Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Random Thoughts from a Perv

Sa totoo lang, di ko know kung ano ang ginagawa ko lately. Oli and I spent the weekend away (romantic daw ough!) and we brought a DVD – Random Boys Singing and 50 Ways of Saying Fabulous! The latter we didn't watch (ava siyempre dapat may kantutis herbal tea kami) but Random Boys Singing we could not help but watch. It was nice. As in, ang ganda ng mga katawan nila PLUS may super front nudity zsemfreh! I personally loved the red head (because naman red din down there) but Oli liked the Latino/Asian ones. Kanya-kanya, I guess.

Yesterday, I went to meet up with my ex in the City. I have not seen him for seventeen centuries na, so it was nice to see him (friends lang kami, nough!) (Defensive ang bading. Warning.) ANYway, before the meeting itself, I went to this toilet. I knew that there were funny things happening there, but I figured why not, choknut! It was around 630pm, so I wasn't too sure that something was going to happen.

Aba! When I got there, may pila para sa mga cubicle! Ako naman, pila, game, sige. Ayun. After 10 minutes of waiting (patient ang lola niyo), a cubicle was free and in I went. Now, let me describe the scenario. There are six cubicles here, three of them basically facing each other. Now that isn't what made it bad. What was crazy about it was that the doors to the cubicles ended more or less where the knee bends. In short, if you peer down under the door, you see the tools of the trade of the three people across you. To make things better, the main door is super far away from the cubicles and it's super squeaky as well, so people have enough time to gather their things and pretend to do what the loo was supposed to be used for.

OHDIVAH! Ang galing mo, architect!!!!

So there I was, making silip to death and the three others across me naman were doing the same. Buti na lang very cooperative ang mga tao dito! They weren't very pretty (winner pa rin ang papa Oli natin!) but <MY GOD> ang lalaki ng mga ano nila! Pwedeng pwede to lunok till ever!

My favourite was this rather short guy who was a dead ringer for Dolph Lundgren – except he's rather short, at least height wise. When he dropped his pants however, beauteous sya! Ang lakish! Uncut (as always dito sa Australia) but definitely clean and smooth. Why do I know this? My ex smsed me while I was there, so I knew that he was waiting for me and all. I began buttoning up my pants and fixing myself. When I propped open the door, AVAH! He opened his door as well – and there was his tool, for all of me to see.

I just had to grope it a bit and play around with it. He rolled his eyes as I was doing my thing… and then the main door opened. He closed his door – expected – and after a few seconds, Mr. Security Guard was there (Punyeta! Umuwi ka na nga!). Of course, I was on my way out and all, so chicka lang. I'm sure nothing happened to everyone else dahil tago talaga. Of course, Mr. Secu can always peer down and see what's going on, but that invades privacy laws so sorry na lang sya. As long as tago lahat, it should be alright.

Pero tanginis. I have to go there again soooooon. :-D

That's it for now. Time to work.


Turismoboi said...

aba! join me hahaha!

Quentin X said...

"Faster, Billy, faster." This is my hubby favorite line from the movie 50 ways of saying fabulous. Graeme Aitken is a very good author. He was born and raised a kiwi but now lives in Sydney.

Anonymous said...

I just discovered your blog and I'm soooo loving it...I sort of see myself in you. like last night I went to this sauna ( 1st time this year..heheh) I promised myself that no extracurricular thingy will happen) but this austalian with the dirty blond hair.strong chin and pearly white teeth sat next to me and started to stroke himself..oh dear..I threw my caution on the air..I'm sooo pokpok talaga hay!! my american/british partner is in germany at the moment....and just like your oli he deserves so much better than me. We've been together for 5 yrs. now and I think i'd been naughty 4times na..I always promise not to go there but everytime hubby is out of the country, the temptation is soo great that I have to act on it.
anyway, just as I mentioned earlier I love your blogs and looking forward for juicy and honest blogs..

mrs.j said...

nice kwento... read d blog s rest of uroon i enjoyd it...

from the top misiz of blogspot bwahaha... tc!