Saturday, 23 August 2008

Dramas Before the Violet Post

After the beautimous harrassment suit that went quickly down the drain, I have a new drama in my life. I guess the fates decided that a few torturous weeks weren't enough.

Nagaway kami ni Oli kaninang umaga. For some strange reason, we were talking about the walang kamatayang bading na diver na nanalo ng gold. Ewan ko ba kung bakit, pero bigla ba namang nagalit ang lokah sa akin with matching sigaw.

Well, ako for one, hindi ako pinalaki ng nanay ko para maging punching bag o door mat ni no man (or is it "nino man"? Ewan ko ba vah). So, I did what any Ms. Universe finalist would do.

Smile. One step back. Walk out.

As in, I gracefully got my gym bag and went to the gym. Had lunch. Went to the office (on a Sunday!). Printed my resignation letter. Slipped it under my manager's door. And here I am now.

Now what will I do now? I don't know for sure. I definitely don't want to see Oli until tonight. I'm pretty sure I will go to church later (good girl ako, a! Every Sunday... well, second Sunday...) and then... I don't know. Maybe I will hada - because I can.

See, the scary thing about me is once you cross me, there is little chance of going back. As in, sa tingin mo crayola akish if I walk out on Oli. Hindeh, no! Maraming distractions sa mundo, and I *refuse* to cry over a man. Once was enough, chenkyu.

ANYway, as usual...

1. kurisu: Sinabi mo, sister! Feeling ko talaga may bagong title ako: Reyna Facade!

2. quentin: To be honest, ghurl, I don't know. Feeling ko may sayad siya - honest. My manager actually told me before about her, but I didn't know she was one bottle cap short of Kikkoman (read: may toyo).

3. gibo: In fairness, di naman sya Chaka. In fact, may pagka-Beyonce sya... if Beyonce was dragged through the mud, plopped through a grater and whipped with an egg beater, as a child. Ay, ang sama ko. My solicitor will not be happy. So, I take it back.


4. joaqui: Nakuh, no thanks. She would have to invade a public men's toilet if she wants to see my goods! (GANON!)

On a serious note: I hope you're ok. Medyo feeling ko, rollercoaster time for you, so I hope you have your seatbelt fastened and you are holding on to the rails. This too will end soon.

5. ash: JHURL! Nice to know you are up and about. I felt talaga you had vacated my life (chicka!). I was about to write a comment on your little mermaid piece pero decided against it. I heard the most fantabulous gay version of that song. One of these days I will email you a copy (if I could find it, that is).


Quentin X said...

I am in shock. Did Oli's behaviour prompt you to resign from work? I hope you thought this through. This is rather impulsive, me thinks. All the best to you all the same. I do understand one sometimes need a fresh start. Brisbane next?

joaqui_miguel said...

Good things will come your way, so really no need to worry at all. :)

Thanks for that message. I appreciate it big time! :)

rik32miles said...

Neng....correct ka dyan! as if one problem is not enough here comes another one...same thing happened to me..( just read my previous blog..loka!)
I'm hoping that everythings' well na between you and oli.
Day naloka aketch sa quote mo.." I refuse to cry over a man"..very dramatic ha..pang Oscar!
I'm based in London...and I\plan to visit my aunt next year sa NSW..