Monday, 18 February 2008

Dorm Series #6: Hec

(As usual, pabati muna)

Quentin: Helloooo! Long time, no hear.

Just got back to the office. Had to do last minute changes to a document I needed to print for tomorrow. Just as I entered the building, I saw him - a short, stocky guy, definitely Asian, looking furtively. We made eye contact, I smiled and yun. We went to the toilet and did the nasty. His dick was quite hard, pulsing even. I think it has only been his second or third time to do this, as he was still nervous but he was addicted to the adrenaline. Midway through the process, I actually fell out of the zone - I just wanted to go to the office and print the bloody document, but no... oh no no no. I just had to get into it again. Mind you, I don't think it will happen again for a while. The guy came, I zipped up and left.

Kinda takot because I will be going to Merlot to return the DVD I borrowed ages ago. I really hope nothing bad happens.

Anyway, Hector was one of my roommates. He was only there for one sem because his mother was still in the process of getting a flat for both him and his twin brother, Harry. Hec was short (around 5'7") but plays basketball like a beast (tangina, who doesn't in the Philippines?). He has dark skin but a blazing white smile. The only thing that mars his face is that front tooth cap that was so very 60's. But other than that, he is a charmer. Definitely. He is the type who, in movies, would play the hardinero the lead girl falls for.

The nice thing about staying in a room with 3 other boys is that sooner or later, chances are you will see cock. One way or another, the pants will fall and you will see the goods. In my case, it was easy with Hec because he was not shy about dropping his underpants although he doesn't stay buck naked for too long. One day, I commented about the birthmark on his upper thigh. When he asked what birthmark, I said the one that was covered by his briefs.

Off the briefs went.

He started describing how it was actually a scar that darkened for some strange reason, and as he was telling the story (I really wasn't listening), I started slowly touching his scar, outlining with my finger. His dick was throbbing a bit at this point, and he apologised for his bouncing member, saying he hadn't done the self-loving in a week.

A WEEK??? Paksyet.

I told him to lie down and I proceeded to play around with his penis. He looked a bit worried, until I said this is something we all do once in a while, and I told him he could play around with mine after - if he wanted. I told him to enjoy it and pretended to look bored (para naman kunwari) while jacking away at his dick.

His member became dark violet in its colour and I knew he was enjoying the ride. It didn't take him long though - in a matter of minutes, he started splurting out gobs of cum - it dribbled down my hand and I was in heaven. I proceeded to scoop out the cum and rush to my corner as though to wipe my hands (but really I slurped his cum into my greedy mouth).

As he lay there, I jumped onto my bed and said, "OK, my turn."

I pulled down my pants, and he reluctantly jacked me off. I gave him more directions (faster here, rub my head once in a while) and he followed directions down to the letter. I loved it. He looked bored in the process (but then so did I). In a few minutes, my own cum was dribbling down his hand - but I think he actually wiped the cum away rather than secretly stashing it in his mouth.

I loved those moments with Hector. I think it only happened twice more after that, but I am not complaining. Sweet dreams are made of these.


ruff nurse-du-jour said...

ano ba yan marcus! nagsisisi tuloy ako kung bakit hindi ako nag-dorm!

(as if namang malayo yung bahay namin sa school ko, diba?)

pwede bang maki-share ng place sa yo when i go to the land down undah?

i promise i won't touch a thing. or not. :-)

Quentin X said...

I like you Marcus, you're such a prick magnet. I sure missed out on these sort of things while at uni. :)

YAJNAT said...

ur made of these:
two smooth hands
two quick eyes
a powerful tongue
a tickling mind
and much more...

all those are oiled...


savante said...

I think all of us need a lil Hector in our lives as well :)