Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Takot ako!

Before anything else:

1. Quentin: Trying everything life has to offer is always ideal, don't you think? *wink*

2. Fiona: Dimsum is good. In fact, super yummy! But once in a while, you have to explore the wonderful world of Disney, hija! :-)

3. Onai: Super thanks. I have a response to your blog entry about me. And again, thank you. *mwah!*

4. Kai: You should have seen the guy! DROOL!

5. Zang: HELLO! And welcome to my erogenous zone, este, blog! :-D

6. Clark: Hi! I know, I know. Sometimes, my blog isn't for everyone. :-)


NateWatch: I can't help myself. I sometimes think of Nate and wondering what would happen if I meet up with him this Thursday. Tama ba kasing may weekly reports ang mga loka!? If I look into his eyes one more time, I will dive into those pools, I swear!

*Drama queen talaga*


Anyway, today I did something stupid.

I went to the cubicle of miracles (as in maraming himalang nangyayari dito) and as usual, may I wait for something to happen.

In a few minutes, I saw movement from the other side. I checked the occupant - aba! Mukhang asian. Business suit pero mukhang bata! Anyway, game.

Dahil may glory hole, show and tell kami. However, I think medyo impatient ang bata and he became more adventurous. He peeked over the cubicle walls (risky kasi baka may pumasok) and he saw me in all my hardon glory. He was ok - medyo bata nga pero dahil obviously above legal age, game ang lola niyo.

He asked me outright if he could come over. Ako naman - HELLOUGH! As if naman kailangan pa ng red carpet noh??? He came over with obvious hardon tenting his pants. When I got his pants off, shet! Ang ganda ng legs niya! Super worked out! Calves of steel!!!! Turns out he is a distance runner so yun...

At nalokring ang lolah niyo!

The thing was, when I released his jocks, his penis looked amazingly dry. As in, chapped skin ang hardon. Medyo turn off dahil baka STI yun noh! Still I jacked him off, I licked the tip of his dick and he came. It didn't take that long (siyempre, Ms. Talent 2008) but I really wasn't in the mood to play around with a tool like that.

Stupid mistake though: I sucked him for 10 seconds.

Now if that is an STD, I am in trouble and so is Oli. I just hope I didn't do something stupid here.


ash said...

naku bad move hehehe :)
10 seconds is still long enough darling :)

Princhecha Fiona said...


Oh no.

Oli to Marcus kung nagtatagalog sya (hiramin ko lang ang haiku ko):

Kung gusto ko ng hairclip
Bibili ako.
Ayoko nyan, no thank you!

ahihihihihi. Hope it's nothing though.