Sunday, 9 March 2008

Le Sigh...

Sorry for the late update. I was supposed to do Iohan but this week has gotten me in the wrong frame of mind. Had to go to the doctor's - apparently, there is something wrong with my kidneys. The doctor initially thinks it has something to do with protein shakes that I drink after workouts, but I don't think I overdo it naman so I don't know.

Bahala na.

Hello to the following:
1. Urkyules: Hello! And welcome to my walang katuturan blog. Thanks for adding me in your link bar - I promise to do the same once this thing is over and done with. That is, if you don't mind.

As for Sydney, well, it *is* nice, but Melbourne is much nicer. I like the Baguio-type weather they have although it can go to extremes once in a while.

2. Quentin: I've been having VERY bad thoughts about some of Oli's friends who are bodybuilders. Sadly, they are not gay. Mga letch.

3. Zang: The Nurse I am referring to is Ruff Nurse Du Jour, whose blog is found here. I strongly encourage you to read his blog. He has wonderful stories to tell, and though I have never met him, I am sure he is a lovely, lovely person as well.

4. Chase: Thank you very much for the kind words. Syempre when I say that, feeling ko Ms. Universe contestant... the ones who get booted out of the show after the first round. :-S

But honestly, thank you. :-)

5. Kiko: Hello! and thank you for adding a link! Highly appreciated. I hope shopping has been fun in Canadia (joke namin ni david, yung gym buddy ko). ANYway, take care and have FUN there!

... yes, you know what I mean... sa toilet. *tili!*

Anyway, while publishing this, my computer crashed 4 times - jandanoh??? I think it is a sign I should stop. I promise to publish Iohan next time. :-)


Quentin X said...

Give yourself a break from the toilets, darl. Go get a ticket to Holding the Man. Please do continue holding other men afterwards. I am living vicariously through you. We should go to Mardi Gras together next year.

Princhecha Fiona said...

Hi Marcus! I am a recent reader and I love coming back. :)

Hope the kidney thingie is nothing serious...