Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Random Thoughts from a Perv

Sa totoo lang, di ko know kung ano ang ginagawa ko lately. Oli and I spent the weekend away (romantic daw ough!) and we brought a DVD – Random Boys Singing and 50 Ways of Saying Fabulous! The latter we didn't watch (ava siyempre dapat may kantutis herbal tea kami) but Random Boys Singing we could not help but watch. It was nice. As in, ang ganda ng mga katawan nila PLUS may super front nudity zsemfreh! I personally loved the red head (because naman red din down there) but Oli liked the Latino/Asian ones. Kanya-kanya, I guess.

Yesterday, I went to meet up with my ex in the City. I have not seen him for seventeen centuries na, so it was nice to see him (friends lang kami, nough!) (Defensive ang bading. Warning.) ANYway, before the meeting itself, I went to this toilet. I knew that there were funny things happening there, but I figured why not, choknut! It was around 630pm, so I wasn't too sure that something was going to happen.

Aba! When I got there, may pila para sa mga cubicle! Ako naman, pila, game, sige. Ayun. After 10 minutes of waiting (patient ang lola niyo), a cubicle was free and in I went. Now, let me describe the scenario. There are six cubicles here, three of them basically facing each other. Now that isn't what made it bad. What was crazy about it was that the doors to the cubicles ended more or less where the knee bends. In short, if you peer down under the door, you see the tools of the trade of the three people across you. To make things better, the main door is super far away from the cubicles and it's super squeaky as well, so people have enough time to gather their things and pretend to do what the loo was supposed to be used for.

OHDIVAH! Ang galing mo, architect!!!!

So there I was, making silip to death and the three others across me naman were doing the same. Buti na lang very cooperative ang mga tao dito! They weren't very pretty (winner pa rin ang papa Oli natin!) but <MY GOD> ang lalaki ng mga ano nila! Pwedeng pwede to lunok till ever!

My favourite was this rather short guy who was a dead ringer for Dolph Lundgren – except he's rather short, at least height wise. When he dropped his pants however, beauteous sya! Ang lakish! Uncut (as always dito sa Australia) but definitely clean and smooth. Why do I know this? My ex smsed me while I was there, so I knew that he was waiting for me and all. I began buttoning up my pants and fixing myself. When I propped open the door, AVAH! He opened his door as well – and there was his tool, for all of me to see.

I just had to grope it a bit and play around with it. He rolled his eyes as I was doing my thing… and then the main door opened. He closed his door – expected – and after a few seconds, Mr. Security Guard was there (Punyeta! Umuwi ka na nga!). Of course, I was on my way out and all, so chicka lang. I'm sure nothing happened to everyone else dahil tago talaga. Of course, Mr. Secu can always peer down and see what's going on, but that invades privacy laws so sorry na lang sya. As long as tago lahat, it should be alright.

Pero tanginis. I have to go there again soooooon. :-D

That's it for now. Time to work.

Saturday, 26 April 2008

things on this end of the world

As some of you might have guessed, Oli and I are in the process of relocating. We were based in Melbourne, but we both accepted contractual projects that allowed us to shuttle back and forth to Sydney. It's been awesome so far, and we are both loving the projects we are in.

Still, I think I am sloooowly losing my love for Sydney. I have yet to try the saunas, but in all honesty, not that excited. It's just that nothing here is worth more than the life I had in Melbourne. There are some nice spots for cruising here (and yes, adventures to follow) but I am so not enticed. When I got there the other day, the whole place reeked of paint. Someone tried to cement the glory hole but it seems a resourceful queen was handy with the drilling tool, much to my surprise. So I guess the toilet whores (including me!) win again. :-)

Now, this is for Onai:

Just a few responses re: your blog entry about me.

1. NSFW means Not Safe For Work (so don't click it while your boss is looking over your shoulder... unless... ;-D)

2. Your comment about "gorgeous almost perfect bottom guy who is horny most of the time" - well, no. I don't think I am gorgeous, nor do I consider myself a power bottom. I'm getting there, but not quite. As with most loo queens, I am addicted to the excitement of toilet sex, rather than the sex itself. Now this can be a problem, as I am feeling that, without the toilet sex, I don't feel like I'm in the mood for it - but with the toilet sex, feeling ko talaga I don't need sex from Oli.

Now, I hope you can see why this is frablem. I *love* Oli and thus far, he has not given me reason to doubt that he loves me. He reaffirms this everyday, and I hope that this toiletsex fascination will die out soon - because Oli DEFINITELY deserves better. I told you in my first entry that I see myself as a monster. A few months later - nothing has changed.

