Thursday, 29 May 2008

And I'm back... for now!

Hello mga televiewers! Sorry po at medyo mawala tayo sa broadcast. Sa totoo lang, folks, medyo super hectic ang life TAPOS! Nasira pa ang aking laptop! Super tama ba yan, di ba?! So in effect at night, I use Oli's laptop to surf and check email. Well, medyo mahirap lang to log on to this website dahil - as Ate Vi says - you can never can tell.

Before anything...

Ash: I really think he's not going to get laid ANYtime soon. As in, he doesn't like smokers, drinkers (as in super turn off siya with alcohol), and he doesn't like Asians (HELLO!). Ako naman, sige. Whatever. Waste of time siya, I'm sorreh.

Rik: Lola, thank you sa compliment. Touched naman ako! *blush*on by Mhayvelline.

Quentin: TRUE! Agree akish!

Kurisu: I don't mind at all! Thank you very much for the compliment, pero to be honest, hija: Team Brian ako. :-D

Choz! I promise to link you once you tell me your web address. :-) Hope to hear from you soon, sistah!

Turismo: Nakuh. If you were there, sis, maloloka ka sa bitin~!

Princhecha: AS IN! Buti na lang gracious exit akish! I don't beg kasi - You'll only find me on my knees for another reason... (GANON!)


So last Monday, I was feeling alamniyona. Super tired, super frustrated, and yes, super lahat! I went to the loo to do the nasty thing. Let's face it - nothing more destressing than a good fuck.

I got there and there was alreadys someone else there. Ako naman - gaym! Pulled down the pants. Sat down. Waited for the cue to begin.

Abaah! Game agad ang lola! Palaban siya so fita in the fighter, di ba? Within two minutes, he was showing me his wares, and MY GOD. First thing I noticed - balbon. Super. Surely, Greek ito. Second thing, punyeta! Ang taba! Both top and below.

Now big (no pun intended) question is: Super taba siya, pero super SUPER cute and super nice dick. To play or not to play? My answer: Play!

I really don't discriminate against fat people. Ako, kung carry mo ang weight mo, eh di, chicka divah?! Besides, hindi ako super body beautiful myself and this is not an application for lifelong partnership, noh! Hada lang! HELLO!

And I'll be honest. The reason why I wanted to go for him: (a) nice dick, (b) cute smile, and (c) he looks so much like Nick. Naloka ako.

So ako naman... Sige. I'll meet you in the next level toilet para may privacy kami (Ginawa talagang motel ang government building! Tama ba yan, Kevin Rudd!)

When we got there, super laplap to death. I had so much fun especially since ang galing niyang chumupa. His mouth was so warm that it just sent shivers down my spine. Just imagine your penis diving into warm gelatin. Ganon ka sarap. Super. He didn't stop until my dick was so sore from the pleasure.

When it was my turn, my GOD. I love his dick. It was just so fucking thick. It's like trying to give a Coke can a blow job. Ang sakit my panga - pero siyempre talagang i-uphold ang trono (pun not intended) bilang Ms. Talent, diva?!

So we kept on going for it for almost an hour. I got the impression that he doesn't get laid a lot (kasi naman medyo tabain talaga) but I just felt sayang the ari! Ginto eh!

Anyway, after we both came in each other's hand, he said he wanted to fuck. Ako naman, bottom. Siya, top. So no problem... except wala kaming condom. And I REFUSE to get those cheap condoms in the vending machines. Hello di ba! Hindi ako basta-basta...

(as if)

ANYway, we made an appointment for this Tuesday. Same time. Same place. His name: Kon.

Cute name. Definitely Greek.

Now after the experience, ako excited! Aba why not?? Super cute, nice patutie, challenging!!! And then I made the mistake of checking facebook. With a name like Kon, surely we might have a common friend or two...

...putangina. We had 14 common friends. 14!!! And all of them know Oli.


What do I do?


Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Temporary Hiatus

Sorry folks. Super busy talaga. Vigla vha namang nagunaw ang world ko ala earthquake in China.

I promise to update you guys on Friday or something.

Topic: Samoan Surprise!

Thursday, 15 May 2008

Sour Wine

(written last Thursday)

May I chat ang Merlot yesterday. Ako naman, sige. Haven't seen him for the longest time so chicka to death ang lokah. Wasn't too sure what he was up to though. Parang feeling ko, ewan. Bastah!

