Sunday, 29 June 2008

Orange: The Colour of a Burning Man

Syempre, as usual mga televiewers, it all starts with a pabati.

Rik: True, lumandi ang lola, PERO in fhairnezz, hindi ako kumagat. I spent the entire Friday shopping till EVER dahil may I channel Carrie Bradshaw akish. No Manolos for me, but I have three new Bally shoes and one Kenneth Cole. Chicka!

Onai: Hija, that was the Yellow post.

Diablo: Walang ano man, and thank you for dropping by as well. May I see more of you here! *beso*beso*

Quentin: Happily enough, this story didn't end in bed. Merlot is cute and all (AND fucking HOT AS) but still, I prefer to shop... CHOZ!

Bryan: Well, I hope you get more time to read the stories kahit walang katuturan ako most of the time! Thanks for dropping by, Bryan! :-)

Odin and Turismo: Here is the orange post. I hope you like it.


It all started in this place.

Yes, these are toilet doors. There are eight of them, but three of these kinda face each other. Now, when you sit on the throne, the first thing you will notice...

... is that the toilet door hangs suspiciously high. All of them. The pic above proves my point. I placed a regular-sized pamphlet on the wall (kasing laki ng legal sized envelope), and you will see how much space they left open. The end of the door touches the tip of your knee when you sit down. So, in short, this is your basic view...

And this is your basic view, if someone is actually inside the cubicles.

Yes, kitam lahat. I purposely chose this pic because you actually don't see much here. To be honest, I felt guilty taking this because I knew that these two were not there for "fun" but rather, relief.

But that doesn't happen all the time. Most of the time, when I drop by this place, it is brimming in activity - and this is where the real story begins.

I had just come from a heavy day at work and I decided to go to the loo to relieve myself. I didn't mean to do anything else really. But as I was ending my business in the cubicle, I noticed a small remark on the wall:

"Look underneath the door"

So I did, and lo and behold, erect towers of all shapes and sizes! In the middle of a mall! Hurrah! The three other cubicles facing me were occupied and they were obviously there for reasons other than relief.

I didn't want to stay too long but JEEZ! it was just too difficult to stare away from them! In a few minutes, heads started popping underneath the door and I knew that people were ready for business. What struck my fancy though was the erect phallus on the far end. It was a very dark penis, but had a very bright head! I had seen some of these so-called multicoloured penises on dark horses - and this guy definitely qualifies under this category.

After a minute, the man beside me (whom I had not seen thus far) opened his door. The others followed suit and not wanting to miss out on the action, so did I, my steel rod poking through my pants.

What followed them was a grope fest with everyone going for everyone else's penis. I had the hardest time not blowing my load because everyone in that place was bursting in libido. Most of them had nice cocks about them and there were all hungry for a cock in their hand.

Now, the nice thing about this place is that, although there are security patrols around, they tend to not bounce on people because the door makes such a loud ruckus, that we are always warned when someone is coming. So when someone opens the door, we have more than ample time to shuttle back to our respective cubicles and wait for the interloper to leave.

Once in a while, I would venture out into the urinal area, just to make sure that no one is there, and proceed to give everyone else the green light to play around again.

After one such incident, I stood outside dark man's door, and he opened it with his pants and his bright orange undies to his knees and his dick waving proudly at me. I couldn't help myself. I grabbed his dick, went down on my knees and proceeded to suck him off, something that the others had not done at all. Perhaps they were scared of his two-toned monster penis, but - whatever! Their loss! I was in HEAVEN!

The guy's penis was light pink at the tip, a stark contrast to his chocolate brown skin. He looked like a boxer because he was quite built, but not in a muscle mary kind of way. With his toned legs and bulging calves, he looked like a cargador, albeit a VERY handsome one.

Anyway, I did my business for a minute and soon enough, he turned away from me and blew his load on the wall. He then proceeded to take off his undies and use them to wipe his cum from the walls. He was about to pop his wasted undies to the bin beside me, when he noticed my outstretched hand. He popped his undies on my open palm, zipped himself up (commando!) and
left soon after that.

I still have those undies in my drawer - washed, of course. :-)


Princhecha Fiona said...

oh hot! :p

John Halcyon von Rothschild said...

OMG! I really must visit Down Under someday...just to go to the restrooms. =) eyelavit!

ash said...

did i ever mention orange is my favorite color?
...orgasmic as usual

Quentin X said...

In summary: been there, done that, got an orange undie to prove it. :-)

pachot said...

Grabe! I'm randomly lurking through everyones page and I come across yours! Hahaha winner ang blog month! To infinity and beyond... Super that's entertainment while I'm at work!


Turismoboi said...

keeping undies


Anonymous said...

Saan ba ito? Sa AMP Tower in Sydney's CBD? Share naman.

rik32miles said...

Sister! wala na kong ma say! Miss Talent ka nga lang..vavooo!

rik32miles said...

... is that the toilet door hangs suspiciously high....
Maybe it's for better Air circulation so the whole place would not smell like poop?
theory ko lang...(pa naive effect pa ang lola)

odin hood said...

pero i really wonder bakit ang taas ng cubicle doors na yun??

Anonymous said...

Akala ko noon, yun cruising dun sa AMP Tower toilets eh nagaganap sa may urinals (kasi everytime andun ako, walang tao). Ngayon, alam ko na kung bakit madaming tao dun sa mga cubicles pumupunta. Andun pala silang lahat at ang 'action.' Will check next time.