman: Care. Yes malaki ka nga and yes, may right ka to preview to world. Gawin mong karinderia ang steam room pero hanggang window shopping lang ang mundo.

I've seen the guys you date, champ, and none of them care for you longer than it takes for you to have an erection. Hija, obviously, Asians are not below you. You might think that, but once you get your head out of your ass, you might be able to breathe a little bit and think more clearly.

Thank you for the show, but I'll pass.

Monday, 12 January 2009

Muscle Men & Moi

Hellooooooo, friends! Mabuhae! At bago maki-chika, hello to:

1. Ash: Good luck, hija, sa mga advenchures! Hafi hafi, bruh! :-)

2. Anon: City Gym? Ghurl, di ata ako fufweh duon! Baka may BMI scale sa entrance at ma-tsugi ako sa aking grand entrance! Kahit slit ko hanggang kili-kili, may limits ang aking ka-bonggahan!

3. Quentin: Hon, love ko ang Sydney during festival season! <3!

Anyway, short entry ito I promise. I dedicate this to the beautimous person I saw in the gym.

Actually, as always, hindi naman talaga ako nagbabalak ng himala. Promise! Siguro sinabi lang ng tadhana, "Hu-we-hel! Pagandahin ang mundo!" - let's feyz it! Fitness First isn't the most beautific of places. Medyo mabaho at amoy jockstrap from time to time. I'm sure some people like it - ako, medyo hindi... most of the time.


ANYway, I went to the sauna and was faced with a barrage of bullocks. No, not Sandra Bullock, but bullocks. As in testicles... as in British testicles... sadly, these testicles were inside board shorts and the men who were wearing them were cute... but British.

Now, I am not talking about the cup-sipping Brits who love to play rigourous games, like chess and croquet. Oh, no. This is the beer-guzzling, loud-mouthed, ill-tempered Pommie rejects that might have (at one point in time) resembled their Australian convict cousins.

So I came in, saw and left. There was one guy there worthy of perving on, as he had board shorts with obviously no undies on - but the loud, boisterous behaviour was just such a turn off.

Chenks, but no chenks.

So off I went to the shower, to cool off and go home. I had already written off that day as a nyark. BUT THEN, mother hen! As I walked closer to the shower stalls, I noticed one staff was occupied with what I thought was a hunk of a man. As in, shaved head, built like a tank and he's either ridding himself of pubic lice via rigourous scrubbing... or I just hit bingo!

Oh, excuse me! BingAY pala!

Now, normally I shy away from Muscle Marys  dahil they usually flock together like whatever. They don't like chubbitos like moi - and at my age, I can't really disguise the fact I'm no longer a teenager. The youth that was once my only plus point has cum and gone.

So I took the stall close by - not directly opposite him, but close enough for inspection. ABBA! Tuloy pa rin ang kanyang pubic lice scrubbing! Ako naman, fight! May I laban akish and fight ang lolah natin! Suck in the gut, puff out the chest and tigasan till EVER!

So there we were, jacking off with a fury of hell's angels. All the while, we could hear the Brits yakking away. The thrill of possibly getting caught made the experience so much more exhilarating, and I knew this guy wouldn't last long.

He was built heavily - his biceps and chest could easily take on 80 kilos, as far as I can gauge. He had a fairly flat tummy with only a smidgen of body fat to hide the ripples. His nipples were rock hard, but not steroidal - which meant most of those muscles were most likely due to weights, rather than drugs.

Most importantly, his dick was quite long but thin. I would say around 7 inches long, and beautifully pink in its rage. It was rock hard and his balls, slightly dark compared to the rest of this pale body, were cupped close to his skin. That was when I knew he was not going to last long.

Before I knew it, ayun.

He came furiously, his eyes rolling to the back of his head. His handsome face seemed like it was going to explode, and his dick shot four gobs onto his chest before his hand suddenly slowed its pace.

At that point, I knew the game was over. As he drew his hand to close the door, mine mirrored his. Muscle Marys don't go for slobs like moi, so these fleeting moments are all I could ever really afford. :-)

Saturday, 3 January 2009

It's an explosion (my love for you!)

Hello, 1989, este 2009! Mabuhae (and Menudo)! And welcome to the old blog of Marcoi! Walang nagbago, folks! Ding pa rin, as always.

Before anything else, mabuhae to:

rik: hija! Honest, trying to be good (GOOD DAW O!) akish pero nakuh! Iba na ang gulong ng vuhae!

