Sunday, 29 June 2008

Orange: The Colour of a Burning Man

Syempre, as usual mga televiewers, it all starts with a pabati.

Rik: True, lumandi ang lola, PERO in fhairnezz, hindi ako kumagat. I spent the entire Friday shopping till EVER dahil may I channel Carrie Bradshaw akish. No Manolos for me, but I have three new Bally shoes and one Kenneth Cole. Chicka!

Onai: Hija, that was the Yellow post.

Diablo: Walang ano man, and thank you for dropping by as well. May I see more of you here! *beso*beso*

Quentin: Happily enough, this story didn't end in bed. Merlot is cute and all (AND fucking HOT AS) but still, I prefer to shop... CHOZ!

Bryan: Well, I hope you get more time to read the stories kahit walang katuturan ako most of the time! Thanks for dropping by, Bryan! :-)

Odin and Turismo: Here is the orange post. I hope you like it.


It all started in this place.

Yes, these are toilet doors. There are eight of them, but three of these kinda face each other. Now, when you sit on the throne, the first thing you will notice...

... is that the toilet door hangs suspiciously high. All of them. The pic above proves my point. I placed a regular-sized pamphlet on the wall (kasing laki ng legal sized envelope), and you will see how much space they left open. The end of the door touches the tip of your knee when you sit down. So, in short, this is your basic view...

And this is your basic view, if someone is actually inside the cubicles.

Yes, kitam lahat. I purposely chose this pic because you actually don't see much here. To be honest, I felt guilty taking this because I knew that these two were not there for "fun" but rather, relief.

But that doesn't happen all the time. Most of the time, when I drop by this place, it is brimming in activity - and this is where the real story begins.

I had just come from a heavy day at work and I decided to go to the loo to relieve myself. I didn't mean to do anything else really. But as I was ending my business in the cubicle, I noticed a small remark on the wall:

"Look underneath the door"

So I did, and lo and behold, erect towers of all shapes and sizes! In the middle of a mall! Hurrah! The three other cubicles facing me were occupied and they were obviously there for reasons other than relief.

I didn't want to stay too long but JEEZ! it was just too difficult to stare away from them! In a few minutes, heads started popping underneath the door and I knew that people were ready for business. What struck my fancy though was the erect phallus on the far end. It was a very dark penis, but had a very bright head! I had seen some of these so-called multicoloured penises on dark horses - and this guy definitely qualifies under this category.

After a minute, the man beside me (whom I had not seen thus far) opened his door. The others followed suit and not wanting to miss out on the action, so did I, my steel rod poking through my pants.

What followed them was a grope fest with everyone going for everyone else's penis. I had the hardest time not blowing my load because everyone in that place was bursting in libido. Most of them had nice cocks about them and there were all hungry for a cock in their hand.

Now, the nice thing about this place is that, although there are security patrols around, they tend to not bounce on people because the door makes such a loud ruckus, that we are always warned when someone is coming. So when someone opens the door, we have more than ample time to shuttle back to our respective cubicles and wait for the interloper to leave.

Once in a while, I would venture out into the urinal area, just to make sure that no one is there, and proceed to give everyone else the green light to play around again.

After one such incident, I stood outside dark man's door, and he opened it with his pants and his bright orange undies to his knees and his dick waving proudly at me. I couldn't help myself. I grabbed his dick, went down on my knees and proceeded to suck him off, something that the others had not done at all. Perhaps they were scared of his two-toned monster penis, but - whatever! Their loss! I was in HEAVEN!

The guy's penis was light pink at the tip, a stark contrast to his chocolate brown skin. He looked like a boxer because he was quite built, but not in a muscle mary kind of way. With his toned legs and bulging calves, he looked like a cargador, albeit a VERY handsome one.

Anyway, I did my business for a minute and soon enough, he turned away from me and blew his load on the wall. He then proceeded to take off his undies and use them to wipe his cum from the walls. He was about to pop his wasted undies to the bin beside me, when he noticed my outstretched hand. He popped his undies on my open palm, zipped himself up (commando!) and
left soon after that.

I still have those undies in my drawer - washed, of course. :-)

Saturday, 21 June 2008

Yellow: The Colour of Cowardice

Day Four of the Conference and second speaker ang lola niyo.

"Good axternoun, ladies and jayntelmin."

- joke -

As usual, tense akish dahil I hate talking behind a podium and mumbling about my job and chuvah. Of course, as always, presentation to the max akish, noh! Kailangang panagutan ang bandera ng Best in (swim)Suit! Ever pose for the photographers!


So I was there, giving my spiel and presenting my chukakish when... I saw him.


Only I wasn't too sure...


Super daming paparazzi, eh.

