Sunday, 13 July 2008

Blue. Just blue.

Before anything else:

SORRY mga televiewers kung super repeat telecast ang Misadventures. Things are a bit hectic at work, and just when I thought things were good... BOOM! Pope Benedict came. Kaya HELLO akish! Somehow I didn't think World Youth Day was going to disrupt my senses, but lalala, it did. So sorry!

And before anything else,

1. Anton & Dazedblu: Thank you for the compliment. Kaloka talaga the life here (choooooz). I hope you like this one as well. Maybe not as well written, but oh the memories...

2. Quentin: Nakuh, ghurl - WINNER ang mga all boys schools! Honest! One of these days, I will tell you my CAT story. Kalokish! Also, can't make it because I'm leaving Sydney on Tuesday (tomorrow) because we are escaping World Youth Week. Kaloka na ang mga pilgrims, ha! Sorry!!!

3. Jericho: I remember (almost) everything - basta good to the last drop.

4. Source: Thank you! :-) Mwah! And I lurve your Ms. Universe post! Can you believe Ms. America? Hello!!! Twice in a row! Kagalit! Kumulot tuloy ang extensions ko! *charingerzie!* I do hope something comes out of your JF adventure (tiliii!!!!)

5. Rik: Nakuh true! Feeling Tina Paner akish in Tamis ng Unang Halik! CHOZ! Mega dated na talaga ang mga hirit!!! :-)

6. Omega: Tama bang may teaser pero walang kuwento! ;-)

7. Onai: Take care, mate... :-)

8. Wandering: Nice to know my blog has a positive effect on some people. :-) Hope to hear more from you! :-D

9. Odin: Nakuh! Everyone has stories - it's all in the remembering, honest! :-)

10. Turismo: Pa-contest!? ZIUR! Pero maybe not today! Will log in tomorrow! Promizz~!

11. Mink: And you should see me in doggy style mode! ChO-Oz!

12. yajnat: And everyone is happy! *I hope!* :-)

13. joaqui: First love dies... but is never forgotten! Hehehe!


Ito na! This blog entry has gone through so many delays and revisions. I will definitely finish this now because it's something I need to get out of my head.

You see, when I was a child, I have always thought of this guy (kinda NSFW) as the ideal. No joke. I saw his chest hair and I just wanted to dive into it. In fact, his second photo shoot (the one with a Pug) was so hot, I swear I got my first erection when I saw it. It doesn't matter if his facial hair was definitely fugly as (I have a love-hate relationship with moustaches) - I just felt that he was A MAN.

And that was the same year I met Blue. I will call him this because (a) he loved wearing blue jeans, and (b) he loved wearing them tight. Later on, I discovered that this phenomenon was called cameltail. He was a year below me but very active in army training (CAT). Obviously, he was quite set on becoming an officer the next year. He was clearly one of those guys who started shaving regularly at the age of 10 - and with his height, he could sure pass for an officer.

At that time, the commandant refused to have any gays in office duty, so all of them femmes had to go through the rigours along with everyone else. However, that left closet cases like me ready for the light work. I still had to do pushups like the rest of them (which was easy for me anyway), but most of the time, I was in the CAT Office, typing away and filing galore like any sexytary would do.


Because I had access to the office which most students don't, I was well liked by most. Some would ask me to open the office for them so that they could just chill out and relax - some considered the office their personal locker and would stash away special goods for everyone's use. One of those is the "military bible" - which is a fancy word for porn. Everyone knew there were magazines in the office, and because it reflected the macho culture of the military, the commandant didn't mind (as long as the magazines were not left out in the open).

Because I was a senior, I acted as if the magazines were beyond me (but I would secretly look at them from time to time because the guys there were hung as fire hoses!), but the juniors who were just getting into the whole business were fascinated by them.

One of them was Blue, who was at that time just starting his training with us. Because they had to learn everything there was in the training program, they would often to come to me, and ask for advice. Not surprising, really, given that I was one of the most knowledgable ones in the office but also the least threatening one.

Plus, I was easy on the eyes (KUNWARI, FOLKS!)

*ANY*way, the night before the bivouac camp, the commandant wanted us to prepare everything so that things go smoothly, and that unfortunately involved me sleeping in the office to make sure everything was done exactly as he wanted. The paperwork necessary for the job was ridiculous and tedious, so I was not looking forward to it. However, the commandant was nice enough to send me one worker to help out - Blue.

