Monday, 24 March 2008

Dong: For Size Queens Only

The previous post about Iohan reminded me of something that happened not too long ago - maybe 3 years ago, actually, when I was last alone in Pinaslandia.

But as usual...

Quentin: No, Iohan is definitely not gay although at one point, I'm sure he was bicurious. Oh well... I also saw his younger brother's penis, but given that I felt so paedophilic, I definitely won't be posting about that.

Princhecha: Hehehe. The wedding went without a hitch, and na-upstage ako!!!!... by the actual flower girl. Letcheng bata... :-D

Ash: Well, thank you for dropping by the blog and leaving your comment. I really do appreciate people leaving their 2c worth! :-)

Palma: OH. MY. GOD. Thank you! Kailangan kong pagisipan ito! It's my chance to win... (feeling ko Miss Universe Contestant ako!) Can I email you my entry na lang? (Shy daw, o!!!)

Joel: Given that I was so young at that time (weren't we all?), I doubt I could have done much to turn him to the other side, but given the chance now, well... I'm not Miss Talent 1998 for nothing.

Anyway, back to the story. It starts with - as usual - the gay hunting grounds. In the olden days, it used to be Galleria or SM North cinemas. Now, it can be anywhere where people hang around and single men can loiter about without being told off by the local cops, security guards, baranggay tanods, closeted janitors, and whatnot.

This story happened in the sosiest of the local hangouts - Shang Mall, in particular, the fountain area close to Marks and Spencer. Of course, this does not mean the loitering public were sosy by any means. It is after all the melting pot of all men of various leanings.

This guy was quite short, dark and (to be very honest) very promdi. Something about his look reeked of growing up in the farmland, pushing the carabao and milling the grains. But he was cute, mind you. He had dazzling teeth that even from afar, you could tell was CloseUp white.

He was loitering in the fountain area and I had just popped out of Diesel. I needed to pee so I made a turn to go to the toilets, but we just had "that moment" when our eyes met and I smiled. It wasn't even a full smile, mind you, but it was there.

I went into the loo which was surprisingly empty (a rarity on a Sunday afternoon) and did my thing at the urinals. In a few seconds, I heard the door open and soon enough, there he was beside me.

Now, normally, from my experience, short guys rarely impress in the equipment department. In fact, with this guy, I was predicting 4-5 inches max, definitely thin. Take note that that rarely stops me. I am not necessarily a size queen, but I appreciate men (and penises) of various inclinations.

But when this guy whipped out his wanger, I said, nice. I gauged it at 5-6 inches... and then I realised it was still soft. In a few seconds, it grew to its hard 9 inch status.


In the mystical confines of Shang Mall, I saw the biggest dick I have ever seen on a Pinoy - and BOY, was I happy...

But the question was: What should I do now?

After giving him a VERY quick grope (and wow, it was thick as!), I put my weiner back in my pants and waited for him outside. He popped out, grinning from ear to ear and asked me my name.

Siyempre, fake name, noh! I don't trust him yet. He told me his name was Dong, and judging by the size of his, it was quite an apt name. :-)

I walked with him for a while, and turns out he lived close to my province. He also apparently knows my uncle, which of course raised a flag or two. Will I forego face in my family for a fun frolick with a phenomenally fat fellatio-able fenis (este, penis)?

Syempre, the latter! We had coffee and over the course of the break, my suspicions were correct. He came from a slightly impoverished family and he worked his way towards financial independence - very admirable, actually. He apparently had a lover whom he met through the internet (second warning flag) who was based in the States. He showed me pictures of his playmates (third warning flag) on his mobile phone and talked about his likes and dislikes.

Of course, normally, three flags and you're out, but given the circumstances... well, let's just quote Ate Vi in this one, "sayang ang gintong ari". So we exchanged numbers and called it a day.

A day later, he sends me his address via MMS with a picture. And yes, it was a picture indeed. Aba ang lolah niyo - may I lunok the bato and fly! When I got to his sharehouse (he was living with five other people, all call center workers), we immediately took off our clothes and did our thing.

My GOD! He was an animal. He was versatile, and sadly I didn't want to bottom (*NATAKOT KO!!!*) so I ended up fucking him bareback for a while and then sucking him off. I knew I was less than admirable as a bed fellow, but I only wanted him for his fucking hot penis.

Then his lover called on his mobile. Funny enough, turns out he was in town and staying in some hotel on Roxas. He said he was on his way and put down the phone with a sheepish look on his face.

Ako, care ko!? Basta tuloy ang hada, ok lang!

Soon enough, he came, I swallowed and I came. I drove him to the hotel and left it at that. I have not heard from him since, and that's a good thing, I think. I don't want him to think he was anything more than a one night stand, because I'm sure that was what I was anyway, no matter how badly our session was.

From time to time, I wonder how he is. I wonder if he is happy, and I wonder if I could have one last play with his sausage. I'd love to see how he fits in me.

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Parang gusto ko tuloy ma-tikman, este, makilala si Dong.