Ganon, di ba?!

...Later that night, I logged on to my computer.


DeepRedWine: Oi!
MarCuss: Hey, you! Long time, no see! I thought I saw you, but I wasn't too sure.
DeepRedWine: Yeah, it was me. I saw your name and I decided why not. Good presentation, by the way.
MarCuss: Awww, thanks, champ. Didn't even know you were in town.
DeepRedWine: Well, it was a last minute thang. Only here for a couple more days though.
MarCuss: (to himself) Thang mong ulo mo. Letche.
MarCuss: Well, it's good to see you up and about.
DeepRedWine: You too. Nice to see that your arm's patched.
MarCuss: The pain's still there, but it's getting better. Doing to my physio fairly regularly.
DeepRedWine: He must be hot, eh?
MarCuss: Not really. *SHE* is good lookin' but not my type.
DeepRedWine: So did you wanna meet up or something?
MarCuss: I dunno, mate. Been really busy on this end. I can only make it next Friday, if you want.
DeepRedWine: Sure! I have work but I'm sure I can come in late.

Putang ina. Kumagat ang gagah.

MarCuss: I thought you were only here for a couple of days?
DeepRedWine: A week or so.
MarCuss: (to himself) Ginagago mo ba ako??
MarCuss: Sure, mate. See you next Friday.

Now the question is: will I be brave enough to push through with this? Or is this end in me baking a chicken-shit pie?


I already have an orange entry. Will post it maybe on Wednesday! :-)

Mga Helloz:
1. Richard: Hello there, fellow adventurer! I hope those ellipses will be replaced by comments next time! Hindi na uso ang suffering in silence! Very 90's, hija...
2. Kai: I think the hole used to be able to fit a finger, but now hanggang silip na lang.
3. Anon: Siyempre kailangan medyo dexterity-galore. Usually, you have to kneel VERY low. I've seen guys with faces pressed to the floor sometimes. Kinda pathetic (opinion ko lang, ha) to go that low, but hey, whatever floats your boat, wika nga.
4. Quentin: How uncomfortable! Unisex toilets? Parang di ko ata feel...
5. Rik: Kung dakota, chicka lang. As mentioned earlier, the hole is for the eyes, not for any other body part. I've had a Greek guy there before - my Ghad! Super big! Will kwento next time.

Sunday, 15 June 2008

We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Rainbow...

...with a little photo shoot. Some of you were asking about the haunts in my life and this is one of the newest ones. This is a toilet with a glory hole in it. This is really similar to the one in Melbourne, except that one is kinda stinky. This one is managed fairly well (as far as I can tell, at least).

This is a short 3-minute walk from my new workplace (it's a pity that my contract is only until August), and I just lurve it.

This is the main door to my tambayan. As you can see from the open door, there is a black second door, which gives me ample warning to get off of the floor and pretend I am using the loo for its intended purpose.

When you walk in, you will see urinals on your left (not seen) and these five toilet cubicles (first one not in picture).
Basically, on a busy day, these five cubbies are filled with people looking underneath the walls, checking out the action on the other side. For the people on the first three cubicles, only have a couple of options: (a) look underneath the wall and hope there is someone crouched on the other side, (b) do a foot tapping game which usually ends in (c) a handjob (mutual or otherwise) underneath the wall, or (d) stand on the bowl and look over the wall - that way, you at least see what you're getting. Not a lot of people use option (d) though because the second door has a brushed glass window which makes it possible for people to see you looking over and such - tres embarrassing.
But the fourth and fifth cubicles have a secret. In the pic above, do you see the brownish hole that looks like a crescent moon? It's actually the glory hole. I am assuming it was much bigger before someone had to put cement on it or something. Luckily, ma-abilidad ang mga bading and the glory hole lives once more (albeit in a smaller form).
So that is my glory hole tambayan.
So Rik and Anon: I hope you like it. One of these days, I will show you the other place I make tambay. It's the scenario for the next exotic tale (Orange).
Onai: Don't worry. I have so much more to share - my life is just as vast as the Pacific (or Bondi as the case may be).
Quentin: I agree with you there! Admit though: Yum sila... Especially those tattoos! ULTRA YUM!
Ash: Haaaaay sis. One of these days, we can meet up over coffee and discuss the wonders of MarcusHada techniques. Perfected over the years.... CHOZ! ;-)

Tuesday, 10 June 2008

RED: Simon (part one of the Rainbow Series)

Actually, sa totoo lang, mga televiewers, I’m not sure how far this series will go. It’s off to a bad start, considering red isn’t exactly a Samoan colour. Actually I chose red because the Samoan flag is predominantly red. I checked Wikipedia – therefore, it is true.