3. No, I am not from CRC or UA&P or whatever it is called now. I did a short project with them once before, but it was contractual. It was an interesting experience and though I do not regret doing that project, only supernatural forces, divine intervention or a ridiculous paycheck will make me work for Opus Dei companies ever again.

4. I was never in OUT!(ch). I would have liked to see it though. One of my friends told me I looked like Ming Tsai but I disagree. I think he's too Chinito to look like me. However, to each his own.

5. I read some of Manila Raunch - and it's really good. I'd love it if he continued his work.

6. LETCH is the most beaurrific of words! Agreement?

7. I choose not to comment about my name. Obviously, Santo Tomas isn't my real last name, but let's leave it at that. I hope you don't mind. :-)

8. The porn star I was referring to is Luke Garrett. In this pic, he is the bald guy on the right. However, the guy I had a quickie with is nowhere near as muscular as Luke. But the face is definitely similar. And like Luke, he knew what he was doing.


Enough rambling. Soon, a review of "Naked Boys Singing" - and yes, it's a movie.

Thursday, 24 April 2008

Self-indulgent entry: be forewarned

Last night, I really was sad when I realised may totoong jowa na ang Nate ko. Oli was asking me why super depressed ata ako, and I myself couldn't put my finger on it.

That naturally lead to some soul searching, and I realised that I didn't really love Nate. Why should I? I've only talked to him thrice in my life, and although all three discussions were intensely satisfying, it was not actually spine-tingling (at least, not yet)...


Anyway, I realised that in the Philippines, I was confident that I could turn at least a couple of heads, whereas here in Australia, I am bound to turn less than a handful. I mean, I have height and youth on my side, although the latter is quite doubtful in definition.

But it was nice to *imagine* that someone as charming as Nate could find me attractive as well, and as one of my aging queer friends noted, as one gets older, one is allowed to harbour more delusions.

So in between meeting Nate and actually discovering his marital status, I managed to imagine what would happen if things went alright. When the rug was pulled from under me, I found myself facing the floor with my face a little bit redder from what I would assume is embarrassment.

Stupid, self-centred me, noh?

Turismo: Will add you, champ!

Ash: Le sigh... That's all I can say. :-)

Onai: Super self-indulgent blog entry next time.

Sadako... in, hindi ala "the Ring" ha. As in, sad. Super honest sad ako.

I went on facebook and may I stalk, este, search ako sa aking new crush, si Nate.

Aba puzsazsanginis!

May JOSAWA na pala sya. As in, ghurl, a! I saw their wedding pics from Canada, and he looked so happy pa. What a letch!!!

So now hindi ko na siya <3. And I swear my gaydar was so good! I was feeling it!!!

Anyway, never mind. In the words of another Canadian, MY HEART WILL GO ON!!!!!

(Syet. Quoting Celine Dion. I am really in trouble.)


Ash: I know. So far, so good. No weird drying on my patutee, so I am hoping it's gooood.

Fiona: Hopefully nothing nga. Medyo hard to explain kung nabuking noh? :-)


I was thinking a really self-indulgent entry next time. Maybe tomorrow. :-)

Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Takot ako!

Before anything else:

1. Quentin: Trying everything life has to offer is always ideal, don't you think? *wink*

2. Fiona: Dimsum is good. In fact, super yummy! But once in a while, you have to explore the wonderful world of Disney, hija! :-)

3. Onai: Super thanks. I have a response to your blog entry about me. And again, thank you. *mwah!*

4. Kai: You should have seen the guy! DROOL!

5. Zang: HELLO! And welcome to my erogenous zone, este, blog! :-D

6. Clark: Hi! I know, I know. Sometimes, my blog isn't for everyone. :-)


NateWatch: I can't help myself. I sometimes think of Nate and wondering what would happen if I meet up with him this Thursday. Tama ba kasing may weekly reports ang mga loka!? If I look into his eyes one more time, I will dive into those pools, I swear!

*Drama queen talaga*


Anyway, today I did something stupid.

I went to the cubicle of miracles (as in maraming himalang nangyayari dito) and as usual, may I wait for something to happen.

In a few minutes, I saw movement from the other side. I checked the occupant - aba! Mukhang asian. Business suit pero mukhang bata! Anyway, game.

Dahil may glory hole, show and tell kami. However, I think medyo impatient ang bata and he became more adventurous. He peeked over the cubicle walls (risky kasi baka may pumasok) and he saw me in all my hardon glory. He was ok - medyo bata nga pero dahil obviously above legal age, game ang lola niyo.

