Monday, 14 April 2008


kay rami nang winasak na tahanan...

This is not supposed to be part 2 of the Warren entry. Honest.

kay rami nang matang pinaluha...

Part of my job involves talking to fairly young graduates, mentoring them into the job and all of that chuva – and to be honest, I like it. It makes me feel less of a corporate whore and more of a mentor (ala Patrick Swayze in To Wong Foo) (Syet, dated na hirit ang bakla).

kay rami nang pusong sinugatan...

One of my mentees is Nate, from the land of Canada. He is a very nice chap – only 24 years old – but looking fairly wise beyond his years. Nice stocky build and a killer smile. But most importantly, ang talas niyang makatinggin. As in, titig to death! And when he looks at you, it’s like no one else exists in the world! I’m quite sure bading-gerzie siya (because!) so the question is: do I shit where I work?

oh tukso, layuan mo ako!


Quentin X said...

Never shit where you eat. There are a lot of reasons why other than hygeine.

Baklang AJ said...

kabog sa To Wong Foo hirit!

If you shit where you work, be sure to clean up afterwards ;)

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