Thursday, 27 November 2008

The Fast Life

Before anything else, HELLOS to:

1. Turismo: Ako, I love everything that is meat... except seafood. (I love these puns)
2. Rik: As McVie says, not all the time, hija! I don't talk about the times when I get rejected and MY GOD, that happens a LOT.
3. QX: Chambahan lang yan, promise! Keep an eye out and I swear mapapansin mo rin sila.
4. JM: If the previous entry was bitin, you are sooooo going to hate this one.
5. Canmaker: Hello there! I've never seen your name before but welcome, welcome, hija! (Talagang gracious hostess! EVER!) Sorry about the delays in posting - I will be better at this, promise!

As usual, things are hectic at the office and when they are, it's always good to get some release, kahit mega quicky lang.

It was a Wednesday afternoon. As usual, mid-week blues. Everyone is lethargic, but no choice siyempre kamish! Fight, Brite Floor Wax, Hindi basta kumukupas! (Super dated hirit!) Ako, over it! Super! So I decided to take a stroll... and when I mean by stroll, I mean, alam mo na!

So there I was again, waiting for a star to fall (CHOZ!). After a few minutes, wala! So I decided to call it a day... just as I stood up, I heard the opening of a door and the familiar sound of footsteps coming towards moi.


He was in his late 30's, I think - very thin but very cute. What made him appealing was that he had a little redness in his hair that I love in men! Honezt! What turned me on, I think, was the fact he was a geek - he had glasses on, and he reeked of nerd (LOVE IT!)

As he sat down, he looked at the glory hole and smiled! Definitely game, I thought. So we then played the good ole show and tell - through the hole, I showed my hard on, he showed me his. It was great, but I knew he was impatient (and let's face it, so was I!).

I knelt down and his hand started its groping. He went up and down my leg (thank God, I did my leg workout that morning) before it landed right on my dick. He gave it a tug and he had the softest hands! I loved it! It was like fucking clouds (or at least that's how I imagined it to be). I knew I was getting close but I didn't want to go before I see his, so I moved away from the stall wall and motioned with my hand.

HIs dick popped out in a few seconds and though it was thinner than mine, it was definitely longer. And his nuts were HUGE, redder than most white folks, I thought. I gave it a tug, and my god, his moans were load. I knew we were the only ones there, but still, I felt they could hear him all the way in Iceland (exag).

The sad thing was in a few seconds, he came. As in, super fast. I wasn't too sure why but his white seed was on the floor and in my hand in less than a minute. He packed his manhood in his pants, and was out of the cubicle in a flash.

Then I heard the door open again, and this time, a handsome Spanish guy came. He was very thin as well, but very cute. He was looking directly at my door as he was walking, and with his smile, I knew he knew I was watching him. Ako naman, fight!

(to be continued on Monday! Promise!)


Quentin X said...

Was there a conference of slim gay men nearby?

joaqui_miguel said...

Hmmm... I hope Slim Spanish does not come too quickly. :)