Sunday, 28 September 2008

The Promise of a New Day

Sorry, super friends! Mega busy ang lolah niyo! As in! Letch! I promise to be a bit more regular after next week! And yes, the title is a reference to the Paula Adbul song of yore. Dated talaga tayo, folks! Super!

Hello to:

1. Turismo: MISMO, hija! Gusto ko siyang sampalin with matching titing galit! Buti na lang my mother trained me for beauty pageants – kung di, nakish! Naloka na ang spice world!

2. Joaqui: Hay naku! If only I could leave… (see story below)

3. Rik: TAMA KA GHURL! With matching sash pa ako, noh! WINNAR! Channeling Angelina Jolie pa ako!

4. Ash: Hay true! Sayang walang part 2!

5. Odin: Naku sis. Alam mo naman… I don’t take home, noh! Hanggang banyo lang, tapos thank you girl na siya.

6. Bryan: Thank you, hija! It was tasty naman, a! In fairness, medyo bitter but still yummy! I love greeky/lebanese boys! Yu-um!

Let’s see – hu-we-her was I? Oh yes, after the whole traumatic week, I decided to apply for a new job. My freedom lasted 17 hours – I got my first offer a day after I sent my resume, and out of boredom, I decided to take the job. It’s a one-year contract thing, but I decided what the hey! Something new, something exciting! Fuwedeh!

So here I am, in my new office, and yes, there is a chuvachupa nearby. Yun ang una kong inasikaso, of carz!

So as usual with these things, may glory hole and yes, brand new meat!!! I have to say it was a very interesting first day at work.

First, there was a guy na medyo nearing 40 but still very papable. Not too sure of the background though – maybe Italian, maybe Greek – parang halo so I really don’t know to be hanezt. So we were there, sitting with a divider between us, and a glory hole where we can see each other’s penises.

And then he stood up and started getting dressed. Ako naman, HELLO! Vaketh!? I let him do his business and I sulked in the dark corner that was a toilet. Then I heard him open the cubbie door and walk to the sink. What I found funny was that he took his sweet time in the sink, washing his hands, fixing his hair, washing his hands yet again – the endless cycle of hygienic obsession.

I opened my door a tiny bit and peeked. There he was (guwapo naman!), looking at me intently with a slight smile at the curve of his lips. Then he walked towards the exit while he motioned me to follow him. I wasn’t born yesterday so what the hey, diva?

I got my act together and soon enough, I was following him from a distance through the building that was going to be my home for the next year. Something new everyday, so lovely, I thought.

Then he stopped just outside the men’s room in an isolated part of the building, and smiled at me. He opened the door and in 8.3 seconds (TALAGANG BINILANG DAW, O!), I was there with him. We went to the last cubicle, farthest from the door, and undressed hurriedly. When he dropped his trousers, I saw the snake that was his dick up close and personal… EYELOVEEEEET.

It was (as most cocks here in Australia) uncut – but it was still quite long! I was very happy with the size, around 7 inches – maybe more. But what I loved about it was the scent. It was somehow very floral, as though he had taken much effort to make sure it was ripe and ready for the sucking. At first, I played with the head and the foreskin, marveling at how the head of the penis is significantly darker than the rest of the penis. More importantly, I loved sucking him and looking up, only to see him smiling sexily. He glared at me, as though to say DON’T STOP! FOR THE SAKE OF THE CHILDREN, DON’T!

So I didn’t. At least until he came in my mouth. I loved feeling his seed on my tongue. After cumming, he just sat there with a Cheshire smile on his face. I got the vibe that he wanted some space so I got up to leave. I was still horny as, so I decided to give the toilet another shot.

As I was walking down the stairs, I saw a short blond man walking up and looking at me. Something about his look was piercing, and I knew he was checking me out. I decided to do the test – eye contact, smile and kembot to death!

After passing him, I gave a two second delay then quickly looked back. He was smiling at me – and I assumed he was headed for the same toilet I just came from.

Ayun! Number Two.

He was American – kitang kita from the accent, but he was shorter than most. In fact, he was probably just around 5’7” – and sadly, his penis was in proportion – but what made his ensaymada special was that he was hairy. He was blonde on top, but his chest hair was dark… up until his balls, which had blonde hair again. I loved it! So many colours on such a small adorable man!

Strangely enough, he was uncut (not common in most American states). And he didn’t want to be touched, so I just took off his pants and his shirt and watched him jack off in the toilet cubicle. At least, I was polite enough to follow that initially. After a few minutes though, I could not help it! I started slowly, touching his legs and his calves. He had a trim frame, and it reminds me of a farmer’s frame. Given his neck tan, I would not be surprised if he was a farmer’s boy.

Anyway, I started with his legs, and then my hand slowly moved to his balls. It was so hairy! I loved it! He pushed my hand away though, and that was my cue to start from scratch. After a few minutes though, he let me touch his dick which I did. The second I touched it, his face had a look of both relief and desperation – and that was when he violently brushed away my hand, and he clamped on his foreskin like anything… and then he came.

I felt really guilty because I got the impression that he wanted to continue this for a while – but his penis was just too sensitive. So I jacked off into the toilet while he watched. He looked really uncomfortable, and when I asked him, he confirmed it – this was his first time to play around in the toilet. It turns out he was just so horny that day from studying.

Studying? Ano?!

Turns out that there is a student centre of sorts in the ground floor of the building. Given that I haven’t had the tour, I didn’t know it existed.

Something tells me I will like this new job.


Quentin X said...

When God closes a window, he opens a toilet.

joaqui_miguel said...

What quentin x said. lol

Enjoy while you can. Before it gets too familiar.

Turismoboi said...

ay parang type ko na din yang job na yan


rik32miles said...

You should sing ( in your ballgown of course!)
" It's a new dawn, it's a new day,
It's a new life and I'm feeling goood!"
Wagi ang new job na yan ha!