Monday, 25 August 2008

In the words of Chaka Khan: Through the Fire!

Well, folks, I may have walked out on Oli but believe it or not, back together again kami.

See, the thing is: I know I am not perfect. Hello! Super dami kong flaws, noh?! So when Oli made sayad (or whatever the term is), ako naman, sige. Cool. Calm. Collected. I walked out so that he can calm down and I can compose myself. Siyempre, you know me, ever Ruffa (read: walang kupas na pokpok).

ANYway, I sent an SMS saying that I was going to church (which was true, ha!) pero I stopped off at a local toi-lay. At first, I wasn't too sure I was in the mood, but what the banana, divah? What do I have to lose? I already felt like zigzag, adidas and betamax (referring to the chicken bbq entrails) in an Ayala Alabang Christmas Bazaar (I have no idea what I am talking about here, so whatever you are thinking of, you are probably right).

So I went into a cubbie and there were two others looking underneath their cubicle doors. One was young, pandakis and not so well hung, but very cute. The other... I don't know. Kasi naman he didn't show his face, his body or his patutie. So ako naman, whatever, drama, chuvah. I care not. My motto is play and display at kung may kumagat, ghame!

After a while, the short guy stood up, buttoned up his pants, and flushed the toilet. One of two things can happen next: it's either he wants to go now without getting off, or he is game for a live show.

Now, a live show is when you open your cubicle door and pretend to pee, while actually jacking off. If others are game for a live show and you are sure that no other civvies are there (bawal ang minor de edad! Remember!), they too will open their cubicle doors and the fun begins.

It just so happened that I was more than ready for the fun to begin. By the time shorty had opened his door, my door was already wide open and my back was to him. Given my arm movements, I am sure he knew what I was up to. By the time I tilted my head to the side to see what he was doing, there was no mistaking what was on his mind - his cock was out and about and ready to meet the world.

Taking on his bravado, I turned around to show my stiff cock. He stepped out into the corridor and so did I. Of course, at this point, we were confident that there were only four people in the room, and the other two were peering underneath the cubbie doors to see what was happening. What I found strange was the person who was occupying the cubbie door directly in front of mine. He barely showed his cock while I was looking underneath the cubicles and now that two of us were jacking off in the corridors, he was just peering through the crack on the wall where he had also lined with toilet paper. As in, he took a *lot* of effort to make sure he wasn't seen by people.

Ako naman, shirley. Vahala ka sa vuhae moh. I am here to cum - care ko kung gaym siya or not. So may I laro kami ni shorty. He as definitely smaller and slimmer than I was, but he really didn't want me to touch or suck him. Ako naman, ok lang. I know that some people are just into the whole voyeurism thing and I can respect that. So there we were, jacking off in front of the other two cubicles whose occupants were still trying to get a good view of us.

After a while, I think Mr. Shy (the one with the toilet-paper-covered cubicle) decided to out himself.

And I was in shock.

Well, he was old. As in around 60 years old. Minimum. Kita mo naman sa feiz, eh. PERO, my ghad! Ang katawan!!! As in, muscles galore and more to spare. He was built like a tank and when he finally showed his penis. LOKISH! It was around 7 inches long but with an immense head. As in, super big head with a super thick foreskin.


Before shorty got it, I grabbed it and jacked it off. After I realised how big it was, I decided to suck it and in the exact same time, I came all over the floor.

That was when someone came in. We all shuffled to our respective cubicles and fixed myself. When I knew that everything was clear, I came out with a wad of tissues to clean up my residue (siyempre naman I look after the place, noh!) and left.

When I came back home, Oli and I had a talk and he apologised for shouting at me. Ako naman, ok lang. I love Oli, (trust me - I do) but if he treats me like shit, I can always go somewhere where I can get my rocks off.

No one cares for me like I can, so if he's not willing to treat me well, it's no skin off my nose. I can take care of myself.


1. Quentin: The resignation letter was long pending. Separate incident, honest. :-)

2. JM: MWAH! Yun lang. :-)

3. rik: Well, I hope to bump into you once you come over. Pero naman wag sa toilet! CHOZ! :-D


joaqui_miguel said...

Wow! You are one tough bottom! I guess when you reach the bottom, all you can be is just hard emotionally and physically. lol :)

"MWAH' back at you. hehehe Thanks a lot, I appreciate it. :)

Quentin X said...

Glad to hear everything is back in order. Don't do that to me again; skin care is expensive these days.

Turismoboi said...



wanderingcommuter said...

learn from the experience. it would definetely make you a better person from a fine person you are now.

ArchieMD said...

you are really one horny dude...

rik32miles said...

O diva! nag emote muna sa church bago rumamapa ang lola...makatarungan ba yun?
Glad that everything is well with oli. he seems like a good catch...sana one of this days you can show his face..hahahha
Neng I don't do toilet and public places anymore...graduate na ko dyan..with flying colors!