Before anything else, hellos as usual…
a) To Anton: Hello! And welcome to my Garutay-ic blog. I wish I was in Melbourne with you! I can show you places… in short, gay saunas! (Talagang pinanindigan ang Ms. Tourism title, noh?!)
b) To James: Excuse me! Hindi ako slut, noh? … CHARING! Joke. Thanks for the comments and wel-come into my world (talagang pinilit ang Kylie references).
c) To Kawadjan: Here’s the first entry. I hope you like it. I like your photo, ah… except part of me doesn’t want to relate (ganon!)
d) To Benz: Sosyal the name, a! Story behind it? I’m actually curious.
e) To Quentin: As always, love to oblige! Mwah!
f) To Rik: Nakuh, sis. Love ko til ever si Mama T., pero di uso sa lahi natin yan. Remember: Ang dugo natin, birdy, este berde… hindi bughaw. (Syet, tama ba ang colour references koh? Never the mind…)

On with the story.

His name was Simon. He was sitting on the other side of the cubicle glory hole when I came in. At first, I wasn’t too sure whether he was there for the same reason I was – and let’s face it, dear televiewers. We *ALL* know why I was there.

I kept my cool, knowing that if he wasn’t there for *that* reason, then soon he will leave and be replaced by someone who is keen. However, after a few minutes of absolute silence from both sides, I got the impression he was game.

And boy, was he. We did the whole ping-pong of “show me yours and I’ll show you mine” but after a while, I think he got impatient. It was clear that (a) he was horny as, but (b) he doesn’t have the time to play around. So while looking through the hole, at one point, I only saw his knees and realized he was standing on the bowl, looking from above the divider.
I said to myself, this guy is aggressive.

From what I saw, he was in his late forties, I would guess. His hair was wiry at best, and his haircut was leaning towards the Reed Richards look. He looks a LOT like this guy, except Simon wasn’t this built. He might have been muscular at one point, but I think years of corporate life took their toll on his body. I knew he was once built simply because his legs were HUGE. As in, pang WWF ang legs niya, and no, I am not referring to the World Wildlife Fund.

Anyway, he invited me over and I said (siyempre Maria Clara) I wasn’t too sure. Security and all. He said too bad and was about to go down when he popped back in again. He asked if I wanted to go upstairs and after a few seconds (SYEMPRE KUNWARI NOH!), I said yeah, sure.
He left the cubicle first to go to the next level and by the time I got there, he had already chosen a cubicle for us, and he was sitting on the platform, waiting to be serviced.

Now, personally, I don’t like it when I’m the one doing all the work. Parang HELLO! Ano ako!? Super tsimay of the world???

But then again, I’ve always LOVED Polynesian men. As in, I’ve always had the hots for Tongan men. In Australia, they are almost always the bouncers in the club because they are built like iron ships. Just imagine doing something with a bouncer in a toilet cubicle. YUM! HELLO! Sweet gay porn dreams are made of these!

Anyway, he was sitting on his throne and his dick was waving in the air. He had a belly (who doesn’t ANYway) but his dick made up for it. It definitely wasn’t the biggest thing ever but it was strangely shaped. It had a relatively thin shaft but the head was fucking massive. I loved it. His foreskin was dangling a bit under the bottom of the head and was dying to be played around with.

Ako naman, fita! I had his dick in my mouth within the first few seconds but within less than a minute, he roughly pushed me away. In my head, I was saying “So fucking macho.”

And he was. There was NOTHING effeminate about him at all. Everything about him exuded testosterone and I would so not be surprised if he had a wife and kids on the side.

Anyway, we started playing around with each other’s bodies and I was surprised that he had no problems with touching my dick and playing around. It was clear from his reactions that he loved nipple play (and so did I) so we ended up playing and sucking each other nipples. At one point, I couldn’t resist and while he was sucking my nipples, I kinda forced his head down my body. I thought he would resist, but it wasn’t as bad as I originally feared. In a few seconds, I was getting a roughest blowjob from a guy.

I distinctly knew he had not done it that often because he just was too much in a hurry. It’s like he was treating it like some punching bag rather than a penis, and to be honest, it felt HOT. I felt like bursting (except I knew I wasn’t going to).

After a minute or two, he grew tired of it (and did the very macho spitting out saliva into the bowl - another clue that maybe he was married) and asked that I service him again. Siyempre being a very giving person (CHOZ!), I said Shirley!

I wanted more foreplay to be honest, but given he doesn't kiss mouth to mouth (another clue, ladies and gentlegirls!), I decided to cut a long play short.

