Thursday, 29 May 2008

And I'm back... for now!

Hello mga televiewers! Sorry po at medyo mawala tayo sa broadcast. Sa totoo lang, folks, medyo super hectic ang life TAPOS! Nasira pa ang aking laptop! Super tama ba yan, di ba?! So in effect at night, I use Oli's laptop to surf and check email. Well, medyo mahirap lang to log on to this website dahil - as Ate Vi says - you can never can tell.

Before anything...

Ash: I really think he's not going to get laid ANYtime soon. As in, he doesn't like smokers, drinkers (as in super turn off siya with alcohol), and he doesn't like Asians (HELLO!). Ako naman, sige. Whatever. Waste of time siya, I'm sorreh.

Rik: Lola, thank you sa compliment. Touched naman ako! *blush*on by Mhayvelline.

Quentin: TRUE! Agree akish!

Kurisu: I don't mind at all! Thank you very much for the compliment, pero to be honest, hija: Team Brian ako. :-D

Choz! I promise to link you once you tell me your web address. :-) Hope to hear from you soon, sistah!

Turismo: Nakuh. If you were there, sis, maloloka ka sa bitin~!

Princhecha: AS IN! Buti na lang gracious exit akish! I don't beg kasi - You'll only find me on my knees for another reason... (GANON!)


So last Monday, I was feeling alamniyona. Super tired, super frustrated, and yes, super lahat! I went to the loo to do the nasty thing. Let's face it - nothing more destressing than a good fuck.

I got there and there was alreadys someone else there. Ako naman - gaym! Pulled down the pants. Sat down. Waited for the cue to begin.

Abaah! Game agad ang lola! Palaban siya so fita in the fighter, di ba? Within two minutes, he was showing me his wares, and MY GOD. First thing I noticed - balbon. Super. Surely, Greek ito. Second thing, punyeta! Ang taba! Both top and below.

Now big (no pun intended) question is: Super taba siya, pero super SUPER cute and super nice dick. To play or not to play? My answer: Play!

I really don't discriminate against fat people. Ako, kung carry mo ang weight mo, eh di, chicka divah?! Besides, hindi ako super body beautiful myself and this is not an application for lifelong partnership, noh! Hada lang! HELLO!

And I'll be honest. The reason why I wanted to go for him: (a) nice dick, (b) cute smile, and (c) he looks so much like Nick. Naloka ako.

So ako naman... Sige. I'll meet you in the next level toilet para may privacy kami (Ginawa talagang motel ang government building! Tama ba yan, Kevin Rudd!)

When we got there, super laplap to death. I had so much fun especially since ang galing niyang chumupa. His mouth was so warm that it just sent shivers down my spine. Just imagine your penis diving into warm gelatin. Ganon ka sarap. Super. He didn't stop until my dick was so sore from the pleasure.

When it was my turn, my GOD. I love his dick. It was just so fucking thick. It's like trying to give a Coke can a blow job. Ang sakit my panga - pero siyempre talagang i-uphold ang trono (pun not intended) bilang Ms. Talent, diva?!

So we kept on going for it for almost an hour. I got the impression that he doesn't get laid a lot (kasi naman medyo tabain talaga) but I just felt sayang the ari! Ginto eh!

Anyway, after we both came in each other's hand, he said he wanted to fuck. Ako naman, bottom. Siya, top. So no problem... except wala kaming condom. And I REFUSE to get those cheap condoms in the vending machines. Hello di ba! Hindi ako basta-basta...

(as if)

ANYway, we made an appointment for this Tuesday. Same time. Same place. His name: Kon.

Cute name. Definitely Greek.

Now after the experience, ako excited! Aba why not?? Super cute, nice patutie, challenging!!! And then I made the mistake of checking facebook. With a name like Kon, surely we might have a common friend or two...

...putangina. We had 14 common friends. 14!!! And all of them know Oli.


What do I do?



Quentin X said...

What happens in the toilet stays in the toilet. :)

rik32miles said...

I'm sooooo happy lola at back to circulation ka na!! I thought nahuli ka na ng pulis (ala george michael)
As usual talented ka pa rin. w/ regards to kon malay mo he will give you a letter of recommendation sa mga friends ni oli...choz!!!

ash said...

"It's like trying to give a Coke can a blow job" - i imagine kung gano cya kasakit sa panga's like giving blowjob to 10 Arab men all at the same time (though feeling ko lang na that's how it would feel) hehehe

Quentin X said...

As if you are not busy enough, I just tagged you.

Dave Ramirez said...

14 common friends :)
that's nice :)

Turismoboi said...


Bryan Anthony the First said...

ekkkkkk play kung play ha