Turns out he was in Sydney for a couple of days and wanted to meet up. We-hell. "Meet up" daw… I'm siyuuuur.

Anyway, I went to his hotel this morning because he told me to drop by. Ako naman 1 PM ang first meeting for the day, tapos flexitime pa akish, so ziggy~!

I went to his hotel, and knocked on his hotel door. Ava-wis! Nagtext akish then waited a bit more. WAFARIN! I called his mobile and after 10 rings or so, I decided vavush. So wala sha! Care, di ba? I walked back to the elevator to leave, secretly happy that I didn't have to deal with his strangeness.

As the elevator door opened, I suddenly heard a man shout "Oi!" I turned around only to see Merlot waving at me, clad only in a towel. From his hair, you can tell that he had just stepped out of the shower.

I haven't seen him in a while, but he was definitely getting hotter as the years went past. He had washboard abs and his wispy hair was slowly matching his facial features. Anjandah talaga ng mga frentsch pries! Like his namesake, he was looking better as time went on.

He invited me into his hotel room tapos may I chicka siya, all the while drying himself with another towel. Ako naman, polite conversation ok lang, dahil – alam mo na – part of the Ms. Universe talents (kinareer talaga! Choz!).

However, at one point, the conversation went to my muscle injury and he proceeded to look at my arm. I told him it was sore so bigla ba namang nagvolunteer to massage ang loka!

Sa totoo lang, super happy ako with this weak arm muscle injury chuvah, ha! Very easy to make hada!

Anyway, I went to his bed and he sat on a chair across me. He took my voltaren cream tapos massage siya. Siyempre my hand was on his leg. As the massage drew on, my hand ended up on his dick, and of course, I squeezed.

I totally forgot how big he was! I swear! For someone who is (I think) 5'8 or 5'9, kaloka ang kanyang ari, a!

Anyway, after a while, my hand crept under his towel and I slowly jacked him off, playing with his foreskin and all of that. He didn't mind and in fact, took off his towel and just lie down on the bed. After a few minutes, his hand crept up my shirt and he was playing with my upper torso. I enjoyed it immensely, especially when he began rubbing my nipples.

Siyempre a girl can only take so much, so after a while, we were both naked and we were playing around with each other's bodies. I loved tracing the shape of his lean muscles with my finger. Of course, after a while, I ended up playing with his hairy ass (YUM! SUPER!) and my finger slid inside. In fact, I used two fingers at one point, while he just lie there, eyes closed and moaning.

I loved playing with his ass and I just kept going at it, until his moaning stopped and he motioned to lie face front. We ended up jacking each other and I have to say that his dick is fucking amazing! I swear 8 inches of pure, uncut heat.

And then something strange happened. He stopped jacking me off and said he was getting tired (which reflected really well in his penis). As I felt the throbbing member slowly lose its mass, I said ok lang. I offered to suck him off (kasi naman! Ang ganda talaga eh!) but he said, no thanks. Apparently (and this is no joke), he wanted to save it for someone special.

Ako naman, POTANGHINA! Chupa lang, noh! It's not love. It's a blowjob. Still, he was adamant. Ako naman, I felt he was stupid, but it was his divine right to be an idiot, so sigeh! Whatever.

I stood up to put my clothes back on (busy girl ako) but he asked me to stay. I told him, it's ok. Sa loob ko "what for, noh!?" I'm sure mega romantic to think that he was saving it for someone special, but I felt I was too old to play Disney morals in my head.

For me, sex is just sex. It's nothing more than that. I will respect people who feel otherwise, but I will not waste time fostering their view of life and love. Each to his own.

I hope Merlot finds the love of his life, because if he doesn't, this wine will turn into vinegar.


The usual hellos:

  1. Turismo: Thanks for that note, but yes, the doctor and I were both using each other, I think. Hindi naman ako super illusyonada to think that he can be my Prince Charming with matching white horse, noh? J As in mentioned in this blog, sex is just sex. Bottoming may be perceived to be the weaker position in sex, but I just don't think I've been used at all. Au contrare…
  2. Rik: MALI akish! Typo on my part. My bad… :-)
  3. Quentin: We all learn to let go sometimes eh? Had this one young guy from Cebu once. He jacked off in the cinema – not in the loo, ha! The cinema! And he was fucking HUGE. I looooove Cebuanos!
  4. Benz: Chenkyu! :-) Hope to read more comments!
  5. Yajnat: Not really, as you can tell… :-D

Sunday, 11 May 2008

Doctor Doctor, I am sick...

yup. Not feeling too good today. I think I have what are the makings of a flu. Yay for the horrid weather here in Sydney. No other way of describing it really, other than schizophrenic.

