Saturday, 21 June 2008

Yellow: The Colour of Cowardice

Day Four of the Conference and second speaker ang lola niyo.

"Good axternoun, ladies and jayntelmin."

- joke -

As usual, tense akish dahil I hate talking behind a podium and mumbling about my job and chuvah. Of course, as always, presentation to the max akish, noh! Kailangang panagutan ang bandera ng Best in (swim)Suit! Ever pose for the photographers!


So I was there, giving my spiel and presenting my chukakish when... I saw him.


Only I wasn't too sure...


Super daming paparazzi, eh.

Ganon, di ba?!

...Later that night, I logged on to my computer.


DeepRedWine: Oi!
MarCuss: Hey, you! Long time, no see! I thought I saw you, but I wasn't too sure.
DeepRedWine: Yeah, it was me. I saw your name and I decided why not. Good presentation, by the way.
MarCuss: Awww, thanks, champ. Didn't even know you were in town.
DeepRedWine: Well, it was a last minute thang. Only here for a couple more days though.
MarCuss: (to himself) Thang mong ulo mo. Letche.
MarCuss: Well, it's good to see you up and about.
DeepRedWine: You too. Nice to see that your arm's patched.
MarCuss: The pain's still there, but it's getting better. Doing to my physio fairly regularly.
DeepRedWine: He must be hot, eh?
MarCuss: Not really. *SHE* is good lookin' but not my type.
DeepRedWine: So did you wanna meet up or something?
MarCuss: I dunno, mate. Been really busy on this end. I can only make it next Friday, if you want.
DeepRedWine: Sure! I have work but I'm sure I can come in late.

Putang ina. Kumagat ang gagah.

MarCuss: I thought you were only here for a couple of days?
DeepRedWine: A week or so.
MarCuss: (to himself) Ginagago mo ba ako??
MarCuss: Sure, mate. See you next Friday.

Now the question is: will I be brave enough to push through with this? Or is this end in me baking a chicken-shit pie?


I already have an orange entry. Will post it maybe on Wednesday! :-)

Mga Helloz:
1. Richard: Hello there, fellow adventurer! I hope those ellipses will be replaced by comments next time! Hindi na uso ang suffering in silence! Very 90's, hija...
2. Kai: I think the hole used to be able to fit a finger, but now hanggang silip na lang.
3. Anon: Siyempre kailangan medyo dexterity-galore. Usually, you have to kneel VERY low. I've seen guys with faces pressed to the floor sometimes. Kinda pathetic (opinion ko lang, ha) to go that low, but hey, whatever floats your boat, wika nga.
4. Quentin: How uncomfortable! Unisex toilets? Parang di ko ata feel...
5. Rik: Kung dakota, chicka lang. As mentioned earlier, the hole is for the eyes, not for any other body part. I've had a Greek guy there before - my Ghad! Super big! Will kwento next time.


rik32miles said...

Aba! ang lola ko..lumalandi na naman..gustong matusok ni deepredwine chenes.
mas gusto ko ang rose' kasi summer lang! vavuu!

ONAI said...

so where is the yellow post?

Diablo said...

ang susyal ng post mo tita. ^_^]

salamat nga pala sa pagdaan. mwah!

odin hood said...

tnx for checkin out my blog!

really interesting stories, abangan ko orange... orange sounds delicious hehe

Quentin X said...

I thought yellow would be something disgusting like pus, phlegm, or worst: an infected genital secretion. :-) I can just see this story ending in bed.

Bryan Anthony the First said...

haba nung post, di ko tuloy nabasa lahat

kaya babati nalang ako



Turismoboi said...

hmmmmmmmm un lang hehehe!

ill wait for the next post