Sunday, 4 May 2008

Puta Talaga

If there was an option to create a second title for this entry, it would have been "Never shit where you sleep" – or at least in this case, work.

Last week, we got a new staff member from China – Kim. Actually, parang graduate exchange siya – and he's cute. Matangkad, strangely dark for someone from China, super broad shoulders and cute smile. In short, SUPER guwapo. As always, laglag ang panty natin (but of course, being Maria Clara…)

Anyway, the head of the program approached me privately and asked me if I could show Kim the ropes (kasi naman ang ibang tao dito super bobo and boring!). Buti na lang Ms. Congeniality ako, so I said Shirley! (but in a more masculine manner). So I gave him the tour, kung saan yung coffee machine, water cooler, chuva – tapos may I notice ako sa kanyang hand. As in, hello! Super infected wound in his Mariang Palad dot com! Normally, ako wis care, diva? But I had to ask what happened (kasi naman it looked really bad).

When he mentioned it has been an open wound for the past 5 weeks, aba! May I turn from Wonder Woman into Florence Nightingale! I booked an appointment sa office clinic and had him sent over within 10 minutes. Ang galing ng lola niyo, noh?

Anyway, he came back with a cup of coffee for me! Ang sweet niya, divah? I actually didn't need the caffeine, pero sige naman akish. May I accept humbly and chenkyu.

Last Thursday night, I was carrying something at medyo na-injure ako. Parang sprain in my right forearm. Super painful so decided to splint it and hope it doesn't flare up the next day.

So I came in nursing a splint. When he saw me, abba chiquitita! May I volunteer sya to massage my arm! Ako naman game. So ayun! May he massage my arm till EVER and note, my hand was "gently resting" on his thigh. Because of where the pain is, my palm was actually on this thigh, and as the massage drew on, my hand kept getting closer and closer to his singit.

Now at this point, I began debating, should I be stupid or should I let sleeping penises lie? I mean, we were in my office, no one could see us and well, we could do stupid things if we wanted to – well, at least, if HE wanted to. Ako naman, game as always, hello!!!!

However, super mixed signals siya. I mean, I'm *sure* he felt my hand and there were times when I THOUGHT he was moving away, but my hand was still there in those regions! As in!

So I decided whynat, choknat? As he began massaging my lower biceps, I found my hand on his crotch. As in, I knew – despite the denim – his penis was roughly in between my fingers. It didn't take a genius to figure that out.

However, strangely enough, soft siya. And there was no way he could not have known about my hand. We were there! Hello! Hindi naman ako super bobo, noh??? At this point, the only thing he could have done to make things happen was to make eye contact and smile.

But the entire time, he was looking away. He looked like he was in deep thought during the hand-in-crotch event, and when the massage ended, he just smiled, stood up and said "God bless"


So I guess that was the last of that. I now wish I had not done it – but of course, this is wisdom working in retrospect. What can I do, eh?

--- SHOUT OUTS ---

Hey Turismo: I wish you could join me indeed, my friend! Nice pics! ;-D

Hey Quentin: Finally watched part of 50 Ways – Didn't finish it, though. I actually felt it was a bit boring… Does it get better near the middle?

Hey Rik: Welcome, welcome to my humble blog! Hope you get to read and enjoy the "back issues" – warning lang, ha! Medyo self-centered ang lola niyo… ;-)

Hey Mrs. J! Helloooooo, Misis! I do hope I get to read more of your misadventures as well. And please come back to comment and all. It's always nice to hear people's thoughts and connect to other bloggers who live a zillion light years away (exaj!)


rik32miles said...

Hellooo!! I read everything kaya nga naka relate ang lola...I really can't blame you for making a move..may kasabihan po tayo " no one can argue with an erect penis" I think ...including ourselves..I just discovered na gay yung polish colleague ko..medyo yum sya..kaya wiz na baka masira ang working relation eklavu..pero pag sya unang nag in your own words.."why not, Chocnut!"

Turismoboi said...

for some reason

i was imaging these things happening to me and the guy is my former fubu

chinito guy too, tall, handsome, knows how to massage as well

anyway back to reality, hehehe!

Quentin X said...

I was reading this post with much concern yet I was excited. Your boldness is quite remarkable. You don't even know if he is gay! :) My trainee is from Taiwan. He is skinny and quite effeminate. I actually thought he is gay but he claims to be straight. Not attracted to him though.

Princhecha Fiona said...

patakam naman tong si mr atheist gwapong chinese! ahihihihihi pero at least na touchstonepictures mo sya! :p

naku, naku, naku, kung ako ikaw, walang nangyari. bakla ako eh! ahihihihihi