I think that adds to my mood swings lately. Perhaps my inability to think "straight" (badoom-tish!) has been worsened by the illogical weather.

(excuses di ba?!)

Anyway, before I forget:

1. Rik: I don't think I have balls - I have audacity and stupidity, the worst combo EVER.

2. Barbara: Ang ganda ng name natin! I loves! loves! loves! it. Please feel free to drop by again some time soon. :-)

3. Quentin: see that's the thing... I'm *not* away from home. I'm shitting right in my backyard... GANDA NOH?!?!

4. Onai: Don't feel sorry for me. I'd rather that people don't. A blog is a way for me to express myself. When people say negative/sad things about me, I don't take it too well, since it might affect how I express myself in future entries. To be honest, there are times when my emotions seem so much more raw on paper/screen, than it feels in person. I guess this blog is just my way of getting those emotions away from me. I usually feel fine after blogging, so yun. :-) I hope that makes sense.

I guess in a strange way, Oli and I have been having rough patches here and there. There are times when I think he doesn't get me or my needs, and I, his. Kanina lang, nilalaro ko ang kanyang patuti, and I made the mistake of using my laway. He said, yark - tapos bigla siyang nawalan ng tigas. Sinabi niya, he didn't like laway on his patuti. Ako naman, I was upset with myself. I mean, hello! Tatlong taon na kami, so how could I not know something like that, noh?

Anyway, that painted my mood for the day also. I went to the gym and I saw a bald dark skinned guy in the nude. If it weren't for the uncut dick, I would have thought he was my pseudo-ex, Ronnie. Ronnie is a 40-plus year old doctor based in Cebu. I'm sure I blogged about him before - he was the one who was engaged to a politician's daughter.

I guess what brought about this memory, is the memory of me having sex inside his humble abode. More on that later.

I first met Ronnie in a party with my Lola Madonna, Eddy, years before - I think it was 2000, but I may be wrong. Eddy and Ronnie were good friends, and shared common interests. I came into the party a bit drunk (long story) and Eddy knew I was going to make a wonderful fool of myself. True to form, ayun. Naloka ang mga kapamilya - before midnight struck, I was dancing shirtless and singing lines from "Les Mis" (Feeling Leah ako nun.)(Choz!)

Anyway, we ended up going out for coffee at around 1 AM at Manila Pen, where Ronnie was billeted. Aba. One thing led to another and I found myself in Ronnie's room with Ronnie and Eddy. They were both very big men (as in gym bunnies) and despite their age, they both were hot. We ended up dancing around hysterically in our drunken state and in a few minutes, clothes were off and the kissing began.

Eddy's body was massive and loved licking every bit of his body. His dick was very nice, and although thin, it was long enough to prove a challenge - and as with any Ms. Universe, I am always up for challenges. Sadly, within a minute of me sucking and rimming Eddy, his phone rang with a distinct ringtone. That meant, the hubby was downstairs waiting for him.

Eddy apologised profusely and grabbed his clothes in a hurried manner. Within a few seconds, he was nearing the door, shoes untied and shirt misbuttoned. I wanted to tell him to arrange (baka mabuking!) but I'm sure he still had his senses somehow. The most embarrassing thing was when he opened the door, it just so happened that there were two women walking past and saw me and Ronnie in our state of nakedness. The fat girl laughed while her companion ogled on. Ronnie hid his member, but I stood my ground and waved graciously, as Eddy closed the door behind him, his eyes giving the two girls "the glare".

That left me and Ronnie. Ronnie already started on me while I was having my thing with Eddy. My dick throbbed at the chance to have him to myself. Ronnie was also built like a tank, but with a little bit more love handles than Ed. For some strange reason, his skin didn't fully fit his body, as though he had lost 103 kilos overnight and were replaced by rock hard muscles. I never bothered to ask him about it, but I assume that was the case. Anyway, his body was still LOVELY to gaze at and his muscles were throbbing in all the right places. What I loved about him was the fact his dick was not so long, but nice and thick! It was a challenge to get in, but my God! Once it was in, it was heaven.

