Thursday, 15 May 2008

Sour Wine

(written last Thursday)

May I chat ang Merlot yesterday. Ako naman, sige. Haven't seen him for the longest time so chicka to death ang lokah. Wasn't too sure what he was up to though. Parang feeling ko, ewan. Bastah!

Turns out he was in Sydney for a couple of days and wanted to meet up. We-hell. "Meet up" daw… I'm siyuuuur.

Anyway, I went to his hotel this morning because he told me to drop by. Ako naman 1 PM ang first meeting for the day, tapos flexitime pa akish, so ziggy~!

I went to his hotel, and knocked on his hotel door. Ava-wis! Nagtext akish then waited a bit more. WAFARIN! I called his mobile and after 10 rings or so, I decided vavush. So wala sha! Care, di ba? I walked back to the elevator to leave, secretly happy that I didn't have to deal with his strangeness.

As the elevator door opened, I suddenly heard a man shout "Oi!" I turned around only to see Merlot waving at me, clad only in a towel. From his hair, you can tell that he had just stepped out of the shower.

I haven't seen him in a while, but he was definitely getting hotter as the years went past. He had washboard abs and his wispy hair was slowly matching his facial features. Anjandah talaga ng mga frentsch pries! Like his namesake, he was looking better as time went on.

He invited me into his hotel room tapos may I chicka siya, all the while drying himself with another towel. Ako naman, polite conversation ok lang, dahil – alam mo na – part of the Ms. Universe talents (kinareer talaga! Choz!).

However, at one point, the conversation went to my muscle injury and he proceeded to look at my arm. I told him it was sore so bigla ba namang nagvolunteer to massage ang loka!

Sa totoo lang, super happy ako with this weak arm muscle injury chuvah, ha! Very easy to make hada!

Anyway, I went to his bed and he sat on a chair across me. He took my voltaren cream tapos massage siya. Siyempre my hand was on his leg. As the massage drew on, my hand ended up on his dick, and of course, I squeezed.

I totally forgot how big he was! I swear! For someone who is (I think) 5'8 or 5'9, kaloka ang kanyang ari, a!

Anyway, after a while, my hand crept under his towel and I slowly jacked him off, playing with his foreskin and all of that. He didn't mind and in fact, took off his towel and just lie down on the bed. After a few minutes, his hand crept up my shirt and he was playing with my upper torso. I enjoyed it immensely, especially when he began rubbing my nipples.

Siyempre a girl can only take so much, so after a while, we were both naked and we were playing around with each other's bodies. I loved tracing the shape of his lean muscles with my finger. Of course, after a while, I ended up playing with his hairy ass (YUM! SUPER!) and my finger slid inside. In fact, I used two fingers at one point, while he just lie there, eyes closed and moaning.

I loved playing with his ass and I just kept going at it, until his moaning stopped and he motioned to lie face front. We ended up jacking each other and I have to say that his dick is fucking amazing! I swear 8 inches of pure, uncut heat.

And then something strange happened. He stopped jacking me off and said he was getting tired (which reflected really well in his penis). As I felt the throbbing member slowly lose its mass, I said ok lang. I offered to suck him off (kasi naman! Ang ganda talaga eh!) but he said, no thanks. Apparently (and this is no joke), he wanted to save it for someone special.

Ako naman, POTANGHINA! Chupa lang, noh! It's not love. It's a blowjob. Still, he was adamant. Ako naman, I felt he was stupid, but it was his divine right to be an idiot, so sigeh! Whatever.

I stood up to put my clothes back on (busy girl ako) but he asked me to stay. I told him, it's ok. Sa loob ko "what for, noh!?" I'm sure mega romantic to think that he was saving it for someone special, but I felt I was too old to play Disney morals in my head.

For me, sex is just sex. It's nothing more than that. I will respect people who feel otherwise, but I will not waste time fostering their view of life and love. Each to his own.

I hope Merlot finds the love of his life, because if he doesn't, this wine will turn into vinegar.


The usual hellos:

  1. Turismo: Thanks for that note, but yes, the doctor and I were both using each other, I think. Hindi naman ako super illusyonada to think that he can be my Prince Charming with matching white horse, noh? J As in mentioned in this blog, sex is just sex. Bottoming may be perceived to be the weaker position in sex, but I just don't think I've been used at all. Au contrare…
  2. Rik: MALI akish! Typo on my part. My bad… :-)
  3. Quentin: We all learn to let go sometimes eh? Had this one young guy from Cebu once. He jacked off in the cinema – not in the loo, ha! The cinema! And he was fucking HUGE. I looooove Cebuanos!
  4. Benz: Chenkyu! :-) Hope to read more comments!
  5. Yajnat: Not really, as you can tell… :-D


ash said...

i find it strange to cutoff somethin' that pleasurable for some random stupid reason...whoever that someone special is, he better be worth it :)

again, you've killed few minutes of my boredom :)

rik32miles said...

He wanted to save it to someone special..and for him it's not "chupa" lang...I like him meron syang "moral values"..sana ako na lang ang special someone nya..hahahah
idol na kita lola..I swear!!

Quentin X said...

Missed out on a good red? There's more at the bottle shop. :)

kurisu said...

Finally, after 48 and 1/2 years, was able to read all your blogs,super aliw para syang super sosyal (as in pang GG) version ni xerex xavier, hehe. Hope you dont mind if i link you up in my very young blogsite.

Turismoboi said...

in fairness,

tinigasan ako dito ah hehehe!

Princhecha Fiona said...

mother spell bitin?! hmpt!