Saturday, 29 March 2008

Pictures Dahil Wala Akong Magawa Today

Today I tripped. Not just any casual oops but an actual putanginawalanaakongpoise kind of trip. I fell down the stairs into the arms (well, actually more of calves) of the guy in front of me - Zac, the gym instructor I was talking about a few entries back.

Now, I know what you're thinking - ANLANDING BAKLA! Yes, malandi ako, but there are limits to what I will do to feel up a guy's calves. Twisting my own ankle is not part of the deal.

For the not so regular televiewers (ayan na naman! Channeling Inday Badiday!), Zac is a gym instructor here at Fitness First and now he's my hero as well. The nice thing about him is that ang ganda ng puwet nya, ha! - yes, I've seen it - but he's too much of a redhead for my taste. Some might like him though. For those who are curious, the carpet is slightly darker than the curtains, but I could be mistaken.

Anyway, I was trying to be all macho about it, pero to be honest, gusto kong maghagulgol til ever. Pero mabait ang aking preens tsarmeeng - tinulungan ako tapos basic first aid. Syempre, kumick-in ang male pride.

"I'm ok. I can do this. It's just an ice pack." Pero chicka naman sya. Moral of the story: <3 ko sya. (Ganon?!? Ang cheap ng lola nyo talaga!) And utang ko ito kay Kiko I think. My fafa for the moment, Dan. Sadly, fully clothed.

Sorry sideways pero I couldn't change the orientation of the pics. I'm sure there's a good way of doing it, but now, I have my painkillers and soon drifting off to sleep.

Good night, televiewers, and saranghamnida, Oli! :-)


Quentin X said...

You got to see the carpet?!?! How? Do tell!

YAJNAT said...

ang ganda ng brows n dan...well trimmed...

ruff said...

cute naman ni dan. i was expecting you'd post the carpet snapshot. :-) jk.

i hate it how busy i've become. and before i forgot, thanks for the shout-out. it made my heart melt.

wuvyuh marcus! :-)

ps. mas feel ko c zac than dan. but that's just meh!

-nurse ruff

Princhecha Fiona said...

hahahahaha, ipahilot na yan mother, baka mauwi sa rayuma. ahihihihihi (i swear, may ganun. natapilok din ako once tas nauwi sya sa chronic ankle sprain, so therapy ever ako for a few months! kaya di na ko makapag high heels ngayon until maclear nung orthochuvaloo na pwede na ulit! bwiset!)

Anyways, bumisita lang. ahihihihi