He started by throwing me on the bed (I nearly hit my head on the bedside table - that would have totally killed the mood) and rimming me ferociously (and that definitely hit the spot!).
I had cleaned earlier that day, so I was confident (Iba talaga pag Carefree girl!) that everything was delicious down south. After what seemed like eternity (okay, maybe 15 minutes), he put my legs down and focused on my cock. By then, it was throbbing with different shades of purple. He said he didn't normally suck, but tonight, he was willing to make an exception.

Aba, tuloy I thought I was palabok espesyal! So game siya, but after a minute or two of sucking he stopped, saying his jaw was hurting. Because of the rimming, having his lubbed finger inside me was a delight. I *loved* the feel of his hands in me - and in a few minutes, he began to place himself inside me.

At first I was concerned. Hello! Condom! But sadly he said he didn't have any. Ako naman, hayok! I was thinking with the wrong head. Kaya, fight, fight, blue and white! He fucked me and despite the pain, I was thrilled to feel every inch of his dick slide in me. At first, he took it slow, making sure that I was getting used to the width. After a few minutes, he was pumping furiously, making sure that my ass was getting the ride of its life.

After that, we communicated by phone. Calling each other and stuff like that. We liked each other and despite the difference in location, I said to myself, "let's see where this takes us." I was more than willing to go to Cebu to live, so I said, "sige nga..."

I got to his humble abode and even before I got five steps from the front door, he grabbed my bags from my hand, threw them to the side, pulled down my pants and proceeded to rim me in the living room sofa. With a span of 10 minutes, he rimmed me, jacked me off, sucked me, rimmed me again, fucked me senseless and cum inside me.

(Talagang ayaw magcondom. Whatta letch!)

We spent the day in his house, but when night came, he decided to give me a private tour of Cebu. The first stop, a friend's house, where a party was being held. And that was when I saw the girlfriend.

Maganda. Matangkad. Chinita ng konti. Obvious na mayaman. May punto yung kanyang English, pero ok naman. Not too distracting.

I didn't know he had a girlfriend, but I tried to keep my cool. When I heard they were engaged, I said to myself "That's it."

Sex was great, but pride is even greater.

I remained polite the entire time during the rest of the tour and when we got home, I told him (lightheartedly) I was shocked that he had a fiancee.

I lightly explained his situation, and in the middle of the nice conversation (no dramatic shouting, pleasethankyou), a friend of mine called. I took under the pretense it was my mother and after rushing outside and quietly ending the call, I grabbed my bags and pretended there was a family emergency back home. He was very sad I was leaving, and asked for one last fuck.

Ako naman, being full of pride and hurt... sige. Game.

(Again, no condom. Sigh.)

I loved him fucking me and that is one thing that I will forever remember about that guy. He could fuck till the cows come home and i would not mind at all.

Nothing else about this post, really. Just reminiscing.

Merlot sent me a message from out of the blue. Not sure what to do about that. Anyway...

Thursday, 8 May 2008

Thanks... but no thanks.

Una sa lahat...

rik: tamang wag tikman ang makamandag na prutas... :-) (See entry below for details)

turismo: I hope your story didn't end with my twist...

quentin: And now the shit hit the fan... :-(

fiona: Will try to get a pic for you... :-D Honest, cute sya in person, pero baka di photogenic.


Now on to my real post...

Don’t you love it when you have all this wisdom learnt from the stupid mistakes of the past? I personally think that life serves me these juicy lemons so that I can make myself some fancy pink lemonade… or something equally fagtastic.

Anyway, I say this because the Kim incident has simmered down to uncomfortable politeness. Needless to say, he never offered to massage my arm after that incident, but he still maintains politeness – I think it’s because I was introduced as the “it” man of the program. Ewan ko nga ba… Dumadami na talaga ang mga responsibilities ko as Ms. Congeniality, a!

Funny thing is: I just learnt that his sister is the Nicole Kidman of China. As in, super shocked akish! How popular is she? Well, she appeared in a telenovela that was once shown in the Philippines. Oh diva??? Lahat kami super shocked (and of course run to the computer terminals and google images till ever. In fairness, super hot and sweet ang kanyang sis! Admittedly, talo ang beauty ko… (Forever second runner na lang talaga)

Anyway, last Monday, tumawag ang david! Avah! Nabuhay ang bangkay! We went to a local veer gharden. Siyempre may I kwento siya about his escapades in whereverlandia. Ako naman chicka lang, quiet, prim and proper (talagang pinanagutan ang Ms. Congeniality title, divah?!). However, in the process, may I lunok kami ng vheer – as in seven beers between us, so medyo lashing na kami before midnight even struck.