Except this time, I wanted to show him what a real blowjob was like. So I did the whole gamut – from the LipLocke to the Tongue TesTickle to the Dheep Gargle (Patented moves ko) and he was moaning like anything. He grabbed my hair (goodbye gel) and closed his eyes. At one point, he wanted to push me away but this time, I was keen on having him inside my mouth. He looked at me, mouth agape, and *Boom!*

He came in my mouth. Yes, it’s unsafe. Yes, I wanted it. There are no two ways about it. And don’t bother chastising me in the comments.

I’ve always wanted to have Samoan cock and come. It was sweet as expected. Now that that’s done, on to the next colour.

Monday, 2 June 2008

Tagged daw, o!

Before anything else, mga HELLO muna...

1. Quentin: Tama bang mag-tag?! But yes, toilet life does have its downsides.
2. Rik: Gaga! Pagnahuli ako ni jowa, tsugi til EVER akish! It happened once - tama na ang isang minsan (CHAROT!)
3. Ash: Fantasy ko yan! Mga Arabo!
4. Dave: No, that's NOT nice. See reply to Ash. :-)
5. Turismo: With a not so happy ending.
6. Bryan: The finale is not what you sexpect.

Thanks Quentin. Because of you, I have to postpone my Samoan exploits.


Joke lang. I will continue the Kon story next time. PLUS the Samoan story.

O sige. Ito daw ang rules ng tag.

1. Each blogger starts with ten random facts/habits about themselves.
2. Bloggers tagged need to write on their on blog about their ten things and post the rules.
3. At the end of the blog, the blogger must choose ten people to tag and list their names.
4. Bloggers must leave a comment on the sites they tagged.


I don't know if I can do ten pero we'll see. Fita in the fighter.

1. (FACT) I have had the most serious crush on Dave Fab (codename daw o!) the photographer - since EVER. Honest! We met at a party and he was with his boyfriend at that time. In fairness, cute ang jowa niya so wis ko na fight. I've never been one for grabbing someone's better half from under his/her nose, so ako casual flirt lang.

At that time, I was wearing my Kylie shorts denims. CHOZ! I was actually wearing denims that had rips on the butt. It was the IN thing that time. Anyway, I was bending over (and I was more agile then too thankyouverymuch) and apparently, the underside of my butt was exposed.

Discussion between me and Dave:

D: Nice pants.
M: Thanks.
D: I can see your butt.
M: You haven't seen all of it. Not yet anyway.
D: Looks nice. Are you even wearing undies?
M: Why don't you find out?

Dave's hand goes and feels my butt but takes it out less than a second later. Whateletch! Super bitin...

Yes, pokpok as always...

2. (HABIT) I clean myself *down there* at least once every two days. I love the feeling of being clean inside. I still don't know if there are bad consequences to that, but vahala na.

3. (FACT) I have an immensely difficult time forgetting lost loves. Saying goodbye is easy - it's the letting go that is difficult.

4. (HABIT) I have some sort of sex with random men at least once a week. I'm trying to curb the habit, but it's getting very difficult.

5. (FACT/HABIT) I love downloading porn. I have a porn collection that is more or less 80g worth (and counting). I even have porn that I have not watched yet.

6. (FACT) *This next one is a very sobering entry so apologies to those who will be distressed by it.*

I was sexually abused by my uncle. It started when I was 6. It ended only when I turned 16 or so. When he died, I didn't know when to laugh or cry.

7. (FACT) In my mental list of men to have sex with, I still have not had sex with an Irishman or a Scot. Or someone in a kilt (FEELING BRAVEHEART ANG LOLA!).

8. (FACT) The first man who REALLY penetrated me was my gym instructor. He was married and all, but I assume he just wanted to feel me inside. He was built like a tank (most of them are) and at that time, I thought he was hung like a firehose. Now, in retrospect, maybe he wasn't. :-) Oli is much bigger, for sure.

9. (FACT) I think I was first smitten by Greeks when I saw the uncut version of "Head On" which starred Alex Dimitriades - and had him jacking off in full glory. Even though it was only 2 seconds long, his was definitely 10 inches minimum. Ang ganda, honest. When I watched that, I kept an eye out for Greek men. My first Greek man (I think he was my first) was in a gay sauna in Sydney. He was definitely older than I am - he was around 50 - but when I saw his cock, pushanghiniz! Mega star! It was bigger than Halle Berry's ego! Siyempre may I kapa ako just to have a good feel of it - to make sure it is real and all, but when he wanted to have sex with me, I had to decline. HELLO! Masira pa ang matres ko, noh!

10. (FACT) One of these days, I will start my rainbow entries. A story of the different racial stereotypes I have had sex with. Para naman colourful ang blog ko (GANON!).

So far, things are still busy on this end. I promise to do more entries once the dust begins to settle.

Next Thursday will be the most likely time for the Samoan Entry.