Thursday, 24 April 2008

Sadako... in, hindi ala "the Ring" ha. As in, sad. Super honest sad ako.

I went on facebook and may I stalk, este, search ako sa aking new crush, si Nate.

Aba puzsazsanginis!

May JOSAWA na pala sya. As in, ghurl, a! I saw their wedding pics from Canada, and he looked so happy pa. What a letch!!!

So now hindi ko na siya <3. And I swear my gaydar was so good! I was feeling it!!!

Anyway, never mind. In the words of another Canadian, MY HEART WILL GO ON!!!!!

(Syet. Quoting Celine Dion. I am really in trouble.)


Ash: I know. So far, so good. No weird drying on my patutee, so I am hoping it's gooood.

Fiona: Hopefully nothing nga. Medyo hard to explain kung nabuking noh? :-)


I was thinking a really self-indulgent entry next time. Maybe tomorrow. :-)


ash said...

well let's just hope so :)

Turismoboi said...

tnx for dropping by my spot

nice blog!

ex links?