Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Ending the year with a BANG!

A Gang Bang!


Bago the tsismis, hello muna to Nurse! Long time, no hear! So nice to see, young familiar faces! Halluuuu and Merry Christmas! Happy New Year olzo! Mwah mwah!

ANYhuei, my last kuwento for the year before we move on to 2009!

Last weekend, I decided to brave the Boxing Day sale crowds and jump into the mall. I lasted a grand total of 45 minutes before I decided "Chenks, but no chenks!" I have this utter respect for my personal space, and when people are rubbing my body and they are ngetpa, I'm zourie, but fweh!

As I headed out to the bus stop, I decided to drop by the park toilets. Now, I know very well that this toilet is cruisy at night, but I figured it was daytime so little chance of getting into mischief, right?


The loo was fairly needing of a new coat of paint, and the doors leading to the toilet were quite squeeky. When I entered the toilet area, there were four cubicles, two on each side of the wall. I went into one and proceeded to do by thing. When I finished my official business, I noticed two guys opposite me, with their backs turned to me. Now there is nothing with this scenario....

...except I don't think there was any peeing - only peering.

After a minute of staring at them (yes, the care bear stare, girls), they both turned around to face me, with their dicks raging hard and strong.


One of them was white, pretty young - maybe around late 20's (sige, binuking na ang aking age). When he turned around, his dick was pretty long, but quite thin. He was cute face-wise, but nothing to write home about. He was obviously liking the perversity of it, but I also got the impression he was new in the scene. He looked nervous, but utterly delirious. After a minute of panicked wanking, he decided that he didn't want the trouble, so he left.

Which left me and the other guy - now, the other guy was not a looker. He had lovely dark skin, and I would assume that he was either Aboriginal or Maori. He was probably 5'9, in his late 50's and although he might have been handsome at one point in his life, it was clear he was not aging as gracefully as one would hope.

Still, I thought, for someone his age, he looked alright... and then I saw his dick.

HOLEYPAKSIET! It was around 7 inches, but it was massively fat and his foreskin was obscenely long! The penis itself was quite dark, but the head and part of the shaft was bright pink! It was the stuff of legend! EYELOVEIT!

He played with his dick a bit, running his foreskin back and forth, revealing a very angry member. It was so hypnotic! The few times I had my eyes off it, he was looking intently at me or my penis, as though he wanted to eat me alive (or at least my dick).

There were times we would take one step towards each other, and then be disturbed by the sound of the outer doors opening. We would have just enough time to get ourselves organised so that there will be a facade of straightness. This happened at least three times - but on the fourth try, we got lucky. I grabbed his member and jacked it off like there was no tomorrow. I loved the feel of it! His dick was just a sight to behold and rubbing his foreskin almost made me want to come. I played his foreskin and head until I could no longer contain myself. I went down on my knees and sucked his hard cock as deeply as I could.

It was such an amazing sensation! Just feeling his foreskin roll back against my throat made me want to bathe in his cum, and his balls were just as beautiful as the rest of his body! I loved every second of it, and I just wished I had a condom to make things more interesting... :-)

But then we heard the usual squeek of the door, and we rushed back to our usual positions, pretending to be peeing, when we were both controlling the throbbing pulses of our dicks. I was breathing heavily and I swear I was drunk in amazement! I loved it!

When I heard the interloper leave, I turned around to finish the deed... but he was gone. I looked around in the urinals and there was no sign of him. He was gone. I went back to the cubicle and noticed some spots on the floor. Maybe he had finished the act by his lonesome. Maybe not. Who knows at this point?

I left the loo with a raging hard on because I was hoping I could catch another glimpse of this guy, but he was definitely gawnski. I wish I had my way with him.

Oh well. Happy new year, folks! Here's to 2009!


rik32miles said...

Inay kunyari ka pa wiz join sa crowd on Boxing Day iba pala ang balak mo. feel mo pala bukas luluhod ang mga tala...hehehehe

Sayang yung bagets sana ikaw na nag iniate kay virgin boylet.
anyway I hope you had a fabulous new year...vavooo!

Anonymous said...

Ateng, I went out on Boxing Day too, spent money to help the Australian economy then I went to your favourite gay haunt malapit dun sa 2 major shopping centres sa City. Fully booked lahat ang cubicles. Ewan ko lang kung may milagrong naganap after I left. Saan naman itong 'boksing-an' na laban mo? Sa may Museum Station ba or St. James? Happy 2009, BTW. Ta.