Monday, 8 September 2008

Ang fagbabalik!

Hello friends! Dahil hindi ko binati ang televiewers last time, I will start this entry with a hello! HELLO!

1. Odin: True! Obviously, hindi pa ako Ms. Talent nuon! CHOZ!

2. Rik: Actually sorted na kami ni Oli. Sa totoo lang, I don't mind if he had a one-night-stand on the side, basta pinagusapan at dafat may rules, noh! :-)

3. Turismo: We actually talked na, and the event was definitely a misunderstanding. Everything was ironed out, and it was much ado about nothing, basically. My fault... Ms. Universe na, drama queen pa! *choz!*

4. Joaqui: Kung pwede lang, i-ice cream to death, pero syempre... tandaan ang figure! *haha!*


Anyway, back to the kalaswaan til ever. I had a super important meeting today, so syempre dressed for evening gown competition. Despite the fact that I am ending this contract in a couple of days, I want to leave with a bang so presentation delivery jalore! Of course, as always, standing ovulation and exit with matching long-stemmed red roses thrown from the ceiling.

*feeling Regine talaga!*

ANYway, there I was in the lobby, talking to a friend, when I saw a guy who looked like this actor go into the magic loo (the one with the glory hole). Ako naman - hello! Super cute! Had strong Arabic / Middle Eastern features, with valvas and tangos nose. He was slightly taller than I was, and he was definitely hot! Not as hot as him, but definitely close.

HowAver, not sure naman ako kung gayme sya noh, so ako tuloy making chicka to clients and when they left, that was when I made my move. I opened the door and... avah. Alone kamish! No one else there, and the other cubicle where the GH was was occupied.


Syempre kunwari sashaying to pee, pero made quick duck to the cubicle where the other side of the GH was. I looked and hello, Mama Mia! He was already jacking off and getting hard. I closed the cubicle door behind me and signalled to him to kneel so that I can jack him off.

Ayun. Game ang loka and that was when I realised how big it was. Siyeth! Super! It was around 9 inches long and almost as thick as a Coke can. I jacked him off with one hand only to stop a few seconds later because someone entered the toilet. Thank God there was enough warning for us to straighten ourselves before the interloper invaded our parade.

This game of cock and hide happened twice more and on the third time, I think Mr. Arab decided to up the ante a notch. As I sat waiting for the urinator to do his deed, Mr. Arab scribbled something down on paper. When he slipped the note under the wall, it said "Wanna suck my cock upstairs in Level 2?"

Hello! Do birds fly?

As I prepared for my closeupdirek, he popped out of the cubicle and out of the loo. After a few seconds (I didn't want him to wait too long, noh!), I followed suit.

When I entered the upper toilet, there he was (tangina, he was definitely hot) pretending to pee while peering over his shoulder. As I stepped closer, he opened the door, I quickly ducked in, and we were ready! He sat on the upper bench (where you would normally see the tank of the toilet) and I sat on the toilet seat itself. He dropped his trousers fully and there, in all its red hot glory, was his long penis. I rarely see anything above 7 inches and when I do, I am always in awe. It's like kneeling in front of a gigantic gold statue worshiped by some long-forgetten tribe. It was beautiful, it was massive and it was mine for the taking.

I began playing around with it, and as I did my thing, he rolled his eyes in pleasure. He had a massive foreskin as well, and I loved playing around it and inside it. He couldn't stop squirming. At one point, he pushed my mouth away and I ended up flicking my tongue at the tip of his dick, and I am sure that didn't help him to keep his juices in. I tried his balls, but he didn't like that. When I tried to move closer to his ass, my advances were met with

"Not the ass, mate."

Ako naman, ok lang. Not everyone is into the sleaze I am into, so care, divah? Basta gayme ang bata, gayme ring akish!

I went back to playing with his dick, which was still rock hard at this point. I tried to deep throat him as much as I can, but I ended up an inch and a half short of his full length. Super hard talaga! Plus, his dick curved downward a lot when hard, so it was a bit difficult to fully throat him - but at least, effort noh! After a while, I had to break a bit (my jaw was really hurting) so I stood up and told him to take off his jacket and shirt. He did so, and that was when I played around with his body. It was nicely toned - not too thin, but not too fat either. There was enough to play around with but not enough to grab hold off (if that makes sense).

And then I moved to his face - I really wanted to kiss because I like my men (usually) dark and rough around the edges, and to be honest, this guy was IT! As I moved my face closer, I looked deeply into my eyes and said

"No kisses, mate. I'm not really gay."

Ako naman, gusto ko syang sampalin with matching "Ano ka!? JHELLO!!! Chinuchupa ka ng isang lalaki at obvious naman sa tigas ng ari mo na nasasarapan kah nhoh!?!" Pero I just smiled. Syempre alam mo naman - very gracious ang upbringing with Lovingly yours, Helen.

So I went back down on him and after a few minutes, he came in my mouth. I dug my hands on his ass cheeks and as he came, I could feel his muscles buckling with intensity.

Yes, I am stupid for having someone come in my mouth, pero wala na tayong magagawa, folks. We move on. Pero honestly, I really couldn't understand how he could invite a guy to suck him off, enjoy the experience enough to come and still say he wasn't gay.

In denial ka, hijo. As Socrates once said, "know thy self."


Turismoboi said...

sana sinabi di rin ako gay! kala mo lang un! sabay chupa

etchos! haha!

joaqui_miguel said...

Talk about going out with a bang! lol

I guess, before you leave, you have another one to remember this chapter of your life by. ;)

rik32miles said...

Hello do birds fly?
like what turismoboi sana nga sinabi mo ako rin I'm not gay..I'm just doing it for the sake of hungry children in africa and world peace!..o diva panalo! chos!

Naalala ko tuloy yung turkish from my sauna experience..but thats another story.

ash said...

this one would end up as a perfect shoutout for my Friendster profile darling heheheh

" It was beautiful, it was massive and it was mine for the taking."

odin hood said...

" It was beautiful, it was massive and it was mine for the taking."

perhaps if he wasn't "straight" baka you could've taken him homes as well hehe

Bryan Anthony the First said...

classic yung mga denial crap na ganyan

pero winner ka parin ate

ano lasa?