Monday, 18 August 2008


I hate the fact that I do not have time to update this blog. In my previous entry, I was about to end the rainbow series - in fact, this upcoming one is violet, about the waiter I had "sex" with during my first visit to a sauna here (back in the late 90's!).

But while planning for it, one of my psychoholic workmates filed a sexual harrassment against moi! Now this is a problem because (a) hindi ko type ang girl, and (b) I have only talked to her thrice in the time I have been here in Sydney, AND (c) she is reported things that could not possibly be true.

To elaborate point (c), she talked about (c1) my foreskin and how (c2) we talked about my foreskin and (c3) I showed it to her. Now, this is a problem because (d1) I don't have a foreskin, which means (c1) and (c3) could not be true. Also, the only extended discussion (more than 5 minutes) I've had psychoholic girl was when I explained the functions of the new office photocopying machine, and I guarantee you ladies and gentlemen that there was, is or will ever be anything sexual about a photocopying machine, unless I'm having sex on top of it in which case will never EVER be with psychoholic girl but with... let's say, Jean Franko or Daniel Marvin
or Pedro Andreas... OR all three of them!

Hindi naman ako garapal, noh???

So yun. The suit was convened and after my submission of documents and trial and chuvah, I was acquitted. The girl left the office, yelling and screaming for bloody vengence, to which
the office manager whispered "Good riddance."

To be honest, I never harrassed anyone... ok, at least to the point of showing my penis. Parang hellO! Hindi naman ako bobing, noh? Hayok? Yes. Malandi? Yes. Tanga? Straight? No - on both counts.

Yan ang mahirap kapag no one in the office knows about my sexuality - not that there is any reason for disclosure. Parang I could tell everyone about me, but I choose not to.

ANYway, liberated na ang bakla and now I can move on. I am planning on changing jobs, something that I thought about before this whole controversy came about. My manager knows naman and after this incident, she said she would give me glowing recommendations still.

My life goes on. The last of the rainbow will rise in the next week or so. Stay tuned...


Quentin: HELLOoooo! Sorry I was not able to meet you! I took down na my special spot in 357. Nice naman siya, noh? I had my first curry there! Yum! Galore! Oh the memories...

Gibo: Believe it or not, there is no part two. Super engot naman me during that time. I would not have known what to do about a penis dangling down my throat, honest!!!

RiK: Siyempre kunwari virginal, noh!? It's the Reyna Elena in me... and yes, Digo is VERY malinis! I googled his name and apparently, he's still playing random gigs now and such. Pero sadly, married. *sigh-yang* On a more serious note, I hope you are ok. You have to tell me what the hell happened to you??? Sister!!! You based here ba or in Manila?

Archie: Medyo. Honest, I really wish I had been more on the ball that night (pun intended)

Commuter: Oh, just for the record, from memory, it was a fat note. :-D

Turismo: Mismo, hija! Mismo!

Onai: I know, I know! Going down memory lane kasi eh! Promise the next few updates will make up for it!... Once I get the time to do it all, that is.

Joaqui: Don't hate me, but there is no part 2... :-( I hope the next few entries will make up for it.


kurisu said...


Kung sa pinas yan, tataas ang market value mo sa mga PLU, being straight acting is diferent, pero being accused of sexually harassing a GURL, ibang level ng straight acting yan,lolz.

Quentin X said...

I have one word for you psycho girl: ambisyosa!
Did she have any underlying motive doing this to you of all people?

Gibo said...

hindi kaya may pagnanasa sya sa iyo? nagpa cute, di mo pinansin. naimbe, ayan, sexual harassment daw.

joaqui_miguel said...

Wow! Sexual Harassment? Maybe it was more of a suggestion that you show her your ... yes, that! hehehe

No worries. :)

ash said...

i miss this blog much :)
i'll resurrect my online life real soon
...i'm reviewing the rainbow colors i've missed over the past few weeks