Sunday, 16 November 2008

Fitness Daw o!

Yes, folks, my job is still a beeeetch. Ang magandang balita: super galing ang lola niyo so pinahaba ang aking kauntrak! Yes, may trabaho ako habang may recession kaya chicka till ever! Ang problema by June, wis na akong trabaho. Mali ata ang aking dezishen to quit. Oh well. Janyan talaga ang life.

*Anyway* last night, may I workout akish sa aking local gym. Alam mo naman - kailangang kumasya pa sa swim suit! Baka matalo sa competishen! *choz*

So while I was working out, I noticed there were a few more beefcakes in the house. In Fitness First, it was a lot of VERY pretty people, but not a lot of beefcakes. What caught my eye in this gym that the beefcakes were really beefy! Pero naman di puwedeng sumilip dahil a lot of them are straight. I dunno - I think I can tell.

Anyway, there were only 20 of us in the weights area at that time, so it was an easy workout. No waiting for people to finish, no alternating for machines. Strangely enough, there were only two of us who were in the "average" body category. The rest were either beefy or porky. The other "average" guy was kinda cute in a rough kind of way. He has a neatly trimmed goatee and he had piercings that screamed "Fuck away from me".

So everyone did.

Anyway, after the workout I decided to shower and sauna. As I was in the taking off my clothes to head to the shower, I noticed Pierce walk by with a VERY short towel around his waist. Ako naman: cute. Pero deadma. Besides, at that point, there were tonnes of guys in various degrees of undress around me that I just had to perve.

My favourite was the Mediterranean guy with the most awesome arms. He was definitely a (straight) gym bunny and he walked back and forth from his locker to the shower wearing nothing, with his hand protecting his privates. I knew he was straight - just maybe quite forgetful. When he did forget to protect his manoy, what I was quite nice. Thick if hard, for sure, but lovely fat foreskin.

My second favourite was the beefcake bodybuilder with tattoos galore. He had one with an Indian tee pee-like symbol in the back that stretched from his left shoulder all the way to the right shoulder. It was really nice (and quite unique, from my perspective). You can clearly see he was a former bodybuilder and he goes to the gym to keep up his shape rather than compete. He strutted around in his undies the way competitive bodybuilders would wear their posing trunks, and my God, his body was gorgeous! What's better is that he is clearly a showoff. At one point, off went the trunks and he was showing his cut penis for all the world to see. It was quite nice - average to be perfectly honest, but the whole package made it very nice to look at. I loved it!

Anyway, after all the eye-worthy men had gone, I went into the showers and popped into the sauna. Pierce was still there with his very short towel, and my God, you can see his wonderfully pink balls. They were huge!!! I sat beside him as there were other people around. There I was, minding my own business when I realised Pierce was trying to not-so-subtly peek at my manhood. I wore a blue towel that covered my privates... but not that well.

Ako naman, "Aha! Fight!"

I managed to discretely lift the tip of my towel so he sees my tip of my head - but not all of it (syempre, pasimple noh!) And then, the two guys beside me left and we were all alone.

I think all the perving made me and Pierce a bit horny, because by the second the coast was clear, caution was thrown to the wind. He slowly began to unravel his thin but long penis, while I showed my shorter but thicker member. He had a nice one, to be honest. It was very light compared to the rest of his body, and I think he was cut (or his foreskin had been pulled back). He trimmed his pubes (everyone does apparently) He began to jack off slowly and I did the same. It was so thrilling - looking at each other's penis while watching out for people who might disrupt us. He had such a hungry look about him and I loved it. I pretended to not care of course (pa-meh-hen daw o!) but I loved seeing his hand move about his dick. I saw the pulsing of a vein on the side of his dick, mirroring the vein running alongside his arm. Loved it!

We were both about to hit rock hardness when an interloper popped into the picture. Shet. We tried our hardest (pun intended) to appear nonchallant, but I think the jig was up. I decided to git while the going was good, and in a few minutes, so did he.

I could have asked for his number - but I'm not that cruel or evil. At least, not yet.

Bitin noh?


Turismoboi said...

beefy or porky? i love that

rik32miles said...

parang sex follows you wherever you go?..kakainggit! although I'm not as brave as you are..hahahahdalagang filipina pa rin ako no!

Quentin X said...

Why are there no one at my gym who would let me perve?

joaqui_miguel said...

Yup. Bitin. hehehe

canmaker said...

yup bitin nga...but i am glad you had a new kwento, tagal kasi na wala....