Thursday, 17 April 2008

Curry Flavours

Ok this time, I actually have no regrets.

You see, I love men of colour. Greeks, Latinos and Indians - for me, they are all HOT. I guess it's just exploring that skin colour that I did not grow up with.

Today, I went into one of those special cubicles, only to see a pair of dark feet wearing Nike sandals. Ako naman, Indian! Game! Haven't had curry for a very VERY long time.

I stepped into the cubbie and did my thing. Aba! Palavan siya. Like most Aussies, he was uncut. He wasn't very big - but nothing small about him either. And then I saw his face - my GAHD! Ang guwapo!!!! Lukring ang lola niyo, and yes, laglag panty!

Syempre, being the puta that I am, aba laban lola laban! I knelt down and held my hand under the cubicle wall, hoping that he understood the universal symbol for "let me jack you off". Aba, hello! Within seconds, he was on his knees and I was touching his dark uncut wood. HEAVEN, I'm sorry! HEAVEEEEEN!

What surprised me was his desire to touch mine. Ako naman, ziggy stardust! Why not, chocnut? So there he was, jacking me off till EVER. And then he became more adventurous - he licked a finger and started fingerfucking my ass.

SHET. Super SARAP. I so wanted him inside me. However, I think nangawit siya so...

"Can I come over?" he asked (NOT ME).

"Sure." Phokkie (me) said.

I opened my door and there he was. He could not have been younger than 23. He was wearing sports gear, with matching Nike sweater and bag. And my GHAD ang galing nya. He was fingering me, jacking me off, Frenching me, biting my nipples (favourite! hellooooo!) and exploring every part of my body in the confines of the cubicle.

It was a BLAST. I was so fucking horny despite the fact nagquickie kami ni Oli that morning. In a few minutes, I told him that I needed to go (work mode ako to death today) so I started sucking him off until he came in my mouth.

It was the sweetest curry ever. I wish I had his number. I wouldn't mind a part 2 - this time with condoms and lube.

QUENTIN: Helloooo. Thanks for that advice. Today, I knew that I would be bumping into Nate so I wore my black clingy shirt. Nothing happened, but I never knew I could hold my gut for that long. Wala kasing corset, eh! GRRR!

AJ: Naku, sis... don't tempt meeeee... :-)


Quentin X said...

I like men from the subcontinent mainly for their eyes and their lashes in particular. I have resigned to the fact that I am not purely a potato queen.

Princhecha Fiona said...

Andaming flavors na natitikman mo, winnur! ako chinese dimsum pa lang. ever.

pero keri lang naman, di pa ko sawa sa siomai. ahihihihi at takot pa ko maging adventurous sa pagtikhim ng curry.

ONAI said...

hi marcus nice bloggy i enjoy it mind adding you on my links...


Kai Santorino said...

that was hoT!

Zang Caesar said...

shet naman! na-arouse ako dine

Clark Can't said...