Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Quick and Easy

A very interesting phenomenon among bading circles - the married man. He comes into a beat, looks cool and calm on the outside – but has a strange undercurrent of tension and giddy excitement on his face. He looks around, scans whether there is anyone worth the risk, and gets into action… only to pop out of the action a few minutes later, his seed and libido spent.

I had one such experience yesterday. I was in the loo and waiting for action before the team meeting began. I wasn’t too sure it was a good idea to kill time in a toilet beat, pero alam mo naman ang lola niyo – fita in the fighter talaga!

At around 5 to the hour, a man walked in. I peeked through the cracks in the wall… and jelloooo! There he was indeedy. He was obviously not part of the building – he had an air around him that says “I work in the CBD.” As in, super out of place siya. He was short (around 5’9”), very strange among the Greek populace. I could tell he was of Mediterranean origin, because of the way his facial features just framed his face. His facial hair was trimmed in an angular manner, and his eyes were just piercing. His brows were thick and his curls slicked back with what seemed likely to be expensive hair product. He was not the most handsome specimen, but the way he carried himself definitely helped.

In short, medyo metorsexual sya.

He walked into the cubicle right beside mine, and began the usual spiel. However, the minute he sat down, his face made a beeline to the gloryhole. I knew he was a PLU. He saw me jacking off and looking at the hole furtively, and then he did a strange thing. He stood up, his pants held up by the tent in his loins. He opened the door and got out with a jock bulge in his undone pants. He went to my door, and looked through my door crack. At that point, I felt – sige na nga!

I opened my door and he came in to my cubicle. He sat up on the toilet bench (long story) while I sat on the toilet bowl. There I sucked off his wonderful cock. Despite his height, his cock was pretty impressive. It was around 6 in long, but the width was more than adequate. It was a nice fat one, compared to his lean frame. He had a relatively long foreskin, as it was still covering his head adequately on top of the hard-on.

As soon as he sat down, I grabbed his dick and started sucking on his wonderful member (I just love Greek guys). Normally, guys just sit down and relax. But this guy was more than that. He lifted his butt to meet my face thrusts and I had his dick filling my mouth with its length and girth. I had my hands on his wonderfully hairy ass (LOVED IT!) and held on for dear life. I looked up at him and met the deep gaze of his eyes. The expression on his face screamed “Yeah! More!”

However, no longer than a minute passed when I suddenly felt a hotness in the back of my throat. Holy banana. He came in my mouth. Now, normally, I would hate guys who do that without permission. It’s just such an invasive thing to do, really. However, I didn’t mind that much. He sat back to catch his breath and I did what I could to “clean up” his mess.

After a few seconds, he stood up, his pants still undone and his dick still exposed. He was still holding on to his pants when he got down from the bench and that’s when I noticed the gold ring on his finger. I asked him if he was married, and he sheepishly said “Yea” as he got out of my cubicle. He went to the next cubicle and fixed himself there.

Now, a hundred little things were doing on in my head, and they were still there when I stepped out of the loo and into my meeting. They only disappeared when I finally shook the hand of the area manager.

“Whoa.” He said.

Then I realised I didn’t properly wash my hand, and I most likely gave him a little bit of cum.

“Sorry. Alcogel.” I said.



wanderingcommuter said...

huwaw. mas nahiya ako dun sa line na he is short, he is just '9... hahaha!!

anyhow, nice post.

Turismoboi said...

alcogel bwahahahah!

rik32miles said...

malandyi kah! gusto ko rin ng alcocum..

joaqui_miguel said...

I love this line.

“Sorry. Alcogel.”


Bryan Anthony the First said...

jello! bongga sex life mo mate!


odin hood said...

hahahaha sana then you offered alcogel, yung totoong alcogel ha