At first, deadma because really, I had way too much to think about. But after a while, it was clear that (a) Blue was cute and naive, and (b) he was eager to please, which meant (c) he will obey commands as though I were an officer. Of course, I didn't want to abuse naman ("Wear that French maid's outfit, hijo! That's a good boy!") but still, at the age of 16, what did you expect from me, noh?! I was desperate to get into trouble and Blue gave me more than enough reason to do so.

So there we were, in the office, by ourselves. And to make room for the softdrinks that would come by at around 7am the next day, we had to move several things around the office, like the desks and such. So, we did. Of course, being in a tropical country, I changed into my shorts - yes in front of him - and took off my top. Because I was doing it, he gauged that he could do so as well.

So he took off his top - and there it was. Chest hair to rival a carpet. At first I didn't want to look, but his chest was quite toned like most basketball players and he was just a stunner. His dark skin just matched his features way too well, and his body hair made everything picture perfect.

Anyway, I think he caught me staring at him because he started to get more self-conscious about his body hair. In between carrying jobs, he would cross his arms over his chest, and appear all shy and such.

"O, bakit biglang mahiyain ka?"

"Nakakahiya, eh."

"Ano? Yan?" And I tweaked his fat brown nipple.

He just laughed and playfully ducked - and of course, the nipple in question suddenly became more pronounced.

"Hindi. Medyo balbon ako e."

"Naku! Okay lang yan noh!" I proceed to poke his belly button and yank a little bit of his hair out in the process.

"Aray!" And the playfulness continued.

By midnight, we were tired and proceeded to call it a night. I asked Blue to lock the front door and timed it so that as he was coming back, he would catch me as I was undressing. When I knew he was about to enter the office, I took off my shorts and undies and proceeded to wear my boxers. At that time, fancy boxers were the fad and I was lucky enough to have a nice pair.

"O, nandiyan ka na pala. Tulog na tayo."

"Wow, ok ang shorts mo, a."

"Ito? Salamat. Medyo bago pa, pero malambot. Tignan mo." And I rubbed my fingers against the fabric, hoping he would do the same.

And he did.

"Malambot nga." And he moved to the side of the room, where it was slightly darker and he took off his pants to reveal tightie whities... and dark chocolately hairy legs.

I couldn't stop looking.

He caught me staring at him again (what was it? the fifth time that evening?).

"Uy! Wag mo naman akong tignan ng ganyan. Nahiya tuloy ako dahil medyo balbon ako."

"Ok lang yan noh! Inggit na ako eh."


"Lahat ba kayo sa pamilya niyo balbon?"

"Hindi. Ako lang. Sabi ng tatay ko, balbon daw si lolo, pero... ewan ko nga ba. Medyo bad trip nga eh."

"Hindi, no! Swerte mo nga eh! Sana balbon din ako. Gaano ka kabalbon?"


"Lahat ba balbon?"


"Pati bayag?"


"Talaga? Patingin nga?"


"Sige na! Hindi pa ako nakakakita ng bayag na balbon, eh!"

With slight reluctance, he dropped his briefs and covered his dick, only to reveal duck egg testicles hanging slightly lower than normal. His balls were covered in hair.

"Minsan, ginu-gunting ko para di naman malaswang tignan."

I moved closer to have a peek at what he had. He took one step closer to the light, and there, I had the chance to really look at it.

"Wow. Inggit ako, pare."

And I was. I took his testicles gently into my palm and using my other hand, compared it to mine. Because I was wearing boxers, it was fairly easy for me to take my balls out, which were outsized and out-haired. In a few moments, one of his hands reached out and took mine gently as well. It was so clear that his member was slightly growing but under his hand, I could not be too sure.

After a minute, his hand retracted and so did mine. We turned off the light and slept on opposite ends of the room.

I jacked off to sleep. I'm pretty sure he did as well.


Turismoboi said...

balbunang usapan


ArchieMD said...

sweet and naive

gibo said...

nakakalokang adventure. now i know what i missed sa aking uni days!

dabo said...

same sentiments with gibo... huhuhu naive ko kasi nung college eh.. lol :)

Princhecha Fiona said...

bat ako wlang mga ganitong eksena?

tubeeeg nga dyan!

joaqui_miguel said...

"I jacked off to sleep. I'm pretty sure he did as well."

I love this line. lol

wanderingcommuter said...

hahaha... titilating...

ONAI said...

kuya nasaan ang indigo post una sa lahat balak ko pa naman basahin yun before all other blogs that I read yes una sa lahat promise, at dito pa sa office, kasi i saw your post sa bahay and I swore before na I wont open my blogspot dito sa workplace was thinking of rss or subscribing to ur post para ma alert ako pag meron bagong post ingats