Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Dorm Series #4: Glenn

First of all, hello and sorry for the long wait. Madrama ang life ngayon so medyo quiet muna ang lola niyo.

Nagpaparamdam na naman ang Merlot pero buti naman at (a) may day job ang lokah so we can't do anything about it during the day, and (b) at night, nandito ang Oli so I can't do anything about that also.

Buti naman at maiba ang direksyon ng kati. Hehehe.

To Anonymous: Thanks for reading the blog. In the back of my head, I know I blog because I like being heard by others. In a way, it verifies that I am alive. I'm not sure how but it does.

Anyway, I was thinking about Glenn the other day. As with 99% of the dormers, Glenn was from the province. He had a lean body, not too muscular, but definitely fit in the right places. The one thing that really struck me with Glenn is the size of his... calves. No, seriously, those things were HUGE. They were obviously disproportional to his body - they were so round and muscular that one could smear gravy all over them and have them ala KFC. (Labo) Perhaps it's years of playing basketball. Who knows?

Glenn has a lovely body, but the face could be better. We used to tease him about his hair, which in all honesty, was hopeless. "Ipis" we would refer to him but he would be sport about it. So yeah.

Anyway, one day, he knocks on my door and asks me about my notes in the Psych class that we shared. One thing led to another and we started talking about Anna, this HOT girl (I swear she was hot) who had her tits almost popping out every single class we had. While he was describing her, he started to rub his crotch discretely. Obviously, she was the inspiration for a lot of self-loving at night.

At that point, again choices choices. Do I do something about it or do I just let it be? Because I was lying in bed and he was sitting on my chair, I had full frontal access to his dick. I stretched my leg and gave his crotch a brief massage. I didn't know why I knew he would be ok with it, but let's face it - if a kid had Anna on his mind, only one thing could come out of it.

So after a few seconds of foot pleasure, I decided to go manual. I popped his dick out of his shorts, and there it was. Full mast. A little bit thin but long enough to do some damage - and naturally sparse hair too. I didn't expect that last one.

Anyway, I grabbed his dick and (surprise, surprise) he grabbed mine. We started jacking each other slowly, and as our breathing increased, so did our speed. I came first with each glob trickling down his knuckles. Using that, he pushed my hand away and lubed his dick. He then proceeded to pound away and in a few seconds, he was spent, his juices dripping onto the floor.

From a distance, we could hear my roommates approaching so he quickly cleaned himself up and walked out the door. I barely had time to wipe his juices from the floor, but it was a good thing he stalled my roommates by talking about the PBA and whatnot.

By the time my roommates walked through the door, I was reading my notes and concentrating on not breathing too hard.

Close call.

I'm supposed to add W to this post, but I really have tonnes to do. Take care, y'all and hope to hear from you guys soon. :-D

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