Sunday, 13 April 2008

Mukha kasing phoughk: the Warren story

Something's different and I can't go back
I always feel the need to hide my feelings from you

Sa totoo lang, folks, nagpapaka-ganda na ako. As in, honest, hindi ko na nais maging bad ghurl. A lot of my entries are basically reminiscing what I've done in the past (and I have done tonnes!), so I'm not as naughty as I seem.

One of the things that started this is the fact that doing it with Oli seems so off kasi. Parang kung may ka-do akish, wala na akong lee-vogue for Oli (I hope that makes sense).

So the few times I am in "the magic loo", I'm there to pee, not to play around. However, mukha lang siguro akong pok dahil I always find myself in very complicated situations.

I don't want to cause you any pain,
But I love you just the same
And you'll always be my baby

Just today, I was in the loo and hello. May sumunod. Mid-20's, carrying two bags, cute sya, ha. And all of a sudden, may I stand sya beside me and show his alam mo na. Syempre ako deadma dahil hindi naman ako super hayok, noh? Besides, there are people who go there for legit reasons. But I didn't see him do anything other than stroke his dick. Wow. Shocker. Nice dick, thin but quite long. And cut – very rare here in Australia.

Anyway, he was there, playing with his dick. Ako naman – sige. Game. So may I play rin ako and he was looking intently. As in, VERY intently. After a few minutes, I decided to give this guy a test. I finished my thing (he looked quite disappointed when I packed away my tool) and walked out. I went to the upper level – and if he was really game, he would follow me.

Ayun. Game nga sya. So I ducked into a cubicle and he followed, but sadly, after less than a minute, he was gone. As in, natakot sya. Letche. Nothing happened – which is good, I guess.

Bad girl, Drunk by six
Kissing someone else's lips

But not all experiences are like that. Warren I met in the same cubicle and he was quite keen on doing the deed. At first, I was like very hesitant dahil, well, I really didn't want to do it. I wanted Oli and only him.

But the shocker was when I saw his tool. At first, it was unimposing. But in a few seconds, I realised that his 7 incher was quite thick. As in, I don't think I can hold it properly with one hand. Out of curiosity, I held it nga and MYGHAD shocker. I've never seen a penis that thick in real life. I had to play around with it for a while and then I couldn't resist the temptation to have it in my mouth.

I gagged. As in, it was very difficult to deep throat the guy because my jaw was just not used to that width. In a few minutes, he was cumming in my hand. I really didn't want to cum but when I saw his tool again and then he touched me, I couldn't resist. For the first time, I came involuntarily, all because his dick was just too fucking hot. His foreskin was so thick, despite the fact the penis was stretched out to the max, sideways.

After that, I think I got karma-ed because I got sick and my throat became sore (kasi! Feeling Ms. Talent kasi eh!). Oli never caught on, and of course, with the weather here, I got the flu. But I still feel guilty that I have no self-control left when it came to the deed. I have to work on that.

I'm not happy when I act this way
I'm not happy
This way

So yun lang. Hi to Urkyules (talagang second runner na lang ako! Siyehet!) and Bryan (Hallu and chenkyu for dropping by! Yes, published na ang lola mo… J)

PS Chenkyu to Lola Madonna for Bad Girl lyrics. I can so relate, sister. (Feeling close talaga, o!)

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Quentin X said...

Sounds like you scored on a thick and nasty. lol.