Tuesday, 2 December 2008

The Fast Life Part Deux

DEUXmeh! Sorry at napako ang aking "Monday promise" Super busy and work. Tomorrow is my big presentation at siyempre, may I procrastinate ang lolah niyo! Ovcorz!

Before I make continue the kuwento (channeling Kris Aquino daw o!), hellos to...

Quentin: I wiiiieeesh! Having said that, I do prefer chorizos to frankfurters, noh! *Ganon!*

Joaqui: Oh, this one is interesting. I'd loooove to get your feedback.


Now, to make continue (talagang mali, noh?) the kuwentoes, there I was, in the cubicle, waiting for Espanyol to came on dhaun. Ako naman, sige! Excited! Cute naman siya - not perfect specimen but fufwe for ziyur!

He went into the cubicle and didn't even pretend to pee. He sat down, peered into the hole and looking at his hand movements, I knew he was playing with his member. His dark forearm was rubbing up and down between his legs, and through the glory hole, his bright smile was a sharp contrast to his dark skin.

Now, I like to play show and tell - possibly because it's a nice way to start but more likely it's because I am a perv (and proud of it! Talaga divah!). So I stood up, inches away from the hole and did my show. As soon as I knew I was about to blow, I stopped and sat on the bowl, my eyes on the glory hole level.

He looked at me, smiled and stood up to do his bit - and that's when I saw it.

His dick was long and thin.... and spotty white. At first, I thought it was an evil rash or a burn mark of some sort, but after staring at it for a while, I knew it was neither. He had vitiligo.

Now, this promotes a problem. Do I play around with someone who has an ugly dick (and it was ugly as!) or do I stay on the conservative side? Damn this "pretty" upbringing! As a child, anything ugly was avoided - so now dilemma, dilemma!

While the debate was raging through my head, Spotty was there, playing along. And then, he became more adventurous. He popped out of his cubicle, one hand pulling on his pants in order to avoid exposing himself silly in public, the other knocking on my door.

*Dilemma, dilemma*

After careful consideration, caution to the wind (as if! Drama daw, o!) and I opened the door. He rushed in, and ordered me to sit on the toilet. With much gusto, he began sucking me off. And God, was he good. For the first 10 seconds, he handled my dick as though it had swarovski crystals... but after that, he began pumping like a piston on overdrive. It was really heavenly!

After a minute or two, I felt the need to seed. I pushed away his head and blew my load in my hand. I saw his rock hard dick and actually wanted to suck on it... but I just couldn't bear to! Parang super gross, kasi mukhang may leprosy and all (I know, I know! How selfish the bading!).

I am sure I will regret this selfish action of mine, but I mumbled my thanks and left the cubicle in a rush, his face showing all the shock that was justifiable given the circumstances.

Would you have sucked this? (NSFW)

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joaqui_miguel said...

I'm at work now. I can't open it! Arghh. I will have to get back to you on this. :)