Monday, 2 June 2008

Tagged daw, o!

Before anything else, mga HELLO muna...

1. Quentin: Tama bang mag-tag?! But yes, toilet life does have its downsides.
2. Rik: Gaga! Pagnahuli ako ni jowa, tsugi til EVER akish! It happened once - tama na ang isang minsan (CHAROT!)
3. Ash: Fantasy ko yan! Mga Arabo!
4. Dave: No, that's NOT nice. See reply to Ash. :-)
5. Turismo: With a not so happy ending.
6. Bryan: The finale is not what you sexpect.

Thanks Quentin. Because of you, I have to postpone my Samoan exploits.


Joke lang. I will continue the Kon story next time. PLUS the Samoan story.

O sige. Ito daw ang rules ng tag.

1. Each blogger starts with ten random facts/habits about themselves.
2. Bloggers tagged need to write on their on blog about their ten things and post the rules.
3. At the end of the blog, the blogger must choose ten people to tag and list their names.
4. Bloggers must leave a comment on the sites they tagged.


I don't know if I can do ten pero we'll see. Fita in the fighter.

1. (FACT) I have had the most serious crush on Dave Fab (codename daw o!) the photographer - since EVER. Honest! We met at a party and he was with his boyfriend at that time. In fairness, cute ang jowa niya so wis ko na fight. I've never been one for grabbing someone's better half from under his/her nose, so ako casual flirt lang.

At that time, I was wearing my Kylie shorts denims. CHOZ! I was actually wearing denims that had rips on the butt. It was the IN thing that time. Anyway, I was bending over (and I was more agile then too thankyouverymuch) and apparently, the underside of my butt was exposed.

Discussion between me and Dave:

D: Nice pants.
M: Thanks.
D: I can see your butt.
M: You haven't seen all of it. Not yet anyway.
D: Looks nice. Are you even wearing undies?
M: Why don't you find out?

Dave's hand goes and feels my butt but takes it out less than a second later. Whateletch! Super bitin...

Yes, pokpok as always...

2. (HABIT) I clean myself *down there* at least once every two days. I love the feeling of being clean inside. I still don't know if there are bad consequences to that, but vahala na.

3. (FACT) I have an immensely difficult time forgetting lost loves. Saying goodbye is easy - it's the letting go that is difficult.

4. (HABIT) I have some sort of sex with random men at least once a week. I'm trying to curb the habit, but it's getting very difficult.

5. (FACT/HABIT) I love downloading porn. I have a porn collection that is more or less 80g worth (and counting). I even have porn that I have not watched yet.

6. (FACT) *This next one is a very sobering entry so apologies to those who will be distressed by it.*

I was sexually abused by my uncle. It started when I was 6. It ended only when I turned 16 or so. When he died, I didn't know when to laugh or cry.

7. (FACT) In my mental list of men to have sex with, I still have not had sex with an Irishman or a Scot. Or someone in a kilt (FEELING BRAVEHEART ANG LOLA!).

8. (FACT) The first man who REALLY penetrated me was my gym instructor. He was married and all, but I assume he just wanted to feel me inside. He was built like a tank (most of them are) and at that time, I thought he was hung like a firehose. Now, in retrospect, maybe he wasn't. :-) Oli is much bigger, for sure.

9. (FACT) I think I was first smitten by Greeks when I saw the uncut version of "Head On" which starred Alex Dimitriades - and had him jacking off in full glory. Even though it was only 2 seconds long, his was definitely 10 inches minimum. Ang ganda, honest. When I watched that, I kept an eye out for Greek men. My first Greek man (I think he was my first) was in a gay sauna in Sydney. He was definitely older than I am - he was around 50 - but when I saw his cock, pushanghiniz! Mega star! It was bigger than Halle Berry's ego! Siyempre may I kapa ako just to have a good feel of it - to make sure it is real and all, but when he wanted to have sex with me, I had to decline. HELLO! Masira pa ang matres ko, noh!

10. (FACT) One of these days, I will start my rainbow entries. A story of the different racial stereotypes I have had sex with. Para naman colourful ang blog ko (GANON!).

So far, things are still busy on this end. I promise to do more entries once the dust begins to settle.

Next Thursday will be the most likely time for the Samoan Entry.


Anonymous said...

lol! enjoyed this one. i wished i could write one such entry in my blog. kaso lang, nagmamalinis ang lola mo to some readers back in sg. hay. hirap talagang magpanggap na divine and pure for someone who's a slut. oh well, maybe one of these days when the cold here in melbourne gets to me.


James said...

I fucking love it. Sluts of the world unite.


kawadjan said...

... can't wait for the rainbow entries.

Benz said...

Kaloka revelations! Super kakaaliw. :) more more more

Quentin X said...

love it, love it, love it. #6 if anyone should be apologising, it should be the one who did the wrong.
As for porn, I only have half as much for now.
Thanks for obliging, Marcus. Mwah!

rik32miles said...

gagah!..rainbow..rainbow entries ka dyan..hello! colorful na life mo noh! once a week random sex with a stranger and 80g of life is like mother theresa compared to yours...kaya idol kita live my fantasies..hahahaha..I experienced irish na...forgettable! Scot..definitely good kisser..halik pa lang orgasmic nah!
dream ko Polish! choz!