Anon: Ate, marami akong haunts - this one is near Broadway - but the best is still Centrepoint Tower. Winner, ate, winner!

ANYway, today, may I go to la gym - siyempre kailangang gandacious pa rin even if 42-28-36 ang lola niyo (Talagang projecting Anna Nicole Smith, noh!?). Of course, medyo good ghurl in the treadmill (with matching Gwyneth heels, ha!) pero hanggang duon lang. In the change rooms, siyempre kick off the heels and then, parade in evening gown with slit hanggang kili-kili till EVER!

Now when I got to the steam room, there were already two guys there and I sat right smack in the middle of them. One was around 6'1 with ala-Prince Harry cheeks. Kinda cute (but not as cute as my Oli!) but could have been cuter if he had different glasses perhaps. He was bulky in all the right places with a little bit of baby fat to spare. He could be a looker, but he was one of those people who had to really dress well and package themselves prettiously in order for heads to turn. But of course, alam mo naman me! Like Benetton, I'm colours of the world!

ANYway, the second guy in the room is someone I have seen before. He had a thin frame about him, with scruffy facial hair and patches of dark hair in all the right places. Last I saw him, he was wearing board shorts, and was trying desperately to peek at what I had underneath my short white towel.

This time, I wasn't going to let him down - this time, with feelings pa! *Laban, bakla! LABAN!*

I leaned back and let my short towel hike up my leg. At that point, it won't take either of them anything more than a lean forward and then my non-procreating family jewels will be as exposed as Janet Jackson's nipple.

And they took the bait. At first, Mr. Prince Harry leaned a bit and did the whole casual "Let-me-stretch-in-an-awkward-position-and-peek" position. I leaned back and let him ogle. I wasn't too sure whether he was playing with himself or not, but I just closed my eyes so that he can stare without anyone noticing. When I opened my eyes, I looked to my right and realised that my Scruffy Hair had crossed his legs in such a manner that the tip of his dick was peering out of this thigh.

This of course gave Mr. Prince enough a reason to get it on, but as he stood up to let loose his erection, someone came in. That definitely destroyed the mood.

I think Prince became a bit self-conscious and left the room - which was sad, because the interloper stayed for a wonderful 30 seconds before leaving again.

That left me and Scruffy in the room. I decided to make things easier for Scruff, and I just dropped my towel, leaving me in my starkers. He was definitely staring at this point, and with my fingertips casually rubbing my head, he definitely was in playing mood. Because this was the steam sauna, everyone who passed by could easily see us, so we had to play it cool.

When we knew that there was no one else around, we both hungrily grabbed each other's cock and jacked off mutually. His fingers were just all over the place - he wanted to finger me, play with my head and jack me off at the same time. His dick was relatively longer than mine, but mine was definitely thicker. I guess that was about right, given the fact that he was thinner than I was.

Anyway, we had less than a minute to ourselves, our eyes alert for the sign of any intruders, our hands frantically moving up and down on each other's members. It was an awesome feeling, the thrill of knowing how bad this can get if we were caught, paired with the knowledge this was forbidden in more than one level (at least, in my case).

I felt his dick stiffen a bit more, as my hands grew more adventurous and heated in its movement, but we both had to stop once I saw someone walking closer to the steam room. Although he didn't enter the room, I felt it was too risky - so I stopped my hand movements and so did he.

At that moment, Prince moved out of his shower stall and saw my hard member bobbing up and down through the glass. His hand reached over to his own penis and played with it, all the while staring at me and Scruff. He knew that there was someone coming closer so he stopped as well, but he had that look of longing in his face - and perhaps even loneliness. I felt bad for him - really.

Anyway, because I had a feeling the guy outside the stall was slow to leave, I decided to cut the whole thing short. I stood up, leaving Scruff with a state of "Why!?!?!?" written all over his face. I went to the showers and had a rinse, only to hear the staff adjacent mine open as well.

It was Scruff, and he (along with his penis) was not going down without a fight. As I scrubbed and washed away, he was playing his dick, still rock hard, all the while looking at me. Now that was a sign to behold. 

I decided - why not? I took my dick, opened my door a bit, turned around for the full-on effect and jacked myself off to a raging hard-on. Scruff was looking straight at me the entire time, his hands racing against time and opportunity. Within a minute, he came, his dicks churning three spurts of cum which came flying out onto his chest. It dripped down his lean frame and a look of utter fatigue fell on his face.

I smiled, my dick still throbbing but unspent, and closed the door.