Saturday, 26 April 2008

things on this end of the world

As some of you might have guessed, Oli and I are in the process of relocating. We were based in Melbourne, but we both accepted contractual projects that allowed us to shuttle back and forth to Sydney. It's been awesome so far, and we are both loving the projects we are in.

Still, I think I am sloooowly losing my love for Sydney. I have yet to try the saunas, but in all honesty, not that excited. It's just that nothing here is worth more than the life I had in Melbourne. There are some nice spots for cruising here (and yes, adventures to follow) but I am so not enticed. When I got there the other day, the whole place reeked of paint. Someone tried to cement the glory hole but it seems a resourceful queen was handy with the drilling tool, much to my surprise. So I guess the toilet whores (including me!) win again. :-)

Now, this is for Onai:

Just a few responses re: your blog entry about me.

1. NSFW means Not Safe For Work (so don't click it while your boss is looking over your shoulder... unless... ;-D)

2. Your comment about "gorgeous almost perfect bottom guy who is horny most of the time" - well, no. I don't think I am gorgeous, nor do I consider myself a power bottom. I'm getting there, but not quite. As with most loo queens, I am addicted to the excitement of toilet sex, rather than the sex itself. Now this can be a problem, as I am feeling that, without the toilet sex, I don't feel like I'm in the mood for it - but with the toilet sex, feeling ko talaga I don't need sex from Oli.

Now, I hope you can see why this is frablem. I *love* Oli and thus far, he has not given me reason to doubt that he loves me. He reaffirms this everyday, and I hope that this toiletsex fascination will die out soon - because Oli DEFINITELY deserves better. I told you in my first entry that I see myself as a monster. A few months later - nothing has changed.

3. No, I am not from CRC or UA&P or whatever it is called now. I did a short project with them once before, but it was contractual. It was an interesting experience and though I do not regret doing that project, only supernatural forces, divine intervention or a ridiculous paycheck will make me work for Opus Dei companies ever again.

4. I was never in OUT!(ch). I would have liked to see it though. One of my friends told me I looked like Ming Tsai but I disagree. I think he's too Chinito to look like me. However, to each his own.

5. I read some of Manila Raunch - and it's really good. I'd love it if he continued his work.

6. LETCH is the most beaurrific of words! Agreement?

7. I choose not to comment about my name. Obviously, Santo Tomas isn't my real last name, but let's leave it at that. I hope you don't mind. :-)

8. The porn star I was referring to is Luke Garrett. In this pic, he is the bald guy on the right. However, the guy I had a quickie with is nowhere near as muscular as Luke. But the face is definitely similar. And like Luke, he knew what he was doing.


Enough rambling. Soon, a review of "Naked Boys Singing" - and yes, it's a movie.

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