Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Violet: a colourful blog entry long over due

I have to be honest. Things are very rocky on this side of the world now. I just "caught" Oli - may iba siyang gmail address na hindi ko alam. Take note, ha - hindi ako sinadyang umisyoso sa kanyang laptop. Actually, kasalan pa nga dahil nung binuksan niya ang kanyang laptop, bigla ba namang bumulong ng "tanga" (siya tinagalog ko, noh!) So siyempre tumingin ang lola niyo. Tapos nakita ko ang inbox ng kanyang email address - medyo lima lang ang kanyang email, duon.

Ako naman, nagtaka. Kasi naman alam kong marami siyang email. Bago ko siya pwedeng tanungin, bigla ba nang logout ang lola tapos biglang login ulit. Then I saw the regular millions of email that he gets.


Ako naman, trying to get my head around it. Trying to be mature about it. Trying not to be too jealous. Trying not to run away.

Anyway, the violet entry. It's actually about my first time in the sauna - ok, to be honest, I have to say medyo fifth siguro. I knew my way around the place, but I still have not been really dipped into it (if that makes sense). So in short, anal virgin pa ako nuon (VIRGHENDHAWOH!!).

I walked in, clad only in a towel. I was still hesitant about the whole gay sex thing, so medyo hinay-hinay lang.

As I turned the corner, this guy literally stumbles out of nowhere - and when I say he's stumbling, I actually mean drugged out of his mind. He was hot though - great body, strong jaw line, very cute if only he didn't have Cleaopatra hair. I was never a fan of the straight bangs on men, even one as hot as him.

CleoBoy smiled at me, draped his arms around me, and basically nearly collapsed on the floor, all the while laughing and giggling like a school boy in a cum fest. Not really sure what to do, I carried most of his weight into a cubicle. I was fearing that he was drugged by someone in the club, so I felt it was better that I kept close by, just in case that bad person was nearby.

After a minute of conversation, I realised that the bad person was himself and he had smoked some very potent marijuana with some colleagues before he came over to the sauna. The worse part, he said in a drawling voice, was that marijuana made him horny.

Off came his towel, and I saw that he was wearing a pair of violet posing trunks. I'm not sure why he was wearing that, given that he *was* toned, but far from a bodybuilder. Still, I felt he looked hot because he was.

His hand drunkenly crawled down his ab-riddled stomach and down to his slightly stiff penis, which he proceeded to decorate with the strap of his trunks. It looked like a tree trunk wrapped by a silky violet vine - absolutely mesmerising.

However, it was his other hand that really got my attention - his other hand was tweaking his gigantic nipples. It seemed very tri-level - as though the areola was filled with silicone and the nipples themselves took a life of their own in rebellion. Those nipples were absolutely beautiful. I am not sure how long I was staring at them but I'm sure my mouth was agape.

He must have thought it was an invitation, so he reached out, caressed the back of my head, and then gently lowered my head to his nipple. I was in heaven, and from what I could hear, so was he.

The whole time, my hand was underneath my own towel, making sure Pedro was up for the challenge. As his moaning became progressively louder, I looked to see what his own Pedro was doing, and my gulay, it was huge. Towering at around 8 inches, it was massive - and I was in awe! I felt like Gandalf looking up into the tower of Saromon, and wondering how he can conquer this enemy.

I don't know about him, but I felt my technique was alright. I lunged for the tip, played with the foreskin and proceeded to engulf it - down to the balls. Prior to that day, I had never had anything that big, so I was quite surprised I could take it all in. Feeling the tip of his penis down my throat, I was so proud of myself - no gag reflex!

This kept on for a few minutes, with me swimming out of his penis once in a while to marvel at his dick, only to dive in again, head first. And then I heard it.


I looked back at CleoBoy's face and saw that he had indeed fallen asleep - all while giving him a blowjob.

Of course, that is where the story ends. I know, it's bitin, but imagine how I felt, noh! :-)

Normally, I would give shoutouts to people at this point, but I promise to do so next time. Things are a bit shaky in my head and I just want some time to compose my thoughts before I focus on you, dear readers.

Thanks for your patience.


odin hood said...

haha natulog

rik32miles said...

I'm surprised that you did not lose your self confident na nakatulog yung customer habang nagpeperform ka ng greatest performance of your life....
With regards to oli, I just don't know what to say surely you don't expect him to be faithful while you have been playing with fire on the side...hmmm!lola maybe both of you are in an open relationship but you just don't know it yet! charoosss

Turismoboi said...

have you two talked na ba?

joaqui_miguel said...

I hope everything is doing well.

Smile, buddy! :)

Take a long walk, have some ice cream or do whatever will make you feel better. :)