Wednesday, 27 February 2008


Super... ganda...


Before anything else,
(a) Nurse: Inasmuch as I would love to have friends over, di pwede dahil super small ang place namin. When we have friends or family over, we are in each other's faces... Sorry talaga hija. Until we get a new place... Still, tell me if you are here. I can be tour guide. CHARING!

(b) Quentin: Trust me. My uni life was quite boring - it's only small circumstances that made life... interesting. :-D

(c) yajnat: And don't forget: the blackhole of all malicious thoughts! Hehehe!

(d) savante: I agree. I miss Hector sometimes... but not too much. :-)

Decided to trek to Sydney with Oli for Mardi Gras. Except it's raining. Horridly. And it caught me offguard as well! Oli is here for a business-chuva, at ako naman - good girl. Just staying at a friend's house (no sex, thank you) and chilling out. It's good to do that once in a while. Decided to go to the supermarket at yun! Naabutan ako ng ulan. I normally love the rain, but not when my umbrella is the travel-sized one that barely covers my feet. The wind factor didn't help much either.

So by the time I got to Coles, I was soaking wet. I decided to go to the loo and fix myself (para naman hindi ako mukhang losyang, noh!). Now, the men's room in Coles is funny. It's kind of L-shaped, with the urinals at the end of the smaller L. From outside, you can't fully see the urinals themselves, but you can see a bit of the urinals from the reflection of the mirrors on the wall.

When I entered, the first thing I saw was his reflection in the mirror. To be clear about it, it was his back. It was as wide as my ass after Oli fucks me hard. It was massive and it doesn't take a genius to know that he is a bodybuilder. He was standing at an odd angle, but he righted himself when I opened the door.

Yum, I said to myself.

I decided to be naughty and pretend to urinate. (Come on - you've done it too, pher siur! You take out your willy, look at the wall, and casually look at the other people's package.)

Well, I do. In fact, I have to admit I do it all the time. When I did it this time, Brock (yes, I am naming him Brock because he looks like a Greek version of Brock from Active Duty) looked at me guiltily, managed a polite nod and looked away.

Now I LOVE it when people look away because it gives you a reason to look at them full frontal. I mean, why not, choknat? No one was there and any interloper would make noise sufficiently enough that I would have more than enough time to compose myself and feign innocence.

Anyway, Brock looked away and that was when I saw it. FUCK. Ang laki ng ari niya. He was uncircumcised (as with 94.7425% of the Australian population*) and his dickhead was a throbbing purple helmet. He tried to cover his hardon with his hand, but the length just made that pretty much impossible.

And then it happened. He came. Yes, folks, three small spurts of come came dribbling to the floor. His deep sigh woke me to reality and I turned away with dead malice (as in patay malisya). Before I knew what was happening, he packed his dark meat, rinsed his hands quickly, and ran out the door. Yup, no soaping or drying of hands.

That kind of caught me offguard. It was obvious that he didn't want me to see him cum and I don't think he was gay. I know the fantasy and all, but seriously, this guy just wasn't it.

When I walked to see how much cum there was, I turned around and realised what it was. At that particular corner, anyone who opens the door can see a little bit of cock if the one peeing was angled the right way.

So in short, he wanted the women outside to see his cock. Kinda strange given that a man has to first go through the door in order for women to see his package. In my head, I said tanga.

In fairness to him, it was a fucking good package.

Anywat, I don't think I have much more to say. The Dorm series is over, unless something from 16 years ago strikes me yet again.

The next one I am thinking of writing about is Iohan. Until then...

*PS This may be a fictional figure, "quoted" in an attempt to pass myself off as an expert.


Urkyules said...

hey marcus--interesting blog you've got here, too...I'm adding your blog to my links;) I miss the land down-under...never been to Melbourne, though--was more often in Sydney, and went to Gold Coast, Brisbane and Newcastle once.Anyway, I do hope life is treating you well there:) Ciao!

Quentin X said...

I love bodybuilders. It is common for me to mentally undress them right there and then.

Zang said...

cno si nurse? kala ko generic, but it looks as though she were a close friend of yours

chase / chubz said...

hey marc! thanks for the comment sa blog ko. add kita sa blogroll ko ha..
i missed your stories. sexy hot stories.

anyway,i adore muscle hunks. yum.
obvious naman siguro sa blog ko. ahihihh.. they'r so sexy.

Kiks Phulumulu said...

iaadd na kita officially. i missed you several times.

i have to make real the possibility of someone jacking off beside me.

in a toilet!