When we got home, nagparinig ang loka. Sabi niya matutulog daw sya sa kanyang van, so syempre umandar ang pagka-host ko. I offered him la-sofa at umoo naman siya. So in our drunken state, I ended up sitting on the sofa, his drunken head reluctantly resting on my lap and me talking all night long. At one point, may I play ako ng kanyang utong but sadly, after a few minutes, sinabi niya, “That’s enough.”

I guess I have been pushing my luck the past few weeks, and I really should stop.  I wish I knew how lang. Oli talagang deserves better, noh?

And I so wish I was a better ambassador for gaykind. Turns out, in that category, talagang thankyougirl lang talaga ako, and I know I don't deserve better.

Sunday, 4 May 2008

Puta Talaga

If there was an option to create a second title for this entry, it would have been "Never shit where you sleep" – or at least in this case, work.

Last week, we got a new staff member from China – Kim. Actually, parang graduate exchange siya – and he's cute. Matangkad, strangely dark for someone from China, super broad shoulders and cute smile. In short, SUPER guwapo. As always, laglag ang panty natin (but of course, being Maria Clara…)

Anyway, the head of the program approached me privately and asked me if I could show Kim the ropes (kasi naman ang ibang tao dito super bobo and boring!). Buti na lang Ms. Congeniality ako, so I said Shirley! (but in a more masculine manner). So I gave him the tour, kung saan yung coffee machine, water cooler, chuva – tapos may I notice ako sa kanyang hand. As in, hello! Super infected wound in his Mariang Palad dot com! Normally, ako wis care, diva? But I had to ask what happened (kasi naman it looked really bad).

When he mentioned it has been an open wound for the past 5 weeks, aba! May I turn from Wonder Woman into Florence Nightingale! I booked an appointment sa office clinic and had him sent over within 10 minutes. Ang galing ng lola niyo, noh?

Anyway, he came back with a cup of coffee for me! Ang sweet niya, divah? I actually didn't need the caffeine, pero sige naman akish. May I accept humbly and chenkyu.

Last Thursday night, I was carrying something at medyo na-injure ako. Parang sprain in my right forearm. Super painful so decided to splint it and hope it doesn't flare up the next day.

So I came in nursing a splint. When he saw me, abba chiquitita! May I volunteer sya to massage my arm! Ako naman game. So ayun! May he massage my arm till EVER and note, my hand was "gently resting" on his thigh. Because of where the pain is, my palm was actually on this thigh, and as the massage drew on, my hand kept getting closer and closer to his singit.

Now at this point, I began debating, should I be stupid or should I let sleeping penises lie? I mean, we were in my office, no one could see us and well, we could do stupid things if we wanted to – well, at least, if HE wanted to. Ako naman, game as always, hello!!!!

However, super mixed signals siya. I mean, I'm *sure* he felt my hand and there were times when I THOUGHT he was moving away, but my hand was still there in those regions! As in!

So I decided whynat, choknat? As he began massaging my lower biceps, I found my hand on his crotch. As in, I knew – despite the denim – his penis was roughly in between my fingers. It didn't take a genius to figure that out.

However, strangely enough, soft siya. And there was no way he could not have known about my hand. We were there! Hello! Hindi naman ako super bobo, noh??? At this point, the only thing he could have done to make things happen was to make eye contact and smile.

But the entire time, he was looking away. He looked like he was in deep thought during the hand-in-crotch event, and when the massage ended, he just smiled, stood up and said "God bless"


So I guess that was the last of that. I now wish I had not done it – but of course, this is wisdom working in retrospect. What can I do, eh?

--- SHOUT OUTS ---

Hey Turismo: I wish you could join me indeed, my friend! Nice pics! ;-D

Hey Quentin: Finally watched part of 50 Ways – Didn't finish it, though. I actually felt it was a bit boring… Does it get better near the middle?

Hey Rik: Welcome, welcome to my humble blog! Hope you get to read and enjoy the "back issues" – warning lang, ha! Medyo self-centered ang lola niyo… ;-)

Hey Mrs. J! Helloooooo, Misis! I do hope I get to read more of your misadventures as well. And please come back to comment and all. It's always nice to hear people's thoughts and connect to other bloggers who live a zillion light years away (exaj!)