He asked me outright if he could come over. Ako naman - HELLOUGH! As if naman kailangan pa ng red carpet noh??? He came over with obvious hardon tenting his pants. When I got his pants off, shet! Ang ganda ng legs niya! Super worked out! Calves of steel!!!! Turns out he is a distance runner so yun...

At nalokring ang lolah niyo!

The thing was, when I released his jocks, his penis looked amazingly dry. As in, chapped skin ang hardon. Medyo turn off dahil baka STI yun noh! Still I jacked him off, I licked the tip of his dick and he came. It didn't take that long (siyempre, Ms. Talent 2008) but I really wasn't in the mood to play around with a tool like that.

Stupid mistake though: I sucked him for 10 seconds.

Now if that is an STD, I am in trouble and so is Oli. I just hope I didn't do something stupid here.

Thursday, 17 April 2008

Curry Flavours

Ok this time, I actually have no regrets.

You see, I love men of colour. Greeks, Latinos and Indians - for me, they are all HOT. I guess it's just exploring that skin colour that I did not grow up with.

Today, I went into one of those special cubicles, only to see a pair of dark feet wearing Nike sandals. Ako naman, Indian! Game! Haven't had curry for a very VERY long time.

I stepped into the cubbie and did my thing. Aba! Palavan siya. Like most Aussies, he was uncut. He wasn't very big - but nothing small about him either. And then I saw his face - my GAHD! Ang guwapo!!!! Lukring ang lola niyo, and yes, laglag panty!

Syempre, being the puta that I am, aba laban lola laban! I knelt down and held my hand under the cubicle wall, hoping that he understood the universal symbol for "let me jack you off". Aba, hello! Within seconds, he was on his knees and I was touching his dark uncut wood. HEAVEN, I'm sorry! HEAVEEEEEN!

What surprised me was his desire to touch mine. Ako naman, ziggy stardust! Why not, chocnut? So there he was, jacking me off till EVER. And then he became more adventurous - he licked a finger and started fingerfucking my ass.

SHET. Super SARAP. I so wanted him inside me. However, I think nangawit siya so...

"Can I come over?" he asked (NOT ME).

"Sure." Phokkie (me) said.

I opened my door and there he was. He could not have been younger than 23. He was wearing sports gear, with matching Nike sweater and bag. And my GHAD ang galing nya. He was fingering me, jacking me off, Frenching me, biting my nipples (favourite! hellooooo!) and exploring every part of my body in the confines of the cubicle.

It was a BLAST. I was so fucking horny despite the fact nagquickie kami ni Oli that morning. In a few minutes, I told him that I needed to go (work mode ako to death today) so I started sucking him off until he came in my mouth.

It was the sweetest curry ever. I wish I had his number. I wouldn't mind a part 2 - this time with condoms and lube.

QUENTIN: Helloooo. Thanks for that advice. Today, I knew that I would be bumping into Nate so I wore my black clingy shirt. Nothing happened, but I never knew I could hold my gut for that long. Wala kasing corset, eh! GRRR!

AJ: Naku, sis... don't tempt meeeee... :-)

Monday, 14 April 2008


kay rami nang winasak na tahanan...

This is not supposed to be part 2 of the Warren entry. Honest.

kay rami nang matang pinaluha...

Part of my job involves talking to fairly young graduates, mentoring them into the job and all of that chuva – and to be honest, I like it. It makes me feel less of a corporate whore and more of a mentor (ala Patrick Swayze in To Wong Foo) (Syet, dated na hirit ang bakla).

kay rami nang pusong sinugatan...

One of my mentees is Nate, from the land of Canada. He is a very nice chap – only 24 years old – but looking fairly wise beyond his years. Nice stocky build and a killer smile. But most importantly, ang talas niyang makatinggin. As in, titig to death! And when he looks at you, it’s like no one else exists in the world! I’m quite sure bading-gerzie siya (because!) so the question is: do I shit where I work?

oh tukso, layuan mo ako!

Sunday, 13 April 2008

Mukha kasing phoughk: the Warren story

Something's different and I can't go back
I always feel the need to hide my feelings from you

Sa totoo lang, folks, nagpapaka-ganda na ako. As in, honest, hindi ko na nais maging bad ghurl. A lot of my entries are basically reminiscing what I've done in the past (and I have done tonnes!), so I'm not as naughty as I seem.

One of the things that started this is the fact that doing it with Oli seems so off kasi. Parang kung may ka-do akish, wala na akong lee-vogue for Oli (I hope that makes sense).

So the few times I am in "the magic loo", I'm there to pee, not to play around. However, mukha lang siguro akong pok dahil I always find myself in very complicated situations.

I don't want to cause you any pain,
But I love you just the same
And you'll always be my baby

Just today, I was in the loo and hello. May sumunod. Mid-20's, carrying two bags, cute sya, ha. And all of a sudden, may I stand sya beside me and show his alam mo na. Syempre ako deadma dahil hindi naman ako super hayok, noh? Besides, there are people who go there for legit reasons. But I didn't see him do anything other than stroke his dick. Wow. Shocker. Nice dick, thin but quite long. And cut – very rare here in Australia.

Anyway, he was there, playing with his dick. Ako naman – sige. Game. So may I play rin ako and he was looking intently. As in, VERY intently. After a few minutes, I decided to give this guy a test. I finished my thing (he looked quite disappointed when I packed away my tool) and walked out. I went to the upper level – and if he was really game, he would follow me.

Ayun. Game nga sya. So I ducked into a cubicle and he followed, but sadly, after less than a minute, he was gone. As in, natakot sya. Letche. Nothing happened – which is good, I guess.

Bad girl, Drunk by six
Kissing someone else's lips

But not all experiences are like that. Warren I met in the same cubicle and he was quite keen on doing the deed. At first, I was like very hesitant dahil, well, I really didn't want to do it. I wanted Oli and only him.

But the shocker was when I saw his tool. At first, it was unimposing. But in a few seconds, I realised that his 7 incher was quite thick. As in, I don't think I can hold it properly with one hand. Out of curiosity, I held it nga and MYGHAD shocker. I've never seen a penis that thick in real life. I had to play around with it for a while and then I couldn't resist the temptation to have it in my mouth.

I gagged. As in, it was very difficult to deep throat the guy because my jaw was just not used to that width. In a few minutes, he was cumming in my hand. I really didn't want to cum but when I saw his tool again and then he touched me, I couldn't resist. For the first time, I came involuntarily, all because his dick was just too fucking hot. His foreskin was so thick, despite the fact the penis was stretched out to the max, sideways.

After that, I think I got karma-ed because I got sick and my throat became sore (kasi! Feeling Ms. Talent kasi eh!). Oli never caught on, and of course, with the weather here, I got the flu. But I still feel guilty that I have no self-control left when it came to the deed. I have to work on that.

I'm not happy when I act this way
I'm not happy
This way

So yun lang. Hi to Urkyules (talagang second runner na lang ako! Siyehet!) and Bryan (Hallu and chenkyu for dropping by! Yes, published na ang lola mo… J)

PS Chenkyu to Lola Madonna for Bad Girl lyrics. I can so relate, sister. (Feeling close talaga, o!)

Sunday, 6 April 2008


First, tapilok with Zac. I mean, ok lang. Minor sprain, no biggie. Tapos sore throat, salamat kay warren (next post, promise). Ngayon, flu. As in, lagnat, sipon, ubo - the works! Gandaaaaaah!

So the past few days, may I rest ang lola nyo. Normally, that should give me the time to blog and such, pero honest - super lata ako. It's only now I am getting better but I'm still super weak.

ANYway, just wanted to gloat because I sent something to Postsecret and my God, it got published! Horray!!!!

Here is my entry - and kung hindi ka regular televiewer, tungkol ito kay david.

Update lang - wis na si david sa buhay ko dahil dumating na ang kanyang papa (as in real dad, not fafa) at nagdrive sila around Australia. Wis ko na alam kung ano ang nangyari sa kanya.

Anyway, hafi ang lola niyo. Yun lang.

Quentin: I saw the carpet dahil one day, I was walking out of the shower stalls and he was on his way in. Tapos yun, kita ko ng konti - pero syempre demure ako so didn't see much other than the carpet. :-)

Yajnat: Uso yan, especially sa mga Lebanese at Greek. Dahil sa kanila, shaped brows = sosyal at well-bred. Yung barbero ko, super sculpted pero di sya bading ha.

Ruff: Nice to know you are still alive and kicking. And yes, I like Zac more (my freenz charmeeeng) but it could also be the irish accent. Super duper cute! Honest!

Princhecha: Ako rin! Trauma akish, sister! Never na akong puwedeng mag "I Love the Nightlife" dance routine!

Oh, sige. Promise next time, si Warren! :-)